1. Why crewed charter?
Chartering a vessel with the crew offers you ultimate in comfort, privacy, and flexibility. Boat and crew are dedicated only to you and your group. Especially motor yachts that are combination of style and luxury, gives you opportunity to research our beautiful cost in the most atractive parts in relaxed atmosphere.

2. What is minimum length of charter and how are the rates calculated?
Charter rates are quoted per week for the hire of the yacht.Seven days is generally the minimum charter period accepted by yacht, but depend of availability  we are flexible for any duration less them  seven days. So for this kind of requets contact our yacht booking  department.

Charter over 7 days are calculated pro-rata against the weekly rate divided by seven and multiplied by the number of charter days.

3.What is included in price?
Price includes accommodation on the yacht, crew service, using of tender and other sportwater equipment, bedlinen, towels, Croatian VAT.

4. What price excludes?
Price excludes costs for fuel, mooring and marina fees, provisioning

5. What do I need to to to secure my chosen yacht?
All charters are subject to a fully executed contract, so once the availability for chosen yacht has been verified, you will receive a Charter Agreement for signature. If your chosen cruising itinerary necessitates embarking or disembarking from a point other than the yacht's home port, positioning charges (delivery/redelivery fees) may be required. These charges, if applicable, will be confiremd in advance and affirmed in the Charter Agreement, together with any taxes that may apply.

6. What are the payment terms for a charter?
A deposit of 50% of the total charter fee is payable by bank treansfer on signature of the Charter Agreement . This confirms your booking. The remaining 50%, plus an Advance Provisioning Allowance,together with any taxes, delivery/redelivery fees and any additionaly agreed charges is payable by bank transfer one month before the charter commences.

7. What is APA ( Advance Provisioning Allowance )?
These extra expenses are the provisioning for guests, the fuel cost, land arrangements etc. Normally it is about  25% of the contract value and all items are specified in an Addendum attached to the charter contracts providing breakdown analysis of the costs. Final accounts will be produced by the Captain at the end of the charter on presence of the Broker and any unused funds will be refunded in full to the Charterer directly. If the funds are not sufficient, the Captain will advise you accordingly and bills will be settled upon disembarkation.

8. Planing the menus?
Silver Sail booking office  will sending you a food preference list  before commencement of charter. With filled list we/crews will be familiar with your favorite foods and beverages. Chefs will do their outmost to satisfy your requirements.

9.What if we need special menu/food?
We will appreciate if you worn us about some special food requirements, possible allergies or serious aversions. Please specify in preference list.

10. Planing  Itinerary?
If you have some special desires, places you want to see,or already plained route, please share with us your requests. Our crew will assist you in the best way to make your selection real. Of course if you have no idea, they will be happy to suggest you the nicest spots. Please note that determinate route can be changed because of weather conditions.

11.Our privacy?
Crews are experienced and carefully seleceted with entertaining the celebrities and prominent statesmen. All of them are professionals and discreet in any way, you can be sure that your privacy is guaranteed

12.Tip for the crew?
If you want to reward the crew for quality of their service, it is matter of your personal discretion, but usually it is amount up to 10% of charter fee which is recommended to handed to the captain to share it to all crew members. Or you can give to every crew member by yourself upon their efforts.



1.What does the charter fee cover ?
Accommodation on the yacht, full boat using upon Silver Sail inventory list, tender, Croatian VAT 10%

2.What are the additional costs to the charter fee ?
Mooring and marina fees, fuel cost, end charter cleaning, optional equipment, provisioning, security deposit

3.What about security deposit ?
Before taking over the vessel the client shall be liable to deposit a certain amount in the national currency (HRK) in cash or as credit card deposit (Visa, Master,Diners). After the completion of yacht charter the whole deposit shall be repaid to the client, unless some damages or loss of equipment are noticed. Otherwise the stated deposit shall be kept in the amount needed for the repair or for purchase of damaged or lost equipment. Paying deposit is obligatory in cases when a skipper by the company Silver Sail is hired. In such a case the said deposit cannot be used for covering the costs emerged due to skipper's negligence, bad operation of the vessel or its equipment.

4.Do I need a skipper's licence to charter a bareboat sailing or motor yacht ?
Skipper must possess valid licence for size and tonnage of the boat ( Boat leaders licence of competency and radio-telephone licence of competency ) which have to be presented to the office of Silver Sail.

Silver Sail reserve the right not to hand over the yacht if the charterer is not competent for any reason to operate the yacht, and will require you to hire a professional skipper.

5.Do I need to hire a professional skipper ?
If your knowledge of sailing is not adequate for the boat you want to hire, and you don't have valid skipper licence, Silver Sail will provide you with friendly, professional English spoken skipper. The charterer is responsible for covering the contributions for the skipper's food, whether you dining out or on board.

The benefits of having the skipper on board is that he can be your guide to the best places to visit, he can be your professional sailing instructor,and your holiday can be more relaxing.

6. What are the specific days of the week for charter start/end ?
We are chartering our yachts from Saturday to Saturday, for one week, or more weeks.

But flexibility exist, and we can organize shorter charter as well.

7. Check in / out time ?
Charter normally starts from 18:00 h, and end at 09:00 h. But if the boat will be ready, cleaned and technically prepared earlier we will be happy to embark you sooner than 18:00 h. However, we cannot guarantee this. Also, we suggest to return the boat in the base on the last evening of the charter.

8. Pets on board ?
Bringing of pets is not allowed; there is a potential of allergens from animals...

Active sailing during the charter can be uncomfortable for the pets, easy they can be disoriented or lethargic.

9.What about provisioning ?
You can order according the Silver Sail provisioning list which need to be send to us minimum 4 weeks before the charter starts. Clients are paying the store bill ( prices are equal), and 50 Euro for our service fee.


1. What qualifications do I need for bareboat charter?

According to Croatian Maritime Law you should be in possession of the license for operating of the pleasure craft that is issued by the state authority of the country that you are coming from. The VHF license is required as well. Licenses from almost all European countries are accepted in Croatia.

Are there any special rules for regatta participation?

Besides the fast boat, valid license and good sailing experience is everything you need. However, if the charter company is willing to charter a boat for regatta, keep in mind that some extra costs will arise from this arrangement. The double deposit is usually requested for security reasons. In most cases regatta fee needs to be paid as well – the regatta fee depends on the charter price and is usually charged as 20-25% amount of the charter fee.

What is the security deposit?

The security deposit is the amount with which you are liable if any damage, that is the consequence of mishandling of the boat, happens while chartering the boat. All the boats are fully insured with Casco, but the security deposit still has to be left in starting marina by cash or credit card. The security deposit will be refunded in its full amount unless the existence of damage or a defect on the yacht or the equipment is found during the returning of the yacht. Please note that the amount of security deposit is the maximum amount with which you can be charged for any damages. Everything that exceeds that amount the charter company will cover from the insurance company.

In case of thefts on the boats (the outboard engine or dinghy are items of boat inventory that are in most cases the object of thefts) please do not forget to report it to the nearest police station.
Is there a possibility to buy additional insurance in order to cover all potential damages?

The damage waiver (additional insurance of the security deposit that practicaly covers all the damages) in most cases can be offered. Terms and conditions of the damage waiver depend on the insurance company that insures the boat but generally speaking it usually costs 7-12% of the deposit amount of the boat that you would like to book.

Do I need the license for diving?

Diving in Adriatic is forbidden without the valid license. You need to be in posession of valid diver`s card issued by Croatian Diving Federation. This license can be obtained if you have valid diver`s brevet that was issued by international diving association (IDD, UDI, CMAS, MDEA, PADI…).

Do I need the license for fishing?

For legal fishing valid fishing license is required as well. The license can be obained in fishing clubs that are authorized for issuing the licenses to the foreign citizents. For obtaining the license you only need your passport or ID – if you are already a member of some fishing club in your country take your club card with you as it can decrease the license fee. Please note that the fishing is forbidden in National Parks – when obtaining the license you will receive the list the zones that are off the fishing limits as well as the list of allowed fishing tools.

What is the cost of marinas and habrours?

The mooring fee varies from marina to marina. It also depends on the size of the boat. The mooring fee for catamaran is usually charged double than the mooring fee for the monohull of the same size. The average price is around 50-70 EUR for the boat cca. 43 ft per day. If you have already setteled your sailing route you can check the prices on the web sites of marinas on your route. On the other hand, some of the harbours and most of the anchorages are free.

Can I book a place in marina in advance?

Unfortunately, this kind of service is not available in any marina in Croatia. Berth in marina is usually not the problem off the season. During the July and August if you want to make sure that you will catch your marina berth then it is best to leave for the wished marina in early afternoon hours.

Can I pay in Euros in Croatia?

National currency in Croatia is Kuna (HRK). Although EUR can be accepted in some establishments please keep in mind that Kuna is in most cases the only mean of payment accepted. ATM machines can be found almost everywhere and therefore you do not have to worry for cash withdrawals if you get to the point that you ran out of Kunas.

Where can I get the weather forecast?

The weather forecast can be obtained in any marina reception. Of course, you can always call the base or listen to the weather forecast on the radio and VHF as they are broadcasted frequently especially during the summer season.

Can I take the electrical equipment on board?

The electrical equipment can be taken with you but it is important to be rational with these goods. Croatia uses standard European 2 point plug and the elecrticity is 220 V. However, the yachts have shore power connection and while in marinas you will be able to use all the electrical devices as you are wired to shore electricity. When sailing, only boats with generator will supply with 220 V all the time.

Can mobile chargers be used on board?

Mobile chargers can be used on bord with the usual 220 V plug in while in marina on shore power connection. Otherwise, you can use the car phone charger that can be plugged into the 12 V cigatette lighter on board.

Are mobile phone signals available in all sailing areas?

Most of Croatian sea is covered with mobile phone signal.

Are towels included in the charter fee?

In most cases not. If they are not included in the charter fee they usually can be arranged at extra cost. Beach towels are never included in the charter fee and you should bring them with you.

Is it possible to charter the boat for a short term period?

Charter is always done weekly Saturday – Saturday. Exceptions to this rule can be done but only off the season or in last minute option. Please note that even though you will get the offer for short term charter the price will probably be calculated on weekly bases.

We have small children – can we take them on board and what can we do for their safety?

Small children can be taken on board but some precautions have to be taken care of. If you are chartering a motor boat fly bridge type is more suitable then open. If chartering a sailing boat catamaran is our recommendation because they are more spacious and stabile than the monohull. As an extra insurance for the youngest sailors safety net and lifebelts for the children can always be arranged. Please note that these services are extra charged and need to be ordered in advance.

  1. Do you arrange transfers?
    Yes, we arrange transfers for our guests. Please send us information in advance: for how many persons, flight details, and we will arrange car to pick you and your group up.

  2. Parking place in marina?
    In our base ACI marina Split/ Marina Kaštela there is guarded parking place, upon a price of cca 10 Euro / day.

  3. What type of luggage should I take?
    A soft bags are recommended, because of storage the things on the yacht. It would be much easier than with hard cases, especially if it will bigger group of people.