Make your way aboard the First 53 yacht for an extraordinary sailing adventure. The innovative design, superb performance and unparalleled comfort combine in this exceptional vessel. We are going to look at the advantages, innovations and remarkable details that have set First 53 apart in this article. Chartering this sailing yacht will offer an extraordinary experience on the water with its spacious interior and luxury fittings, as well as impressive performance at sea.

Unleash the Thrill of Sailing: Chartering the First 53 Yacht

Advantages of the First 53 Yacht

The First 53 is a yacht of which there are many advantages and that makes it an appealing choice for sailors. One key advantage is its exceptional sailing performance. This yacht, constructed by the famous naval architects, is equipped with advanced hull and rigging technologies that enable it to attain remarkable speed, stability as well as manoeuvrability. The First 53 provides an exhilarating and unforgettable experience whether you're racing or cruising.

Innovative architecture and construction is another significant advantage of the First 53. In order to achieve optimum strength, safety and durability, the yacht is fitted with state oftheart materials and technologies. The ship is a visually striking and efficient vessel thanks to its smooth lines, modern styling as well as spacious decks.

Unleash the Thrill of Sailing: Chartering the First 53 Yacht

Size, Comfort, and Space

The First 53 has an impressive size, which ensures optimum comfort and space. This yacht has a total length of some 54 metres and offers comfortable accommodation, as well as ample opportunities to relax, entertain or socialize.

If you step on board the First 53, there's a large and sophisticated interior waiting for you. The well appointed saloon area is characterised by luxury furnishings, large windows and ample natural light which makes the room warm and inviting. The options of accommodation on board a yacht are also impressive, with spacious cabins that may be used by up to eight guests. For all guests, the master cabin offers a private retreat with its own en suite bathroom, while the other rooms provide a comfortable and rejuvenating stay.

A galley that can be used for preparation of fine cuisine is also provided on board the First 53. Whether you're cooking for yourself or hiring a professional chef, the galley provides all the necessary amenities and storage space to create culinary delights.

Unleash the Thrill of Sailing: Chartering the First 53 Yacht

Sailing Performances and Special Features

The First 53 is renowned for its outstanding sailing performances, making it a favorite among sailing enthusiasts. On the water it is capable of impressive speed and agility thanks to its advanced sail plan, efficient rudder design as well as a powerful rigging system. The First 53 is an exciting and responsive ship to sail with, whether you are taking part in regattas or embarking on a leisurely cruise.

Ergonomic cockpit configuration is a major feature of the First 53. The large cockpit makes it possible to see both sails and navigational instruments in full view, with the aim of maximising functionality and comfort. The dual helm stations allow for easy maneuvering, while the well-positioned winches and controls ensure effortless sail handling. The main cockpit, which can serve as a gathering place with the option of socialisation or relaxation while in flight, also serves this function.

Unleash the Thrill of Sailing: Chartering the First 53 Yacht

The versatility and performance of this yacht are enhanced by the innovative features such as a flexible bow sprit and an adjustable backstay. In various wind conditions, the bowsprit allows a variety of sail configurations to be used in downwind direction and improves speed and manoeuvrability. The adjustable backstay will allow the rig to be tuned with precision, optimising sail shape and performance.

Its extraordinary balance of performance and comfort is what makes the First 53 stand out. It also offers a high degree of comfort for extended cruising, though it is particularly good at the racetrack. The yacht's sophisticated design allows it to withstand the rough seas with ease, providing minimal noise and vibration as well as a smooth ride.

Unleash the Thrill of Sailing: Chartering the First 53 Yacht

Unmatched Sailing Performance

The First 53, known for its outstanding sailing performance, is an excellent choice of sailors who are interested in exciting adventure cruises on the water. Designed by expert naval architects, this yacht features advanced rigging systems, an efficient keel design, and a powerful sail plan. To enable you to pursue the limits of your sailing abilities, those components work together in a harmonious manner so that impressive speed, agility and responsiveness can be achieved.

Sailing Destinations: Croatia and Greece

A world of breathtaking sailing destinations will be opened up for chartering the First 53 in Croatia and Greece. In Croatia, in addition to exploring picturesque islands such as Hvar, Vis or Korcula, you may embark on a boat trip along the spectacular Dalmatian coast. Croatia is a paradise for sailors thanks to the clear waters, lively coastal towns and secluded anchorages.

Unleash the Thrill of Sailing: Chartering the First 53 Yacht

Take a boat to the Ionian Islands in Greece, where you will discover a fascinating mix of rich history, turquoise waters, and beautiful scenery. Explore the charming harbors of Corfu, Paxos, and Lefkada, or venture further south to the Cyclades Islands, home to iconic destinations like Mykonos and Santorini. Greece is offering various and rewarding sailing experiences, due to favourable wind conditions and an abundance of anchorages.

Charter Costs in Low and High Seasons

Depending on the time of year and a special chartering company, there may be some variation in charges for First 53. Weekly charter rates start from around EUR 4,000 to EUR 8,000 in the lower season, which usually covers spring and autumn. There is a favourable weather condition, fewer visitors and lower prices during this period.

In contrast, demand and prices tend to rise in the high season that takes place during summer months. In the high season, weekly charter rates range from EUR 8,000 to EUR 12,000 per week for the First 53. Perfect cruising conditions, warm air temperature and vibrant atmospheres are offered during the peak season.

The rates shown here are approximate and can be varied depending on additional services, the duration of a charter as well as their specific location in Croatia or Greece. You may be able to find the best rates and adapt your charter experience according to your preference, through a partnership with well established leasing companies and experienced brokers.

Unleash the Thrill of Sailing: Chartering the First 53 Yacht


The First 53 yacht is an exceptional choice for performance orientated sailors who combine excellence in sailing with luxury and comfort. It is an opportunity for you to experience the pleasure of sailing in perfect comfort and style, by chartering a First 53 yacht. This yacht promises to be an exciting adventure on the water, with its outstanding sailing performance, innovative features, ample interior space and luxury fittings. In the First 53, where the joy of sailing is matched by unparalleled comfort, you can explore spectacular destinations, participate in thrilling regattas, or simply enjoy a leisurely cruise.