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Honeymoon Sailing in Croatia

February 13, 2019 by pero

Croatia is fast cementing a reputation as one of the best post-wedding sailing destinations that all of Europe has to offer with its palm-fringed ports, dramatic sunsets and breathtaking beaches setting up a romantic theme like nowhere else on earth. If you’ve tied the knot are set on a honeymoon conquest of the Adriatic, here are a couple of things you should do and places you should visit in this winsome Dalmatian country that is a gorgeous haven for lovers.

1) Explore the Galešnjak island
Known as the “Island of Love”, Galešnjak was literally made by Mother Nature to fit the description with this exotic island endearing carved into a heart-like shape from above. Beautifully engulfed by the Pašman channel that affords a nice embrace of emerald azure waters cast upon the backdrop of lovely pebble beaches, the feel and atmosphere around the island is almost magical making it rife with romantic moments. Moreover, its secluded an uninhabited nature affords a calming paradise for lovebirds to spend some quality time in each other’s companies oblivious of the world around them.

2) Picnic in Dubrovnik
You should also consider setting sail to Dubrovnik as this enthralling city offers an unrivalled Mediterranean romantic experience courtesy of its endearing climate and dramatic location. Branded as the “the pearl of the Adriatic” and a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Dubrovnik is famous for its timeless architecture that is composed of Baroque and Gothic churches, medieval walls and limestone streets that are littered with countless romantic and secluded spots.

3) Discover Rovinj town
This old fishing town is Istria’s response to Dalmatia’s Dubrovnik and it avails much of the romantic flair of the latter but with fewer crowds. Its central position at the heart of the archipelago of islands that surround it ensures untroubled and calm waters that have consequently earned it the title of ‘the cradle of the sea’. Its heavenly Adriatic abode is the perfect place to cast fishing rods while deepening your bonds in a town characterized by alluring Venetian red houses and linked by footpath-wide cobbled streets.

4) Discover the treasures of Korcula
Korcula is considered in many circles as a smaller version of Dubrovnik that is nonetheless just as fascinating courtesy of the Romanesque masonry evident throughout the town and its rich and charming history that spans centuries. Its beautiful landscapes and sandy contours ensure there is no shortage of lovely getaways great for unwinding with your partner and reveling in each other’s embrace. To substantiate just how much of a reputation this alluring land mass has amassed, Forbes- the world’s leading authority as far as magazines are concerned- has included beautiful Korcula in a list of the top 10 most romantic and exotic island hideaways.

5) Take a detour at Hvar island
Hvar earns its slot due to its exotic oasis of vegetation that is comprised of beguiling olive groves, nostalgic vineyards and charming orchards set upon an exclusively different agricultural canvas. It stands out beautifully in the vastness of the Adriatic and is punctuated by excellent spots for lovebirds to explore and enjoy. Meanwhile, the Pakleni islands nearby should prove a welcomed challenge for the more adventurous couple.

Croatia is rife with idyllic, picture-perfect romantic jewels and it affords the perfect place to fan the flames of a newly affirmed love and these are just but a few of the many treasures it holds.

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