Make your way aboard Sunseeker Manhattan 55's luxury yacht for a journey of opulence and indulgence. The luxury boat is a symbol of elegance, style and supreme comfort. We'll be looking at the extraordinary advantages, distinctive features and remarkable details that set Sunseeker Manhattan 55 apart in this article. Chartering this luxury yacht will offer an exceptional experience in the water from its enormous size and luxurious accommodation, to its fine features and detailed design.

Advantages of the Sunseeker Manhattan 55 Yacht

A number of advantages made the Sunseeker Manhattan 55 an excellent choice for yacht enthusiasts, which is why it has become a very desirable option. One key advantage is its impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail, showcasing the epitome of British luxury yacht design. A truly striking presence on the water can be seen in the yacht's graceful lines, modern architecture and fine finishes.

Exceptional performance has been another considerable advantage of the Sunseeker Manhattan 55. The yacht, powered by twin engines, makes it easy to reach your desired destinations on a smooth and powerful cruise. Stability and maneuverability are ensured through the advanced hull design, which allows all passengers to travel in comfort.

Unleash Luxury and Elegance: Chartering the Sunseeker Manhattan 55 Yacht

Size, Comfort, Luxury, and Space

The size of the Sunseeker Manhattan 55 yacht is remarkable, enabling comfort, luxury and space to be maximized. The ship has an overall length of approximately 56 meters and offers spacious living quarters with ample space to relax, enjoy entertainment or hang out.

On board Sunseeker Manhattan 55 you will be greeted by an enormous main deck with a well appointed saloon. The beautiful interior has been decorated with luxury materials, delicate furnishings and magnificent windows that fill the room with artificial light. The dining room is connected in a seamless fashion to the outside deck, providing an expanded entertainment area that will be perfect for informal gatherings and alfresco meals.

Unleash Luxury and Elegance: Chartering the Sunseeker Manhattan 55 Yacht

The yacht's accommodation, consisting of three beautifully decorated cabins that are capable of accommodating a maximum of six people, is equally magnificent. The master bedroom is elegant and luxurious, complete with a spacious inn s bathroom as well as plenty of storage space. The other rooms are equally comfortable and offer all guests the opportunity to enjoy a refreshing and relaxing stay.

A skybridge offering an elevated view and panoramic views is also available on the Sunseeker Manhattan 55. This upper floor has been specially designed to serve as a space of privacy, with comfort seating, wet bar and sunbathing area. There's an ideal place to take advantage of the sunshine, enjoy spectacular views or relax with a refreshing drink.

Unleash Luxury and Elegance: Chartering the Sunseeker Manhattan 55 Yacht

Innovations and Luxury Features

The Sunseeker Manhattan 55 ships have innovative features and luxurious facilities to enhance the onboard experience. The state of the art entertainment systems, i.e.Surround Sound and flat screen TVs, provide a memorable experience for guests at sea.

The fully equipped galley is a haven for culinary enthusiasts, featuring top-of-the-line appliances, ample storage space, and a stylish design. In the elegant dining room we prepare gourmet meals with ease, and dine in a refined manner.

The Sunseeker Manhattan 55 is designed to provide seamless indoor and outdoor living. A shaded area for alfresco dining is available on the aft deck, while the hydraulic bathing platform provides easy access to the water for swimming and water sports. A forward sunbathing area is also available for the yacht, making it possible to soak up the sun in privacy.

Unleash Luxury and Elegance: Chartering the Sunseeker Manhattan 55 Yacht

The luxury yacht charter is all about pleasure, and the Sunseeker Manhattan 55 delivers with the utmost attention to detail. Every detail in this yacht is beautifully and sophisticated, from the luxury materials and finishes all the way through to the fine furnishings.

Charter Prices and Seasons

Depending on the time of year and location, charter prices for Sunseeker Manhattan 55 may vary. During the high season, which typically includes peak vacation periods, the weekly charter rates range around $25,000+APA In contrast, the low season, which falls outside popular travel periods, offers more affordable rates, around $16,000+APA per week. It is important to note that these rates are approximate and may vary depending on the specific charter company, additional services or destination.

Maximum and Cruising Speeds

The Sunseeker Manhattan 55 is known for its superior performance capabilities. The luxury yacht can reach a cruising speed of about 30 knots thanks to its two engines, enabling it to move quickly in the water. In order to offer a comfortable and effective cruise experience, the speed of travel is usually ranging from 15 to 25 knots. Sunseeker Manhattan 55 provides a smooth and exciting ride, no matter how you explore magnificent beaches or jump between beautiful islands.

Unleash Luxury and Elegance: Chartering the Sunseeker Manhattan 55 Yacht

Fuel Consumption

When you charter a luxury yacht, fuel consumption is of particular importance. With approximately 2 400 litres of fuel, the Sunseeker Manhattan 55 offers an extensive range for extended cruising. In terms of factors such as speed, weather conditions and distances travelled, fuel consumption will vary.

The Sunseeker Manhattan 55 has a fuel consumption, on average, of around 250 litres in an hour at cruise speed ranging from 20 to 25 knots. This estimate is a general guideline and can be adjusted in any way according to outside factors or individual yacht specifications.

The fact is that fuel costs are normally excluded from the charter price, but they are also charged separately. Factors like duration of the charter, choice of cruise speed and length of journey will also have an impact on fuel consumption and costs.

Unleash Luxury and Elegance: Chartering the Sunseeker Manhattan 55 Yacht


Chartering the Sunseeker Manhattan 55 yacht is an invitation to immerse yourself in the lap of luxury, surrounded by unparalleled comfort and sophistication. This yacht offers an exceptional charter experience due to its desirable characteristics, innovative design, comfortable interior space and luxurious facilities. Explore the world's most stunning destinations and create lasting memories aboard the Sunseeker Manhattan 55, where luxury meets the open seas.