Brac Island: Nature's Masterpiece
Brac Island: Nature's Masterpiece

It is Brac Island, one of the most beautiful islands on the Adriatic Sea, which inspires yacht owners with its rugged beauty, charming anchorages and rich history. Brac is often described as the "jewel of the Adriatic," offering yacht charter experiences combining a passion for sailing with an appetite for its beaches, historic towns and hidden treasures. In this article, we will embark on a journey of discovery in Brac Island from the thrill of sailing to the must-see places and hidden gems that make it one of our favourite destinations either by chartering bareboat or skippered boats from Split.

Brac Island: Nature's Masterpiece

The island of Brac holds a proud record of nature's creativity. The diverse landscape, the azure waters, and the charming villages make it a fascinating place to explore. The island's calm atmosphere, warm hospitality, and rich cultural heritage add to its charm, making it an ideal destination for travellers seeking a genuine Mediterranean experience.

Sailing on Brac Island

There is an exciting, immersive experience to be had by going ashore on Brac Island. The island's strategic location in the Adriatic ensures favourable wind conditions for sailing, making it an ideal destination for sailors of all skill levels. The Adriatic winds during the summer months bring a refreshing and pleasant boating experience with clear seas and occasional breezes.

Towns and villages on Brac Island

Pucisca: A hidden gem situated in an ideal bay
Pucisca: A hidden gem situated in an ideal bay

Bol: Your journey begins in the picturesque city of Bol, which is known for its famous Zlatni Rat Beach. A shifting sandbar, changing shape as the water flows in, is part of this stunning natural phenomenon. Take a tour of the historic centre in Bol, and you'll be met with little streets and tempting coffee shops.

Supetar: a charming combination of the traditional Croatia lifestyle and modern luxuries awaits you in Supetar, which is the island's largest town and its major ferry port. Visit the church of Mary's Annunciation, stroll along the waterfront promenade, and enjoy local cuisine at restaurants on the water.

Pucisca: A hidden gem situated in an ideal bay, the white limestone quarry is known to be of great beauty. Explore this charming village and take a tour of the Stonemason's School where you can admire these intricate stone sculptures that are displayed throughout the city.


Anchorage sites on the island of Brac
Anchorage sites on the island of Brac

There are several fine anchorages that can be enjoyed by cruisers and sailors on Island Brač, situated in Croatia. Here's 10 anchorage sites on the island of Brac:

Bol Harbor: Bol is one of the most popular towns in Brac, and its harbour is a safe anchorage with easy access to the town's facilities.

Milna: Milna is a picturesque village on the western coast of Brač, known for its natural harbour. It's a wonderful place to anchor ourselves and look at this great city.

Bobovišća: It is a quiet bay at the west end of this island, offering calm and clear seas to anchor.

Pučišća: This harbour town is known for its white stone quarries and beautiful architecture. This anchor is providing a rare look at the beautiful buildings of this city.

Stipanska: there's a peaceful bay on the west coast of the island that offers calm, clear water for anchoring.

Supetar: The biggest city in Brac, Supetar offers a number of anchorages nearby the port. It's a hub for ferries connecting Brač to the mainland.

Lovrecina Bay: This bay, at the northern end of the island, has been known for its sandy beach and is a good place to anchor your vessel and enjoy nature's beauty.

Mala Luka: A quiet anchorage in the crystal-clear waters is provided by a small bay on the south side of Brac.

Lucice Bay: This is an unspoiled, quiet bay located on the southern coast and one of the most suitable anchorages.

Uvala Smrka: With a calm and serene environment, this quiet cove on the northern shore is an ideal place to anchor.

Before anchoring in any of the above locations, it is important that you take into account local regulations and weather conditions as well as ensuring your authorisations and equipment are adequate for a safe and pleasant experience.

Island Brac beaches

Zlatni Rat Beach Golden Horn
Zlatni Rat Beach Golden Horn

The Croatian island Brac is famous for its stunning beaches in the Adriatic Sea. Here's 10 beautiful beaches on the island of Brac:

Zlatni Rat Beach Golden Horn: It's one of the biggest beaches on Croatian soil, situated in Bol. It's known for its distinctive V-shaped pebble spit that extends into the sea, changing shape with the tides and currents.

Lovrecina Bay: The beach, which is located in a beautiful bay on the north shore of Brac, features an abundance of flora and fauna.

Supetar Beach: This large beach, which is located just a few kilometres from the town of Supetar, provides crystal-clear waters and many water sports and recreational activities.

Povlja Beach: There are a number of charming beaches, among them the prettiest pebble beach at the town's centre.

Mala Lozna beach: This beach in the vicinity of Postira is popular because it's an area with clean water and beautiful scenery.

Murvica Beach: Located near Bol, this beach is known for its unique setting amidst ancient monastic caves and hermit dwellings.

Prje beach: just outside Bol, a peaceful pebble beach that is ideal for those who seek calm and natural beauty.

Lubenice Beach: Located on the western coast of Brač, this hidden gem is known for its stunning views and secluded atmosphere.

The beach at Vela Farska: is a mix of pebbles and sand, offering an excellent place to swim or relax just near Sumartin.

Mala Farska Beach: this smaller beach, less crowded than the one in Vela Farska, serves as a safer alternative for those seeking to get out of the crowds.

It is easy to choose the beach that best matches your needs for a day in the Adriatic Sea, as these beaches differ according to their size, facilities and variety of sand or pebbles they offer.

Hidden Gems on Brac Island

Hidden Gems on Brac Island - Desert Blaće
Hidden Gems on Brac Island - Desert Blaće

Blaće Desert: Explore the remote Blaće Desert, a hidden gem known for its rugged beauty and tranquil atmosphere.

Dragon's Cave: Visit the mysterious Dragon's Cave, a natural wonder in the vicinity of Murvica. For centuries, visitors have been intrigued by the cave's intricate carved designs and dragon like formations.

Vidova Gora: climb to the summit of a mountain that is the tallest in the Adriatic Sea. The panorama view of the Brac Island, and its surroundings, is an amazing perspective from this viewpoint.

A yacht charter paradise in the Adriatic Sea, Brac is an island of natural beauty, historic charm and hidden treasures. Any moment on Brac Island is a celebration of its unique charm and timeless beauty, whether you explore renowned Zlatni Rat beach in Bol, walk the lovely streets of Supetar or find treasures such as Lovrecina bay and Dragon's cave.

You will be immersed from a unique perspective in the island's authenticity as you embark on your yacht charter expedition to Brac Island. Brac promises a wonderful journey, leaving you with cherished memories of your time in this Adriatic treasure thanks to its spectacular landscapes, warm hospitality and serene sailings. Get aboard and embrace the magic of Brac Island, where every wave takes you deep within the heart of the Adriatic Sea.