Not only is Split, Croatia, a fascinating city with a rich history, but it's also a place where sailors from all over the world come to enjoy the gentle breeze of the Adriatic Sea. The schedule is filled with thrilling sailing events that will make the town's nautical scene come alive. The events are of important importance to the maritime tapestry that defines Split's summer, and they have been followed by prestigious regattas such as Mrduja Regatta or ULTRA sailing week.

ULTRA Festival - Sailing to the Beat of Music:

Timing July 2024:

In summer months, Split becomes a magnet for excitement with the arrival of ULTRA Europe, one of Europe's most respected music festivals. In addition to the music spectacle, ULTRA Festival Regattas offer sailors a unique combination of electronic beats and nautical adventure.

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Ultra Festival in Split


The ULTRA Festival Regattas are a series of sailing events, which will be organised in conjunction with the ULTRA Europe festival. Boatsmen who enjoy the thrill of a night and day sail can take advantage of this festival by being able to see world class performances at night.

Nightly Celebrations:

The distinctive feature of ULTRA festival regattas is that they incorporate the ship's participation in the atmosphere of festivals. After a day's racing, sailors join the ULTRA festival crowd for the night's festivities, creating a unique synergy between the maritime and musical worlds.

Mrduja Regatta - A Nautical Tradition:


Held annually in September, the Mrduja Regatta is a celebrated sailing event that marks the end of the summer season. The fact that this event takes place at such a time will allow participants to appreciate the gentle warmth of the Adriatic Sea, while also participating in active competition.

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Mrduja Regatta


The regatta of Mrduja was named after a small island, located between the Bra and Olta Islands. The track will take sailors from Split to the picturesque route of Mrduja, and then back toward the finish line in Split. This regatta stands apart from the others because of its tradition to touch Mrduja's island, a symbol ritual adopted by competitors for good luck.


The Regatta is not only about competition, it's a celebration of sailing culture and comradeship. Participants, ranging from experienced sailors to adventure seekers, gather together in the lively atmosphere of this festival and share their affection for the sea.


The Mrduja Regatta aims to ensure the most appropriate experience for all participants by providing a diverse range of types of sailing, including cruisers, racing boats and monohulls.

Vis Regatta - Sailing to the Enchanted Island:


The Vis Regatta, which normally takes place at the end of May or early June, marks the launch of the sailing season in Split. Its time provides seafarers with a welcome of warmer seasons while they explore the Adriatic's beauty.

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Vis Regatta - Viska Regatta


Sailing to the island of Vis, the Vis Regatta is a captivating journey that combines competition with the allure of this enchanting Dalmatian gem. Participants are going to take part in open water races and admire the beauty of the archipelago as they go through the route from Split to Vis.

Scenic Route:

The route takes sailors on a journey through bright waters of the Adriatic Sea between islands Bra and Hvar, to an elegant port in Vis. One of the highlights is the regatta, which is characterised by crystal clear waters and colorful landscapes, which represent the essence of Croatian sailing.

Cultural Experience:

Besides being a competitive event, the Vr Regatta provides an opportunity for participants to explore Vis, historically rich islands with ancient ruins, charming villages and isolated bays. As a result, regattas become an ideal combination of competitive sailing and cultural exploration.

A number of sailing events taking place in Split, from the Mrduja classic regatta to a refreshing Vis Regatta or thrilling ULTRA festival races, convey the essence of sea passions and cultural celebrations. These events not only highlight the sailors' competitive spirit, but also give opportunity for visitors to explore the Adriatic beauties and archeological treasures of the Dalmatian coast.

Split is a dynamic port where, as the sails are raised and the sea breeze echoes with shouts and music, sailing becomes not only a sport but a festival of experiences. Every regatta in Split adds a new chapter to the city's legendary maritime heritage, whether it's racing around the island of Mrduja for good luck, sailing to the charming island of Vis, or sailing to ULTRA's beats.