Bask in the splendor of the Adriatic Sea

A yacht charter in Split, Croatia is the perfect way to enjoy an idyllic yachting experience full of azure water, picturesque islands and a rich cultural heritage. The Split is the gateway to a spectacular journey in the Adriatic Sea, located at the southern tip of the island of Dalmatia. Let us guide you on our journey of a lifetime, visiting the wonderful places and islands that we can explore, including Brac, Solt, Drvenik, Vis, Bisevo, Hvar, Pakleni island, Korcula or Lastovo.


Brac, which stands as central Dalmatia's biggest island, offers magnificent beaches and crystal waters. The anchor is in the mysterious bay of Bol, home to Zlatni Rat beach, a fascinating natural phenomenon. You can take a look at the charming village of Supetar, or get your eyes swept away by panoramic views to Vidova Gora.

Yacht Charter Split Croatia: Home town of Silver Sail


Get away from the crowds and sail to the peaceful island of Solta. You can see the untouched beauty of Maslinica, a picturesque village filled with stone buildings and beautiful gardens. Look for hidden coves, like Sesula and Tatinja, where you can take your breath away in the serene beauty of nature.


Go to Drvenik's island and have a peaceful retreat. It is the perfect place to swim and relax, because of its remote bays and clean beaches. Dive in the blue lagoon of Krknyasti Bay, and you will be immersed in a beautiful underwater world.


Prepare to be dazzled by the stunning island of Vis, which is a hidden gem in the Adriatic. Treat yourself to fresh fish delicacies by visiting Komiza, a charming city. In the nearby island of Bisevo, take a trip into this mesmerizing Blue Cave, where sunlight creates an eerie blue glow in its vast walls.

Yacht Charter Split Croatia: Home town of Silver Sail


Known as the "Queen of the Dalmatian Islands," Hvar will enchant you with its vibrant nightlife and rich cultural heritage. Take a trip down the narrow streets of Hvar City, to visit the old fort and breathe in the lively atmosphere. The nearby Pakleni archipelago, which consists of several small islands offering hidden coves and pristine beaches, is a great place to explore.

Yacht Charter Split Croatia: Home town of Silver Sail


Korcula is a must visit place with its rich history and the renown of its vineyards. You can walk around the ancient streets of Korcula town, admiring its remarkable architecture. Relax in the beach of Lumbarda, which is perfectly suited to snorkelling and diving, or board a boat with tranquil bays on Vela Luka.

Yacht Charter Split Croatia: Home town of Silver Sail


Set sail for Lastovo, the most remote inhabited island in Croatia, in order to experience truly off the beaten path. Unbreakable nature, protected beaches and calm climate await you in this sheltered paradise. Take an excursion into the Lastovo Archipelago nature park, and take a walk in lush forests on one of the island's vantage points to view this spectacular sunset.

Yacht Charter Split Croatia: Discover the Marinas in the Area

In terms of yacht chartering in Split, Croatia, the area offers a wide range of special marinas with which any yachting enthusiast can find his or her needs met. In this area, from the world's best facilities to some of the most spectacular locations, it is worth looking at marina ACI Split, yacht club seget, marina Kastela, Trogir and other sites such as Spinut SCT, Zenta.

ACI Split

ACI Split Marina is an excellent choice for chartering a yacht located in the center of Split. This marina has state of the art facilities, including a wide range of services, such as restaurants, bars, and shops. It is centrally located, making it easy to reach the lively district of Split and take a look at its rich history and culture.

Yacht Charter Split Croatia: Home town of Silver Sail

Yacht club Seget

The yacht club Seget Marina is situated in the village of Seget Donji and offers a calm setting for chartering. This is a perfect base for exploring the nearby islands and coasts, with its warm atmosphere and friendly staff. In order to ensure that you have a pleasant stay, there is also a restaurant and additional facilities in the marina.

Yacht Charter Split Croatia: Home town of Silver Sail

Marina Lav

Marina Lav in Split is a beacon of sea luxury on the beautiful Adriatic Sea, connected to an amazing hotel complex called Le Méridien Lav. A sophisticated haven for yacht lovers is offered at that fine marina, part of the famous hotel. Boasting 74 moorings, Marina Lav provides a sanctuary where elegance meets nautical adventure.

An easy access to the city's historic charm and a lively Dalmatian coast is guaranteed by Marina Lav's strategic location, just south of Split. Yachters docking here are treated to a world-class experience, surrounded by the lush ambiance of Le Méridien Lav, a five-star resort.

Marina Lav attracts sailors with a number of amenities, including luxury restaurants, bars and wellness centres, in addition to its ample anchorages. The resort's spa is where guests can indulge, dine in gastronomic restaurants or simply relax against the backdrop of the Adriatic Sea.

With its seamless fusion of maritime excellence and luxurious hospitality, Marina Lav is not just a marina; it's a gateway to an unparalleled yachting experience where every mooring tells a story of coastal splendor and refined indulgence.

Yacht Charter Split Croatia Home town of Silver Sail

Marina Kastela

The modern Marina Kastela is situated at a convenient location between Split and Trogir, which caters to all types of vessels. It has established itself as a leading choice for yacht charter services in the region, thanks to its very good facilities and services. In order to ensure a smooth yachting experience, the marina offers many facilities such as restaurants, stores and services for repairs.

Yacht Charter Split Croatia: Home town of Silver Sail

SCT Trogir and ACI Trogir

The two marinas which offer the unique yachting experience are SCT Trogir and ACI Trogir located in the historic city of Trogir. These marinas are an easy access for the UNESCO World Heritage listed town, allowing you to discover its medieval architecture and charming streets. These marinas offer an enjoyable stay for those who want to charter a yacht, thanks to its modern facilities and experienced staff.



Spinut Marina, situated in the western part of Split, is a hidden gem, offering peace and stunning views of the Poljud stadium, the home of the most popular football club in Croatia, Hajduk Split. This marina offers a quiet escape from the busy centre of town, located in an excellent natural setting. The Spinut Marina is well equipped with basic services, including restaurants, bars and shops, which makes it an excellent choice for chartering a yacht.


Situated in the peaceful bay of Zenta, this marina is known for its picturesque surroundings and relaxed atmosphere. Zenta Marina is an excellent starting point for the exploration of the Adriatic Sea, offering a secure harbor and easy access to neighbouring islands. It offers a calm retreat for yacht charterers seeking peace, thanks to the comfort of its staff and basic facilities.

Explore the Exquisite Fleet of Charter Boats in Split Croatia

With regard to yacht chartering in Split, Croatia, the region has a large selection of luxurious and well equipped boats suitable for each yachting enthusiast's needs. The perfect boat for a dream holiday can be found, whether you're in favour of the spaciousness of catamarans or the sleekness of sailboats. Depending on boat type, season and other services selected, the rate can be as high as $1,000 to $30,000 per week. You will embark on an exciting journey, and you can experience the beauty of the Croatian coast from these magnificent charter ships in Split.

Bali 4.2 Catamaran

The innovative design, compactness and high performance have made the Bali 4.2 catamaran a popular choice. It provides an unforgettable sailing experience, thanks to its luxurious cabins, spacious living spaces and wide range of views. Depending on season and additional services, the cost of chartering a Bali 4.2 catamaran in Split usually ranges from $2,000 to $9,000 per week.

Yacht Charter Split Croatia: Home town of Silver Sail

Lagoon 46 Catamaran

The Lagoon 46 catamaran is one of the newest models in the Lagoon fleet, and it represents a high standard with elegant lines and luxurious features. This catamaran has plenty of living space, a nice interior and great stability on the water. Depending on the season and other services, weekly charter rentals of Lagoon 46 catamarans at Split are usually between EUR 2,500 and EUR 13,000.

Bali 5.4 Catamaran

It's a masterpiece of design and innovation, the Bali 5.4 Catamaran. There's plenty of living space aboard this luxury yacht, with the roomy cabins, comfortable lounge facilities and panoramic views. The Bali 5.4 offers the finest in comfort and style, equipped with modern features and state of the art technology. Depending on the season and other services, a Bali 5.4 catamaran can be chartered in Split for an average weekly fee of $8,000 to $25,000.

Yacht Charter Split Croatia: Home town of Silver Sail

Lagoon 620 Catamaran

Lagoon 620 catamaran offers an unparalleled sea voyage to those who seek luxury in all its forms. This ship offers unprecedented comfort and style with its spacious cabin, glamorous interior as well as top of the line amenities. Depending on the season and additional services, the rental price of a Lagoon 620 catamaran for Split can range from fifteen thousand to thirty thousand dollars per week.

Lagoon 67 Catamaran

It's the Lagoon 67 catamaran, a beautiful vessel which combines beauty, performance and space. This yachting catamaran is a truly unique experience, thanks to its smooth lines and elegant interior. The Lagoon 67 provides unparalleled comfort and style, with multiple cabins, a comfortable galley and plenty of living space. Depending upon the season and other services, the cost for chartering a Lagoon 67 catamaran at Split can be as low as $20,000 to $55,000 per week.

Lagoon 77 Catamaran

The epitome of luxury and sophistication, Lagoon 77 is an elegant catamaran. The catamaran is equipped with a remarkably high level of comfort and privacy due to its modern design and generous layout. The Lagoon 77 features an array of luxurious amenities, including expansive living areas, elegant cabins, and top-of-the-line facilities. Depending on the season and other services, the charter value for Lagoon 77 catamarans in Split shall range from $35 000 to $70,000 per week.

Yacht Charter Split Croatia: Home town of Silver Sail

Bavaria 33 Sailing Boat

The Bavaria 33 is a superb sailing boat suited to smaller groups or couples, combining performance, comfort and affordability. Comfortable cabins and a well equipped galley are part of this yacht's elegant design, as is the large cockpit. Depending upon the season and other services, the rent of a Bavaria 33 sailing boat at Split usually ranges from $800 to $2,500 per week.

Hanse 388 sailing boat

The Hanse 388 yacht is a highly attractive and flexible vessel that provides excellent performance and comfort. This sailing ship offers an incredible experience, thanks to its sleek lines and contemporary design. The Hanse 388 is ideal for those interested in adventure on water because of its comfortable cabins, a well equipped galley and an ample cockpit. For a sailing vessel called Hanse 388 in Split, the cost of chartering usually ranges from $1,000 to $3,500 per week.

Sun Odyssey 410 Sailing Boat

The Sun Odyssey 410, which offers an extraordinary seagoing experience, is a versatile and sophisticated vessel. It's an ideal choice for a memorable charter vacation with its contemporary design, ample living space and high quality of performance. Depending on the season and other services, the charter fee for Sun Odyssey 410 sailing yacht in Split is typically between USD 1,100 and USD 4,400 per week.

Yacht Charter Split Croatia: Home town of Silver Sail

Oceanis 46.1 Sailing boat

The Oceanis 46.1 is a perfect blend of style and performance providing an ideal sailing experience. There are spacious cabins, a fully equipped galley and a relaxing cockpit on this well appointed yacht. Depending upon the season and on additional services, the charter rate for Oceanis 46.1 sailing ship in Split can be as low as $2,000 to $5,000 per week.

Dufour 530 Sailing boat

With its sleek design, exceptional performance, and luxurious features, the Dufour 530 is a vessel that stands out. There are comfortable cabins, a well appointed galley and an elegant saloon on this large yacht. Depending on the season and additional services, the daily rate of renting a Dufour 530 sailing ship in Split can be as high as EUR 2,500 to EUR 10,000.

Yacht Charter Split Croatia: Home town of Silver Sail

First 53 Sailing Yacht: Experience Luxury and Performance in Split, Croatia

Visit Split, Croatia and set sail for an extraordinary maritime adventure on the yacht "First 53". The First 53 is a yacht that promises an extraordinary experience on the Adriatic Sea, both in terms of luxury and performance. The yacht is offering an ideal balance between style and functionality through its sleek lines, ample interior space and innovative technology. You will explore the spectacular coast, visit beautiful islands and embark on a lively Dalmatian lifestyle by chartering one of First 53's in Split. On board the First 53, you will be immersed in Croatia's beauty and create a lasting memory.

Jeanneau 64 Sailing Boat

The Jeanneau 64 sailing ship brings exceptional beauty, comfort and performance to those seeking the finest luxury experience. The impressive yacht is beautifully designed, with large living spaces and a wide range of luxurious facilities. Depending on the season and additional services, the charter rates for Jeanneau's 64 sailing ships in Split can be as low as $5,000 to $20,000 a week.

Yacht Charter Split Croatia: Home town of Silver Sail

Luxury Yacht Charter Split Croatia: Indulge in Opulence and Style

With regard to luxury yacht chartering in Split, Croatia, this region offers a range of choices for those who are discriminating when it comes to the tastes and preferences of boat lovers. There is no shortage of vessels on offer for charter from prestigious brands such as Sunseeker, Princess, Ferretti, Azimut and Maiora to custom built luxury yacht like Lady Gita and Anthea. We'll look into the world of luxury yacht chartering in Split, trying to find out how elegant and sophisticated it is.


The Sunseeker yacht is a symbol of luxury and craftsmanship. Known for their sleek lines, spacious interiors, and exceptional performance, Sunseeker yachts offer an unforgettable charter experience. Chartering a Sunseeker yacht in Split is an experience of sophistication and pleasure, from the sporty and fashionable Predator series up to the luxurious and wide range of Manhattans.


With their timeless elegance, attention to detail and luxury facilities, royal yacht is considered the most beautiful of its kind. Princess Yachts offer a full blend of styles and performance, taking care to combine comfort with state of the art design. Princess yachts offer an elegant opportunity for a stroll along the Adriatic coast in style, from sleek and athletic V Class up to luxurious and spacious F Class.


Italian craftsmanship and refinedness are inherent in Ferretti's yachts. These luxury vessels are distinguished by their beautiful exteriors, extensive interior space and state of the art technology. Chartering a Ferretti yacht in Split promises to be an unparalleled experience of refined opulence, whether it's the sleek and sporty Ferretti Yacht range or the spacious and luxurious Custom Line Collection.

Yacht Charter Split Croatia: Home town of Silver Sail


Azimut Yachts are known for their inventive design, outstanding performance and luxurious features. The Azimut Yachts offer a comprehensive range of vessel types to choose from, which are tailored to the various preferences and requirements. Chartering a Azimut yacht at Split is an opportunity to explore pure luxury and extravagance, taking in the slickly sportsy Atlantis range as well as the sophisticated and spacious Flybridge collection.

Yacht Charter Split Croatia: Home town of Silver Sail


The Maiora yacht is a shining example of Italy's craftsmanship and attention to detail. This exquisite vessel combines the finest design, luxurious interior and top of the line facilities. The luxury yacht Maiora offers a really indulgent charter experience because of its ingenious layout and luxurious features. It will allow you to spend a vacation in luxury and explore the beauty of the Adriatic Sea by floating aboard Maiora's yacht at Split.

Yacht Charter Split Croatia: Home town of Silver Sail

Benetti Yachts

Benetti Yachts are known for their enduring beauty, exceptional craftsmanship and luxurious equipment. This magnificent vessel is designed and built in such a way as to provide the highest degree of comfort and luxury. Chartering a Benetti yacht in Split promises an exceptional journey of comfort and refinement, from sleek lines by the Delfino to spacious interiors for the Classic series.

Yacht Charter Split Croatia: Home town of Silver Sail

Heesen Yachts

Innovativeness in design, superior performance and intense attention to detail are characteristic features of Heesen Yachts. This sophisticated vessel is an epitome of excellence in engineering, offering a seamless link between style and function. Chartering a Heesen yacht in Split provides an unforgettable experience of luxury and sophistication, whether it is the sporty and agile Heesen Fast Displacement series or the elegant and spacious Heesen Steel series.

Custom-Built Yachts

Split also provides the opportunity for chartering a custom built yacht such as Lady Gita and Anthean, in addition to famous brands. These unique vessels are designed to the highest standards and offer unparalleled luxury and personalization. Custombuilt yachts offer a one of a kind experience to people seeking exclusiveness ,from the interior to the state of the art facilities.

Luxury yacht chartering in Split, Croatia, offers an array of prestigious brands and custom-built yachts that redefine opulence and style. Each yacht promises a voyage of sophistication, comfort and pleasure from Sunseeker, Heesen, Benetti, Princess, Ferretti, Azimut, Maiora through to custom ships such as Lady Gita, Joy Meline or Anthea. In these luxury charter ships in the port of Split you will discover this beautiful Croatian coastline, take a boat trip to charming islands, and enjoy the beauty of the Adriatic Sea.

Yacht Charter Split Croatia: Home town of Silver Sail

Yacht charter Split

You will be able to explore the beautiful Adriatic Sea and its magical islands on a yacht charter in Split. Split provides an ideal starting point for a fascinating adventure in the sea, because of its rich history, vivid culture and breathtaking nature.

There are numerous options in this region, such as luxury catamarans and graceful sailing boats. These wellequipped vessels offer an exceptional yachting experience for all thanks to the comfort, style and extraordinary performance.

You'll have the chance to visit the local islands and locations when you set sail from Split. In Brac, Solta, Drvenik, Vis, Bisevo, Hvar, the Pakleni archipelago, Korcula, and Lastovo, explore the secret coves and pristine beaches. Every island has its own distinct charm, from busy cities and a thriving nightlife to quiet remoteness and unspoiled natural surroundings.

Ship chartering in Split offers a variety of options for all travellers, whether they're looking to relax, explore or immerse themselves in the culture. Whether it's relaxing on deck, basking in the Mediterranean sun, going into crystal clarity water or snorkelling underwater caves, this is a limitless possibility. Experience the local cuisine, try fresh fish and treat yourself to a colorful Dalmatian lifestyle.

Split offers excellent facilities, services and access to a range of popular places thanks to its impressive marinas such as ACI Split, Yacht Club Seget, Marina Kastela, STC Trogir &ACI Trogir, Spinut&Zenta. These docks serve as a convenient place for chartering your yacht, offering you the essential facilities and an atmosphere that will make it easy to feel at home in the Adriatic.

You will be creating a lifetime memory, and experiencing the beauty of Croatia's coastline just as you have never experienced it before on your way through the peaceful waters of the Adriatic. Then use this opportunity to rent a boat in Croatia's Split, and embark on an incredible journey which will include luxury, the wonders of nature as well as cultural heritage. You're going to delight in the beauty of this beach paradise and make lasting memories that will last a lifetime.