The Lagoon 55 Catamaran has been considered a masterpiece in the sailing world when it comes to luxury yacht charter. It's a unique vessel that combines the latest innovation with excellence in design and generous living room, making it an ideal choice for sophisticated travelers who seek truly memorable vacations on the water. Let's take a closer look at the advantages of renting Lagoon 55 and highlight its distinctive features, remarkable size, unparalleled comfort as well as space available.

Advantages of the Lagoon 55 Catamaran:

The Lagoon 55 Catamaran has a range of advantages which set it apart from its competitors on the market. First of all, this innovative design features a distinctive forward cockpit which makes it possible for you to experience the outdoors and have an excellent view of the surrounding area. As this feature makes it easier to access the helm station, safety in navigation is also improved.

The exceptional stability and sailing performance of Lagoon 55 is a further remarkable advantage. It ensures a smooth and comfortable journey in any adverse conditions thanks to its hull design which has been optimised for speed and efficiency. Furthermore, its impressive performance benefits from the fact that it is constructed with a thin hull which allows for rapid manoeuvres and unhampered cruising.

Exploring the Unparalleled Luxury of Chartering the Lagoon 55 Catamaran

Size, Comfort, and Space:

Lagoon 55, measuring 55 feet in length, is a generously proportioned catamaran. There is plenty of space for relaxation and social interaction on both the indoor and outdoor areas due to its spacious layout. An openplan living room, which is perfectly connected to the bar, kitchen and dining area, has been built into the interior. An attractive and welcoming atmosphere is created in all sections of the boat thanks to modern design and high quality finishes.

In order to provide maximum comfort for all the guests, Lagoon 55 is offering a number of accommodation options. It usually comprises four wellappointed apartments, each of which comes with an en suite bathroom for privacy and convenience. The master bedroom is extremely large and decorated with an extraordinary amount of windows that allow natural light to seep into the room, which provides spectacular views over the surrounding area.

An abundance of outdoor space is one of the distinguishing features of Lagoon 55. The aft deck provides a spacious lounging area, perfect for al fresco dining or simply enjoying the sea breeze. A calm place for relaxing and enjoying sunset is found in the forward cockpit, which has a comfortable sitting position as well as uninterrupted views. Another luxury area to entertain, relax or just enjoy the panorama views is made available by a flybridge set up on top of the catamaran.

Exploring the Unparalleled Luxury of Chartering the Lagoon 55 Catamaran

Innovations and Cutting-Edge Technology:

The Lagoon 55 is known for its innovative features and advanced technology. Various design elements and technologies are incorporated into the vessel to ensure an enhanced experience of navigation as well as onboard comfort. The use of rigid biminis on the bridge to provide shade, which are also fitted with solar panels that contribute to ship's energy efficiency has been a major innovation.

Lagoon 55 has also been equipped with a state of the art sail handling system, which makes it easy to manoeuvre and easier to control sails. This will ensure the smooth and enjoyable sailing experiences of both crew and guests, together with the vessel's advanced navigation systems.

In addition, the Lagoon 55 is equipped with ecological solutions such as electrical propulsion and energy efficient systems. These green measures not only reduce environmental impact on the vessel, but also make it more comfortable by reducing noise and vibration.

Exploring the Unparalleled Luxury of Chartering the Lagoon 55 Catamaran

Charter Destinations for the Lagoon 55:

You will be able to sail around some of the most beautiful charter destinations in the world with a Lagoon 55 Catamaran. In this case, we are going to go further and look at some of the most common places in which you can board a beautiful ship:

Lagoon 55 charter in Croatia: Croatia is a perfect combination of the natural beauty and historical charm, with crystal clear waters and picturesque coastlines. While cruising through the Adriatic Sea, you'll be able to see hidden coves, vivid islands and old towns.

Lagoon 55 charter in Greece: You'll embark on a voyage through the beautiful Greek islands, renowned for their pleasant scenery, rich history and lively culture. Greece offers a wide range of experiences, from the classic whitewashed buildings of the Ionian Islands to the turquoise waters of the Santorini Islands.

Lagoon 55 charter in Sardinia: Sardinia offers dazzling beaches, rugged cliffs and amazing sea life located at the heart of the Mediterranean. Experience the picturesque resort of Costa Smeralda, famous for its charming hotels and lively nightlife, or sit back on quiet shores to enjoy a peaceful vacation.

Lagoon 55 charter in Caribbean: For those who want fresh turquoise water, tropical palm beaches and a laidback island feel, the Caribbean is their dream destination. The Caribbean provides a wide range of relaxing and adventure opportunities, from the shimmering seas of the British Virgin Islands to St. Lucia's vibrant culture.

Exploring the Unparalleled Luxury of Chartering the Lagoon 55 Catamaran

Lagoon 55 Charter Costs:

Depending on factors including the season, destination and supplementary services, the cost of chartering a Lagoon 55 Catamaran may vary. The average duration of a week's charter on the Lagoon 55 can range from $20,000 to $40,000. It must be noted that this estimate is typically for the base charter charge and does not include expenditure such as fuel, provision, docking fees or crew emoluments.

The charter price is usually accompanied by the services of a professional crew, such as captains and cooks who'll ensure that you have good accommodation and take care of yacht operation. In addition, some of the chartering companies offer optional extra services like water games, diving gear and onboard entertainment systems which may result in higher costs.

It is advisable to consult with professional charter brokerages or leasing companies in direct order to obtain an accurate price estimate of the rental you are seeking. They will be able to provide you with advice on how best to customize the experience of a charter flight according to your individual requirements, such as route planning and other services which may be required.

Exploring the Unparalleled Luxury of Chartering the Lagoon 55 Catamaran


With its numerous advantages, cutting edge innovation, remarkable size, comfort and space, chartering a Lagoon 55 Catamaran offers an unparalleled luxury yachting experience. This remarkable vessel is certainly going to exceed your expectations, whether you are seeking a relaxing holiday or an adventurous exploration of stunning coastlines. Exceptional stability, thanks to its forward cockpit design.