The necessary gear and equipment must be packed in order for you to enjoy your sailing journey safely and well. In fact, there are still a couple of things you must bring with you so as to make your sailing experience even more pleasant, despite the fact that almost all ships have navigation and safety equipment already installed. In this article, in order to prepare you for your next adventure, we'll be taking a look at the things that should be brought aboard our boat.


Sun Protection

Being on the ship takes you out in the sun for an extended period of time. To protect your face from the sun, you need to pack a high SPF sunscreen with sunglasses that are UV protected and hat or visors. Sun rays may also be enhanced by reflections from water, making it imperative to reapply sunscreen regularly for the prevention of sunburn.


The comfort and functionality of clothing is important when embarking on a journey by sea. Choose soft and breathable clothes that can be dried out in a matter of seconds, like shorts, tshirts or swimsuits. In case of adverse weather, you will also be required to wear a windbreaker or rain jacket. Also, to keep you calm on the boat, it's necessary to wear pants or deck shoes that aren't slippery.

Food and Drinks

Although many of the boats come with galleys, it's a good idea to keep your food and drinks on board. Bring a sufficient quantity of drinking water and snacks that are easily prepared and stored.



The sailing is a wonderful way to relax and enjoy time away, but it's always good to bring some entertainment as part of your vacation. While waiting for the wind to take its course, or during relaxing periods, books, music players and board games can help you keep up with it.


Bringing a camera is an important part of capturing all the amazing views and moments that you're about to experience on your voyage. Whether you take pictures with your traditional camera or a smartphone which has a high quality camera, it must be possible to photograph memories that will last one's life.


Items you should take with you any medication, cleaning supplies or anything else that may be needed.

Although most ships are equipped with navigational and security equipment, there should be a number of indispensable items you must bring if you wish to improve your experience on the water. The right gear can contribute to a comfortable and pleasant trip, covering sun protection, food and drink, as well as entertainment. Remember to double check your gear before you leave for a voyage, and never miss an opportunity to react in unforeseen circumstances. You can maximize your time on the water and make indelible memories by having the right gear and a good plan.