The Bali 4.4 catamaran will take you on a journey of luxury, comfort, and innovation. This impressive vessel brings together the best of both worlds and offers plenty of space for living, a high level of performance as well as distinctive features. The benefits of Bali 4.4, its innovations and the special characteristics that distinguish it from other catamarans will be discussed on this article. When the Bali 4.4 is chartered, it promises an exceptional experience on water from its enormous size and luxurious facilities to cutting edge design elements.

Discover the Ultimate Freedom: Charter the Bali 4.4 Catamaran and Sail Away

Advantages of the Bali 4.4 Catamaran

There are a lot of benefits to the Bali 4.4 Catamaran, which has been chosen by discriminating sailors as their preferred choice. Its innovative concept for an open space is one of its major advantages. The Bali 4.4 seamlessly connects the cabin to the cockpit with its retractable glass doors, creating an indoor living room that provides panoramic views and plenty of natural light. The overall sense of space is enhanced by this special feature, allowing for an integrated living in the indoors and outdoors.

Exceptional stability and performance are other advantages of Bali 4.4. The catamaran is designed with the utmost precision and incorporates state of the art marine architecture for a perfect sailing experience. In spite of severe sea conditions, it is able to sail smoothly thanks to its robust hull design and effective rigging system. The Bali 4.4 provides the optimal performance and comfort whether you are exploring inland waters or embark on lengthy journeys across oceans.

Discover the Ultimate Freedom: Charter the Bali 4.4 Catamaran and Sail Away

Size, Comfort, and Space

Bali 4.4's impressive size ensures that comfort and space are maximized. This yacht has an overall length of approximately 44 metres and offers a wide range of comfortable living spaces, ample space for relaxation, entertainment or social interaction.

You will be greeted with an ample and elegantly designed interior when you arrive at Bali 4.4. The saloon's spaces offer pleasant seating as well as a dining table and wide windows which make the place completely lit by light. Whether you are preparing your own meals or hiring a professional gourmet cook, the well equipped kitchen has all the essential equipment for food preparation.

Discover the Ultimate Freedom: Charter the Bali 4.4 Catamaran and Sail Away

The choice of accommodations in Bali 4.4 is equally outstanding, with generous cabins capable of accommodating as many as eight guests. In order to provide privacy and comfort for all aboard, each cabin includes a separate en suite bathroom. A luxury retreat, complete with a large double bed, plenty of space for storage and an elegant bathroom is offered in the master bedroom.

An extensive outdoor living area is one of Bali 4.4's distinguishing features. A large and comfortable aft cockpit is ideal for alfresco dining or lounging in the sea breeze. Another relaxation area with sun loungers, a trampoline where you can sunbathe and enjoy the view is located at the back of the cockpit.

What Makes the Bali 4.4 Special

Innovative and intelligent design elements are a distinguishing feature of the Bali 4.4 catamaran. An unusual feature is the forward cockpit lounge, a private room for relaxation and unrestricted views of the surrounding area. The lounge area has been designed for comfortable seating and serves as a perfect spot to hang out, watch sunsets or just enjoy the beauty of the sea.

The optional flybridge is a further distinctive feature of Bali 4.4. An additional helm position is located in this elevated area, which will allow for panoramic views as well as improved visibility while sailing. The Flybridge also provides the possibility to add further sitting and lounging rooms, making it more comfortable and enjoyable for passengers on board.

Discover the Ultimate Freedom: Charter the Bali 4.4 Catamaran and Sail Away

The Bali 4.4 also includes features with environmentally friendly characteristics, for example the use of Solar Panels or Energy Efficient Systems. These eco friendly elements contribute to a reduction in carbon emissions, as well as enable sustainable and responsible cruising.

Charter Destinations

You'll explore fascinating destinations all over the world by way of an extraordinary sailing trip aboard a Bali 4.4 catamaran. This exclusive catamaran promises a remarkable charter experience that takes you between the crystal clear waters of Croatia to exotic Greek islands and further. We'll take a look at some of the best destinations where you can book Bali 4.4 and make memories to last your life.


Awash with beautiful islands and charming villages on the coast of Croatia, it is a sailor's paradise. Get onboard Bali 4.4 for a fascinating cruise through the stunning Dalmatian coast, exploring destinations such as Hvar, Vis and Korcula. You'll be enchanted by the stunning beauty of remote anchorages, lively culture and crystal clear turquoise waters. Croatia is an ideal destination for relaxation and adventure, with a variety of coasts and favourable wind conditions.

Discover the Ultimate Freedom: Charter the Bali 4.4 Catamaran and Sail Away


By chartering Bali 4.4, you will be immersed in the rich history and stunning landscape of Greece. You're sailing to the Ionian Sea, including Corfu, Paxos and Lefkada where you are going to find idyllic bays and Greece's ancient villages. Take a tour to Cyclades Island, the birthplace of classic destinations such as Mykonos or Santorini and whitened buildings contrast with blue water. Greece is characterised by ideal cruise conditions, a warm welcome and an experience of culture which will captivate you.


You may charter a boat and set sail from Bali 4.4, where you will be introduced to the great tapestry of history and natural beauty on Turkey's stunning coast. You can see the Turquoise Coast known for its crystal clear waters, secluded coves and ancient ruins. If you want to get immersed in the culture of your area, visit beautiful towns like Bodrum or Marmaris where you will be treated to authentic cuisine. Turkey provides a rare mix of the East and West, which allows for an amazing sailing experience.

Discover the Ultimate Freedom: Charter the Bali 4.4 Catamaran and Sail Away

Sardinia and Sicily

Chartering Bali 4.4 on Sardinia and Sicily gives you a taste of the Mediterranean's beauty. Take a boat to the beautiful coasts of these Italian treasures, you will discover isolated beaches, rugged cliffs and charming harbours. Check out the Costa Smeralda, known for its turquoise waters and luxurious resorts in Sardinia. Visit the enchanting islands of Aeolian in Sicily, known for their volcanic landscapes and unique charm. Experience the delicacy of Italy's cuisine, soak in the sun and marvel at the colorful Mediterranean atmosphere.

Bahamas, BVI, and the Caribbiean

It's a dream come true to charter Bali 4.4 in the Bahamas, Virgin Islands or Caribbean for those who seek tropical paradise. You'll be sailing theturquoise waters of the Bahamas, visiting hidden cays and abandoned beaches. Take a look at the BVI's famous sailing grounds, hop from one paradise island to another. Or sail in the Caribbean, and you'il discover a wide range of colours, vivid cultures, and stunning scenery. There's a genuine piece of paradise in the Caribbean from St. Lucia to Antigua.

Discover the Ultimate Freedom: Charter the Bali 4.4 Catamaran and Sail Away

Charter Costs

Factors such as location, duration and seasons of year may lead to variations in the approximate charter costs for a Bali 4.4 catamaran. The weekly charter price ranges from approximately 6 000 euro to 8 000 euro in the low season, which usually covers spring and autumn. The rate ranges from approximately 10 000 euro to 14000 euro per week in a high season, which falls during the summer months. Depending on additional services, the ability to modify and a specific chartering firm these prices may change.


The luxury, innovation and unparalleled comfort that are offered in chartering the Bali 4.4 catamaran enable you to explore some of the most beautiful destinations. This catamaran has been designed to give charterers an extraordinary experience, having advantages in size, comfort and space as well as the exceptional sailing performance. The Bali 4.4 brings you the best in every aspect, whether you seek relaxation, adventure or both. Plan your next voyage on the Bali 4.4 with due consideration for its distinctive characteristics, impressive design and outstanding destinations.