Catamaran Charter Croatia with Skipper
Catamaran Charter Croatia with Skipper

Croatia's stunning Adriatic coastline, crystal clear waters and countless islands have become a paradise for sailors. And a catamaran charter with your captain is the way to go, if you're looking for some great fun in this nautical wonderland. In this article, we will introduce you to Croatia's azure seas and give you an insight into why catamaran charter with a skipper is the ultimate choice for your sailing adventures.

The Beauty of Croatia's Adriatic Coast

Croatia is one of the most diverse and beautiful places to sail in the world, having a coastline covering more than 5 800 km. The Adriatic Sea, with its deep blue waters, offers a magical setting for an extraordinary vacation. There is a wealth of natural beauty and culture in every part of the country, such as historic towns like Dubrovnik and Split or smaller islands that stretch along the coast.

Catamaran: The Ideal Vessel for Your Croatian Adventure

A catamaran is your best choice when you are interested in exploring the waters of Croatia. The Catamaran has been known for its stability, space and comfort. This makes them perfect for those who have not yet sailed or prone to seasickness because of their smooth and stable ride. The shallow depth of the catamaran makes it possible for you to get closer to the coast, accessing secret coves and beaches where larger vessels cannot reach. In addition, during the journey you will be comfortable and relaxed by spacious decks and cabins.

The Importance of Hiring the Right Skipper for Your Catamaran Charter

Tourists are invited to embark on a catamaran charter adventure, especially in the stunning Adriatic Sea, by the sun kissed beaches, the azure waters, and the thrill of open seas. The fact that a skilled and experienced helmsman is present at all times increases the pleasure of any sailing experience to an indelible one. The skipper's in charge of your voyage, guiding the ship, making sure safety is ensured, and revealing a secret item on this route you choose. Silver Sail, the renowned charter operator in Split Croatia is aware that its skippers are capable of making or breaking an entire voyage and therefore they have been doing their best to pick out the finest captains for any sailing trip. 

Catamaran Charter Croatia with Skipper

Catamaran Charter Croatia with Skipper

Silver Sail's Commitment to Excellence

Silver Sail in Croatia, a leading charter company, takes pride in ensuring that your sailing experience improves through the selection of top captains for their trips. Their belief that a Captain has an essential role to play in ensuring extraordinary sailing adventures is at the core of their commitment to excellence.

Why Silver Sail Stands Out

Handpicked Skippers: Silver Sail selects skippers not only skilled professionals but also passionate about creating exceptional experiences for their guests. The choice of captains is based on local expertise, ability to sail and a deep respect for the culture and natural beauty of this region.

Tailored Adventures: When you charter a catamaran with Silver Sail, they work closely with you to understand your desires, preferences, and expectations. Then it's your turn to be matched with the captain, who can create a custom itinerary that matches your hopes for an exceptional sailing trip.

Continuous support: Silver Sail's commitment to your journey does not end with the booking of a charter. During your journey, their team will be available and accessible to you. We will respond as soon as possible to all questions, concerns or special requests ensuring that we have a stress free experience.

Safety is paramount: Silver Sail will do everything in its power to ensure safety. Their captains are trained to take care of all aspects of a safe and enjoyable journey, prioritising your well being and peace of mind.

Catamaran Charter Croatia with Skipper

Catamaran Charter Croatia with Skipper - Benefits of sailing with a crew

Benefits of Hiring a Skipper

To sail through the waters of Croatia is a dream come true, but skills and local knowledge are required. If you want to have a skipper on your charter yacht, it's the right decision:

Access to Exclusive Spots

Experienced skippers are well-acquainted with the local waters and know the hidden gems that might not be on the typical tourist radar. They can guide you to secret coves, secluded beaches, and pristine snorkeling spots, providing you with a truly exclusive and memorable experience.

Time Efficiency

You get to spend more time on water when you've chartered a boat with the captain. Skippers are in charge of every aspect of the navigation and technical aspects of your voyage, so you can enjoy it as much as possible. As your captain is responsible for these tasks, you will not be disturbed by docking, anchoring or refuelling.

Stress Reduction

You might find it difficult to navigate the water, especially if you are not a very experienced sailor. You can leave your worries behind when the captain is on board. Skippers are given training to manage situations of emergency and unforeseen circumstances, thus facilitating a smooth and stress free journey. That peace of mind could change your vacation for the better.

Customized Itineraries

In order to prepare a personalised plan that is suited to your wishes, the Skipper can work with you. The captain of your ship may make it happen, whether you're looking for a vacation cruise or an adventurous journey filled with adventure and variety. They're capable of adapting their routes, operations and paces to fit your needs.

Sailing Lessons and Local Insights

Chartering with a skipper offers an excellent opportunity to learn the skills you'll need in order to sail. Skippers are often more than eager to share their knowledge and provide guidance on how to sail. Furthermore, local knowledge and recommendations may be provided with a view to enhancing your own experience.

Catamaran Charter Croatia with Skipper

Catamaran Charter Croatia with Skipper - Exterior of the catamaran

Professional Networking

Skippers in the maritime and tourism sectors have a wide network of contacts. When it comes to preparing unique events such as the appointment of a chef on board for dinner or reservations at exclusive waterfront restaurants, this can have an incredible advantage.

Stress-Free Arrival and Departure

Sometimes it's difficult to manage the logistics of arrival and departure from your destination. Skippers will be able to assist in organising transport, transfers and ensuring a seamless changeover between your vessel and its destination, making the journey more trouble free.

Expertise in Croatian waters: Croatia's vessels are well aware of the best anchorages, restaurants and secret gems to be found. They'll take you to places that aren't possible on their own.

Safety: The skippers are highly skilled sailors who make sure that the passengers and ships are safe. They've got a way of dealing with unexpected weather changes and emergencies.

Relaxation: having a captain means that you do not have to worry about navigation, anchorment or docking while on holiday. They're in charge of all technical aspects of sailing, leaving you with a view to enjoying the Croatian beauty.

Customised Experience: Captains are free to adjust your sailing experience according to your own preferences. They'll give you the perfect course of action, no matter what your interest is in water sports, culture or simply relaxation.

Catamaran Charter Croatia with Skipper

Catamaran Charter Croatia with Skipper - Vinogradisce - Pakleni archipelago

Explore the Dalmatian Islands

Croatia's Dalmatian islands, situated between the central and Southern Croatian coasts, are regarded as a jewel of beauty and culture. You can explore the islands with a captain on board your catamaran, such as:

Hvar: Hvar is a favorite spot for many sailors, with its lively nightlife and beautiful lavender fields. You can take a tour of the old Hvar town and taste its wines and cuisine.

Brac: It's a paradise for watersports fanatics, located on the famous Zlatni Rat beach. The wonderful city of Bol may also be explored.

Korcula: This island is famous for its well-preserved medieval town and the alleged birthplace of Marco Polo. A combination of history and natural beauty is offered in Korcula.

Vis: A lightly visited island, with excellent beaches and clear water which can be accessed in a boat, it also offers some extraordinary sights such as the Blue Cave.

Catamaran Charter Croatia with Skipper

Catamaran Charter Croatia with Skipper - Kornati islands

Hidden Gems of the Kornati Archipelago

Croatia's must see destination is the Kornati Archipelago, which has been called "nautical paradise" many times. The park, which offers some of the most precious and untouched natural beauty in the Adriatic Ocean, is made up of 89 islands, arelets and reefs. In this area, it is crucial to hire a skipper due to the complicated navigation of the Kornati Islands. Your captain's going to take care of your safety when you go into those secret gems.

Relish Local Cuisine

The cuisine of Croatia is rich in influences from the Mediterranean, European and Balkan regions. You'll be able to taste some of the regional delicacies in restaurants that are out of the way, thanks to guidance from your captain. Don't miss trying dishes like fresh seafood, peka (slow-cooked meat and vegetables), and the famous black risotto made with cuttlefish ink.

Watersports and Activities

Croatia has a large selection of watersports and activities, your captain can advise on the best way to experience them. There's something for everyone, whether you want to swim in crystal clear water, play paddleboard on the shore or dive into undersea caves.

Sailing Season in Croatia

Croatia's sailing season is usually from April to October, with the best weather and water conditions in the summer months. During the peak season, booking a catamaran with skipper will provide pleasant weather and an opportunity to take part in some of your town's events and festivals.

Catamaran Charter Croatia with Skipper

Catamaran Charter Croatia with Skipper

Skipper Wages on Catamarans: Charting the Range from 1050.00 EUR to 1750.00 EUR per Week

Understanding captain's pay is important for the purpose of a catamaran charter adventure. The key role of the skipper is to ensure a safe and pleasant journey. Depending on factors such as catamaran size, skipper experience, qualifications and charter policy of the firm, captain's wages in Croatia are generally between EUR 1050.00 and EUR 1750.00 per week. Note that in some catamaran charter contracts, the skipper's fees are also part of the overall package price.

The guests have the responsibility of providing meals to skippers. If guests eat on boat skipper east with them. If guest want to go in restaurant it is custom to invite skipper, and skipper can recommend restaurant and make necessary reservation. If guests want to go on dinner on their own and have private dinner it is custom to give skipper 30.00-40.00eur and skipper will go on dinner on his own.

Setting Sail in Style: Chartering a Catamaran in Croatia with a Hostess together with skipper

Chartering a catamaran in Croatia with skipper is a dream come true for many travelers, thanks to its breathtaking coastlines, hidden coves, and charming islands. However, if you want your sailing experience to become even more charming and stressless, then it's worth considering hiring a stewardess on the charter team. The hostess is a unique and significant element of your catamaran charter, which ensures that the voyage is not only comfortable but also enjoyable.

1. Expertise and Assistance

The hostess takes care of all the details that make your journey luxurious and easy, while the skipper is responsible for the navigation and security of your catamaran. Their expertise is vital, from helping with the onboard tasks to providing local knowledge and recommendations. They'll be able to recommend the very best restaurants, scenery places and activities that will ensure you can take full advantage of your Croatia sailing trip.

Catamaran Charter Croatia with Skipper

Catamaran Charter Croatia with Skipper - Sailing in Croatia with crew

2. Culinary Delights

The exquisite dishes that they prepare is one of the most enticing features of cruising with a hostess. The hostesses are very good cooks, who can provide you with excellent cuisine that is suitable to your tastes. They can create menus to suit your preferences, whether you are a fan of fish or vegetarian or have specific dietary requirements. You can enjoy the taste of this region without lifting a finger in the kitchen, from fresh fish dishes to authentic Croatian cuisine.

3. Housekeeping and Cleanliness

It's no small task to maintain a clean and comfortable living space on a catamaran, and this is where the hostess's role shines. They make sure that you're safe and comfortable in the cabin of your yacht, by keeping it clean. You can relax, unwind, and enjoy your sailing adventure without worrying about the day-to-day upkeep.

4. Personalized Service

Attention to detail and attentive service are hallmarks of the hostesses. They're going to take into account your needs and preferences, so they can design the charter according to what you want. Whether it's the preparation of a specific meal for your celebrations, planning romantic dinner on board or surprise you with some local delicacies, these are an intimate touch which adds spice to your experience.

5. Stress Reduction

The presence of a hostess takes away the stress of planning, cooking, and cleaning during your vacation. You can focus on enjoying the scenic beauty and engaging in activities while the hostess takes care of the rest. That way, you can really relax and make the best of your voyage.

Catamaran Charter Croatia with Skipper

Catamaran Charter Croatia with Skipper - Relax during your stay

6. Convenience and Relaxation

You're about to wake up and be greeted by the aroma of a fresh cup of coffee with delicious breakfast in front of you. It's your reality with a hostess on board. You'll be able to relax in your cabin or on board, knowing that your meals and drinks will be taken care of. Your hostess ensures you are pampered with a pleasant and smooth experience, giving you the luxuries of relaxation.

7. Local Knowledge and Cultural Insight

The hostesses often come from the area and have had substantial experience, which means they bring a great deal of local knowledge as well as cultural insight on your journey. They'll be introducing you to Croatian history, traditions and hidden gems that will make your sea journey a truly cultural experience.

8. Safety and Emergency Preparedness

While the captain is responsible for security at sea, his stewardesses are trained in emergency response to ensure that passengers have a good sense of danger and safety. An added layer of safety and peace of mind can be attained by their relaxed manner and willingness to assist in difficult situations.

9. Additional Services

Other services are offered by some hostesses, such as organizing water sports activities, booking transportation to and from coastal destinations or even providing spa treatments. This level of convenience and luxury, which can make the experience on board a boat even more enjoyable, is unprecedented.

You can make your journey an elegant and memorable experience by chartering a catamaran with hostess in Croatia. The hostess will provide you with a level of comfort and convenience that enables you to fully explore the beauties of Croatia's beaches, offering culinary delight, personalised service, cleanliness as well as local knowledge. The catamaran charter is not merely a voyage of adventure on the sea, but an indulgent and relaxing journey for which you will enjoy the beauty of the Adriatic Sea while enjoying exceptional attention from your special hostess.

Catamaran Charter Croatia with Skipper

Catamaran Charter Croatia with Skipper - Sail with crew - Relax and let your hair down

Booking Your Catamaran Charter in Croatia

Consider the following elements for ensuring that your experience is pleasant:

Preparation: It is very important to book a catamaran charter in advance, particularly if you are planning on travelling at peak season.

Look for the best Catamaran: Depending on your group size and preferences, select a catamaran. All the conveniences you need for a comfortable trip are provided by today's catamarans.

Itinerary: Discuss your preferred itinerary and activities with your skipper in advance, so they can plan your trip accordingly.

Adventurers from all over the world are attracted to the Adriatic Sea's shimmering waters, ancient cities and breathtaking landscapes. It is the ultimate way of experiencing this coastal wonderland when you charter a catamaran with your captain in Croatia. There are several routes that you can take to make the reservation process as smooth as possible, in order to book a dream catamaran charter.

Option 1: Free Consultation Form Silver Sail

The advantage of personalised service and expert advice is available when booking a catamaran adventure by simply filling in the consultation form. It is a relatively straightforward process, starting with some fundamental details. You provide information about your sailing preferences, group size, desired travel dates, and any special requests you may have. After submitting this form, a specialised team of experts will assess it on the basis of your charter experience and adapt it to your specific needs.

If you choose this option, all aspects of your catamaran adventure will be tailored in order to meet your expectations. The consultation form allows you to provide an experience that is perfect in alignment with your vision, whether it's a group of friends who want action packed adventures, a family craving relaxation or a couple searching for romantic escapes.

Catamaran Charter Croatia with Skipper

Catamaran Charter Croatia with Skipper - Dubrovnik

Option 2: Silver Sail Search Engine

For those who prefer a more hands-on approach, Silver Sail's search engine provides a user-friendly platform to explore and book your catamaran charter. This option allows you to view available catamarans in a rapid and efficient manner, assess the price at which they will be placed on your chosen vessel. The search results can be filtered on the basis of criteria like guest numbers, cabin layout, facilities and budget.

The search engine makes it possible for you to discover a perfect catamaran and also gives you the ability to choose among various options so that you can decide which one best suits your group. It's an amazing tool for persons who want to discover different catamaran options and establish their Adriatic voyage on their own.

Silver Sail's commitment to giving you extraordinary experience in chartering a catamaran has not changed from any of your choices. Your journey is sure to be an memorable one, thanks to a fleet of specially picked catamarans, experienced skippers and extensive knowledge of the Adriatic's treasures. In Croatia, you can be sure that your charter of a catamaran is tailored to your wishes and desires as long as you choose the personal touch of an inquiry form or independent search engine. So, set sail and prepare to explore the beauty of the Adriatic, one stunning cove and historic town at a time.

Popular Catamarans for Charter in Croatia with skipper

1. Lagoon 77: The Epitome of Extravagance

Catamaran Charter Croatia with Skipper

Catamaran Charter Croatia with Skipper - Lagoon 77

The Lagoon 77 is an epitome of luxuriousness to those who seek the highest level of luxury. You'll be immersed in huge living areas, exquisite designs and exceptional performance. The Lagoon 77 boasts generous deck space, complete with a flybridge, and can accommodate up to 12 guests. Chartering this catamaran with a skipper elevates your journey into a regal exploration of the Adriatic.

2. Lagoon 55: Where Performance Meets Comfort

Catamaran Charter Croatia with Skipper

Catamaran Charter Croatia with Skipper - Lagoon 55

The Lagoon 55 provides an optimum balance of performance and comfort. As a large, luxurious vessel designed for relaxation and entertainment, it offers spacious cabins, modern amenities, and a flybridge, ideal for a family or group of friends seeking to explore the Adriatic in style.

3. Lagoon 51: A Testament to Luxury and Practicality

The Lagoon 51 is a harmonious blend of luxury and practicality. It is regarded as the ideal choice for travellers who are willing to enjoy comfort and adventure, owing to its excellent sailing capabilities and extensive living space. It is essential to charter Lagoon 51 with the captain so that you can enjoy your journey without worrying about navigation.

4. Bali 4.8: An Oasis of Serenity

Catamaran Charter Croatia with Skipper

Catamaran Charter Croatia with Skipper - Bali 4.8 Open Space

The Bali 4.8 offers a unique approach to the design of the catamaran, fostering an open and spacious living environment that allows you to feel at home in the sea. It is the ideal place to sunbath and take in the sea view and sounds of the ocean because it has a large deck area. By guiding you to the best and darkest corners in Croatia, your skipper's knowledge will further enhance your experience.

5. Lagoon 460: Stability and Comfort Combined

The Lagoon 460, a favorite among families and groups, is renowned for its stability and comfortable sailing experience. It offers an ideal setting for a peaceful and enjoyable voyage along the Adriatic coast, with a large number of cabins, a well equipped galley and ample seating areas.

6. Bali 4.4: Innovation Meets Comfort

Catamaran Charter Croatia with Skipper

Catamaran Charter Croatia with Skipper - Bali 4.4

For those who desire a perfect combination of style and substance, the Bali 4.4 is an ingenious catamaran. It is celebrated for its innovative design, spacious living areas, and a layout that seamlessly connects the interior and exterior. As they guide you through the lesser visited Croatian gems, having a captain on board creates an exciting element of adventure.

7. Bali 4.2: Compact Comfort for Couples

Catamaran Charter Croatia with Skipper

Catamaran Charter Croatia with Skipper - Bali 4.2

For couples and small groups, Bali 4.2 is a perfect catamaran that's easy to manoeuvre yet comfortable. Its shallowdraft makes it possible to reach the deserted coves and beaches which can only be reached by bigger ships. Your journey will be like a treasure hunt for the best places of snorkeling and beautiful anchorages, thanks to your skipper's local knowledge.

8. Lagoon 40: Affordability Without Compromise

The Lagoon 40, for those looking to charter a low cost catamaran, is an excellent choice. It's a wonderful balance between performance and comfort, with ample room for passengers in its comfortable interior as well as an inviting cockpit. With a skipper who knows the Adriatic like the back of their hand, your journey becomes a captivating exploration of Croatia's beauty.

Sailing from Split with skipper: Gateway to the Dalmatian Islands

Split is the perfect starting place for your Croatia adventure in a catamaran charter, thanks to its well connected international airport and awe inspiring waterfront promenade. Here you will find a number of catamarans that can be chartered, each with luxury features.

Catamaran Charter Croatia with Skipper

Catamaran Charter Croatia with Skipper - Brac island

Visits to the following islands may be part of a standard seven days' trip from Split:

  • Hvar: Its charming old city and lively nightlife are characteristic of this beautiful island. Relax for a day by the crystal waters of the Pakleni islands, or go to Hvar's historic city.
  • Brac: Take a trip to the legendary Zlatni Rat beach, an enchanting sandy beach changing its shape as sea levels rise. Also, the Brac's calm coves and ancient sites such as Bol or Supetar are a treasure.
  • Vis: The most isolated island on the mainland, it provides a taste of Croatia's traditional life. There is a stunning blue cave and the serene village of Komiza to see.
  • Korcula: Korcula is a historical gem, known for its medieval old city and the alleged birthplace of Marco Polo. Visit the narrow alleyways and have a taste of local cuisine.
  • Mljet: Mljet is famous for its national park, which includes two saltwater lakes. It's a haven for nature lovers, with pristine forests and an abundance of wildlife.
  • Dubrovnik: Visit the "Pearl of the Adriatic" to finish your journey. You will discover the charming old town, tour the walls of the city, and take an in depth look at its rich history.

Catamaran charter with skipper from Dubrovnik: The Jewel of the South

Dubrovnik, which is situated in the southernmost region of Croatia, has become another prominent starting point for chartering catamarans. The city is a perfect place to start your journey, with its well maintained medieval walls and the historical charm.

Catamaran Charter Croatia with Skipper

Catamaran Charter Croatia with Skipper - Dubrovnik

You can go to islands such as the following from Dubrovnik:

  • Korcula: A destination with a rich history and spectacular landscape, Korcula has already been described as one of the must visit destinations.
  • Mljet: The national park and its Emerald Green lakes in Mljet are a pleasant place to swim or relax.
  • Elaphiti islands: beautiful beaches and a quiet escape from crowds are offered to the island group, which is located close to Dubrovnik.
  • Lopud: Lopud, part of the Elaphiti archipelago, is known for its sandy beaches and car free environment.
  • It is the largest and most beautiful island of the Elaphiti Sea: Sipan has a charming villages and an interesting history.

The unique beginning of your catamaran adventure can be found in Dubrovnik, a charming old town and an incredible history.

Pula: Unveiling Istria's Beauty

Catamaran Charter Croatia with Skipper

Catamaran Charter Croatia with Skipper - Amphitheater in Pula

A different perspective of the Adriatic is offered by Pula at the northern coast of Croatia. This is a magnificent gateway to see the island of Istrians, and it has an exceptional charm. You can discover this with the skipper while travelling from Pula:

  • Brijuni Islands: Visit the Brijuni National Park, an archipelago of 14 islands with a variety of wildlife, beautiful gardens, and historical sites.
  • Rovinj: Istria's picturesque fishing town, with its charming old city, is a must see.
  • Porec: Take a tour of Euphrasia's basilica, UNESCO World Heritage Site, and enjoy the lively atmosphere in town.
  • Cres and Losinj: These islands offer a serene, beautiful beach that is ideal for relaxing and unwinding.
  • Kvarner Bay Islands: Discover islands of all kinds, from Krk to Rab and Pag, with their special character and beauty.

Zadar: Discovering the Northern Adriatic

Catamaran Charter Croatia with Skipper

Catamaran Charter Croatia with Skipper - Zadar

The gateway to the wonders of the Northern Adriatic is Zadar, a historical city in Dalmatia's north. You can find out more on board a boat from Zadar:

  • Kornati Islands: This archipelago, often referred to as a "nautical paradise," is known for its stark, lunar-like landscapes and crystal-clear waters.
  • Murter: Murter is connected to the mainland by a bridge, making it an easy starting point. It is a gateway to the Kornati Islands, which are known for their beautiful beaches.
  • The islands of Ugljan and Pasman: island offer a peaceful escape, with beautiful landscapes and charming villages.
  • Pag: It is known for the unique terrain and delicious cheese of its moonlike region, which makes it an interesting destination.
  • Rab: in Rab you will discover the historic old city and see the island's untouched beauty.

The possibility to explore the northern Adriatic and its wonderful landscape is offered by chartering a catamaran with Zadar's captain.

Discovering the Adriatic with a Skipper

A sailing trip with a skipper on catamaran in Croatia is the best way to discover this magnificent coastal area, and its many hidden treasures. With the expertise of a local skipper, you can relax, enjoy the journey, and create unforgettable memories in this nautical paradise. This maritime experience will surely be an adventure of a lifetime, as long as you are interested in culture, adventure and simply enjoying the beauty of Croatia's coast. In your next incredible adventure, set sail and let Croatia's dazzling water and hypnotic culture come to the fore.

Skippered & Crewed Yacht Charter
Skippered & Crewed Yacht Charter