For those wishing to take advantage of the beauty of Aegean and Ionian Seas, yacht chartering in Greece provides something very special and memorable. Greece has been regarded for decades as a favorite destination of yacht lovers because of its rich history, beautiful beaches and warm Mediterranean climate. In this article, we'll explore in detail what yacht charter Greece is all about and the kind of boat that can be chartered which will allow you to experience a truly remarkable voyage.

Yacht Charter in Greece: Exploring the Seas of Ancient Splendor

What is Yacht Charter Greece About?

Chartering a yacht in Greece is all about enjoying your freedom of the open sea, discover secret coves and explore beautiful islands. It's got a perfect balance between relaxation, adventure and culture exploration. Greece offers a wide range of sailing possibilities that correspond to any preference and level of skill, as long as you have been an experienced sailor or new charterer.

The wide variety of islands which dot Greece's coasts is one of its main charms when it comes to chartering a yacht. Greece provides an infinite number of destinations for exploration, with more than two thousand islands differing in the way they are unique. The island of Greece offers a variety of possibilities for sailors from the favourite Cyclades and its ancient Dodecanese, through the tranquil Ionian Islands to the sunny Sporades. Each island is attractive in its different ways, from ancient ruins and lively nightlife to isolated beaches and fishing villages.

Besides, yacht charter Greece offers an opportunity to experience the wealth of history and mythology that is deeply embedded in this country. Visit the sacred island of Delos, or explore the medieval city of Rhodes, by sailing past ancient monuments such as the Parthenon in Athens. Greece's maritime heritage and seafaring traditions are deeply rooted in its culture, making yacht chartering a truly immersive experience.

Yacht Charter in Greece: Exploring the Seas of Ancient Splendor

What Kind of Boats Can be Chartered in Greece?

In order to meet the various preferences, group size and budget, chartering a yacht in Greece provides an extensive range of vessels. In Greece, the most commonly available types of ship are as follows:

Sailboats: For yacht charter enthusiasts that value the art of sailing, sailboats are an excellent choice. These vessels are powered by wind, making it possible to harness the forces of nature as they sail across shimmering blue waters. The sizes of sails are varied, from comfortable vessels suited for couples to large sail boats which can be used by more than one group. They're quiet, they give us the possibility of really connecting to the sea.

Catamarans: Catamarans, thanks to their spaciousness, durability and comfort, have grown in popularity over the last few years. The twinhulled vessels offer an ample deck space, a large number of accommodation rooms and generous living room that make them ideal for families or groups of friends. Catamarans provide an elegant and pleasant sailing experience, which is enhanced by state of the art facilities.

Motor Yachts: Motor yacht is a great choice for those who seek speed, comfort and luxury. These power boats are ideal for exploring many destinations on a yacht charter, as they allow you to cover more distance in less time. A variety of sizes and styles are available for motor yacht, providing you with a wide range of features from sleekly sporty models to lavishly rich and spacious yachts where the professional crew will ensure that every need is met.

Gulets: Gulets are traditional wooden sailing vessels originating from Turkey, which have become popular with yacht charters in Greece. There is a combination of classic design with today's comforts in these lovely, graceful ships. The boats are characterised by their ample deck areas, comfortable rooms and many have the crew on board who take care of all aspects of seagoing, preparing meals or providing services.

Yacht Charter in Greece: Exploring the Seas of Ancient Splendor

Sailing from Athens to the Serene Saronic Gulf: Exploring Greek Island Gems

An amazing opportunity to explore the diversity of beauty and history of Greece's maritime treasures lies in sailing between Athens and the sleepy Saronic Gulf. Each island is offering unique charm and attraction, ranging between the vibrant streets of Aegina to the timeless beauty of Hydra as well as Poros's tropical forests and Spetses' grand atmosphere. Experience the remarkable journey aboard this unique vessel, while creating a lifetime memory in Greece's Aegean Islands.

Aegina: The Gateway to the Saronic Gulf

The lovely island of Aegina is where your voyage begins as you set sail from Athens. Aegina, also called the "Pistachio Island" because of the enormous pistachio farms on the island, has a gorgeous shoreline dotted with vibrant neoclassical structures. Take a stroll around the busy streets, stop by the Temple of Aphaia, and savor some local taverna seafood specialties. Try some of the island's renowned pistachio nuts!

Hydra: Timeless Elegance and Car-Free Serenity

You will arrive on Hydra's fascinating island as you continue your journey. The old 18th century buildings and the ban on motor cars set this place apart from all others, giving him a calm and unchanging atmosphere. You can explore the little cobblestone streets, wander into secret stores and art museums, or relax at one of the waterfront cafés. In Hydra's crystal clear waters, the ideal conditions for swimming and snorkeling are available so that you can have a refreshing and rejuvenating experience.

Poros: Pine Forests and Charming Waterfronts

You will reach Poros Island as you sail further into the Saronic Gulf. Poros is unique in that the beautiful forest of pines, which covers most of the island, creates a refreshing and aromatic atmosphere. Relax for a short walk along the Promenade and look at Neoclassical architecture before climbing into the clock tower to see it in all its glory. There are many beaches on the island, including those of Love Bay and Russian Bay, which can be enjoyed by sunbathing or swimming in calm waters.

Yacht Charter in Greece: Exploring the Seas of Ancient Splendor

Spetses: Glamour, History, and Equestrian Charm

Spetses is a mustsee destination in the Saronic Gulf, known for its artistic beauty as well as historic significance and Equestrian culture. Come and see the charming city on a horse drawn carriage, explore the Boubalaln Museum or visit the Agios Nikolaos monastery. There are beautiful beaches like Agia Paraskevi or Zogeria on the island which allow you to relax and take advantage of the sun.

Agistri: A Hidden Gem of Serenity

Please take a look at Agistri's secret treasure when you have finished your voyage through the Saronic Gulf. Pristine beaches, abundant vegetation and a pleasant atmosphere are characteristic of this tiny but untouched island. You can ride or walk around the island, swimming in the clear waters of Aponisors or Dragonera Beach and enjoying a plate of fish at one of the waterfront restaurants. Agistri's a fine place to relax, refresh and connect with nature.

Sailing the Enchanting Ionian Sea: Exploring Idyllic Islands and Coastal Charms

For those looking for an amazing and memorable cruise experience, sailing on the Ionian Sea is a dream come true. The Ionian Sea is a treasure gallery of sites awaiting discovery, with itsturquoise waters, rich scenery and beautiful islands. We're going to show you the highlights of sailing on the Ionian Sea as well as fascinating destinations and islands which are waiting for you.

Corfu: The Jewel of the Ionian Sea

You're going to experience a fascinating island of Corfu on your first sailing trip in the north Ionian Sea. The islands of Corfu are called "Emerald Isle" and they have a special combination of venezuelan architecture, charming coastal towns as well as clean beaches. You can visit the ancient town of Corfu, a Unesco World Heritage site, walk to Liston's charming Promenade and sit on beautiful beaches in Paleokastritsa or Agios Gordios.

Yacht Charter in Greece: Exploring the Seas of Ancient Splendor

Kefalonia: Natural Splendor and Postcard-Perfect Beaches

You sail further south, arriving on the awesome island of Kefalonia. Famous for its dramatic cliffs, crystal-clear waters, and stunning beaches, Kefalonia offers a paradise for nature lovers and beach enthusiasts. See the magical subterranean lake of Melissani, marvel at an impressive Myrtos Beach and explore a charming fishing village in Assos. You will be able to experience the island's famous local delicacies, e.g. a glass of Robola wine and pies from Kefalonia.

Zakynthos: The Blue Paradise and Caretta-Caretta Turtles

You will eventually get at the alluring island of Zakynthos by continuing your journey. The island of Zakynthos, often known as "Zante," is well-known for its azure waters, spectacular sea caves, and the well-known Shipwreck Beach (Navagio). Visit the protected Caretta-Caretta turtle nesting beaches and explore the stunning Blue Caves, where the sun casts a fascinating array of colors. Additionally, Zakynthos has a thriving nightlife scene and a variety of water sports to choose from.

Lefkada: Pristine Beauty and Caribbean-like Beaches

You'll come upon a beautiful island, Lefkada, when you sail further south. Lefkada is an attractive place for tourists, thanks to its emerald waters, deep coves and luxurious vegetation located close to the mainland by a float bridge. You can explore the wonderful beaches of Portos Katsiki and Egremni which are known for their crystalclear waters, as well as impressive cliffs. Visit the beautiful city of Nidri and sail on to neighbouring islands Megani and Skorpios, where you can enjoy local cuisine in an island with a rich history.

Paxos and Antipaxos: Unspoiled Tranquility and Azure Waters

The little islands of Paxos and Antipaxos are situated south of Corfu, offering a quiet retreat that is undisturbed by nature's beauty. On the unspoilt beaches of Voutoumi and Vrika you can stroll through the crystal waters, discover unseen caves or lie down for a relaxing moment. Experience Greek island life in Gaios and Lakka, charming villages situated on the sea front where traditional taverns and cafes are to be found.

The Ionian Sea offers the opportunity to experience an idyllic beauty, rich historical and charming hospitality of Greek islands aboard a boat. Each place offers its own distinctive charm, such as the Venetian elegance of Corfu to Kefalonian beauty or the turquoise paradises of Zakynthos. Set sail in the heart of the Ionian Sea on this extraordinary adventure, creating lifelong memories.

Yacht Charter in Greece: Exploring the Seas of Ancient Splendor

Sailing the Enchanting Cyclades: Exploring the Gems of the Aegean

For those who want to dive in the legendary beauty and enduring appeal of Greece's islands, sailing across Cyclades is an amazing achievement. The Cyclades islands offer an unprecedented sailing experience, with their white villages, clear waters and stunning landscapes. We'il take you through the highlights of sailing in the Cyclades and charming spots and islands that await, in this article.

Santorini: The Jewel of the Aegean

You'll meet the famous Santorini Island as you embark on your Cyclades sailing adventure. The Greek island of Santorini is a truly wonderful treasure in the Aegean Sea, known for its stunning sunrises and colorful blue churches. You can see the attractive towns of Fira and Oia, enjoy a walk on spectacular cliffs or relax in unique golden sandy beaches. Check out some of the famous wine houses on this island and sample its exquisite cuisine.

Mykonos: The Glamorous Cycladic Paradise

You'll eventually reach the energetic island of Mykonos if you keep going. Mykonos is well known for its cosmopolitan vibe, exciting nightlife, and gorgeous beaches, drawing tourists from all over the world. Visit the famous windmills, stroll through the charming Chora neighborhood of Mykonos Town, and unwind on Paradise Beach or Super Paradise Beach's fine, golden sands. Additionally, there are many posh eateries, stylish shops, and up-and-coming beach clubs on Mykonos.

Paros: Traditional Charm and Pristine Beaches

You will discover the beautiful island of Paros on board a trip through the Cyclades. Known for its traditional villages, Venetian architecture, and golden sandy beaches, Paros offers a perfect blend of authenticity and natural beauty. Take a look at the charming town of Naoussa. Go to the ancient Panagia Ekatontapiliani church, and relax on spectacular beaches in Kolymbithres and Santa Maria. The Paros is also a paradise to water sports fanatics, with excellent conditions for wind surfing and kiteboarding.

Yacht Charter in Greece: Exploring the Seas of Ancient Splendor

Naxos: Ancient Ruins and Endless Beauty

You're going to reach the largest island in the chain, Naxos, as you sail through the Cyclades. There is a treasure pile of old ruins, beautiful villages and untouched beaches on this island. Visit the historic port city of Naxos, take a look at the impressive monument to Portara and you'll understand how labyrinthic these ancient streets are. Relax on beautiful beaches of Agios Prokopias and Plaka, where you'll be able to enjoy crystalclear waters and light sand upon your arrival.

Milos: Hidden Coves and Geological Wonders

The island of Milos is a hidden gem with its unique geological formations and secret beaches located southwest of the Cyclades. You can see the famous Sarakinik beach, which is characterized by its lunar landscape and Klima's colorful fishing village. Explore the charming towns of Plaka and Adamas, embark on a boat trip to explore hidden beaches and sea caves that stretch along the coast.

You can enjoy magnificent beauty, rich history and simple lifestyle on the Greek islands when you sail through the Cyclades. From the romance of Santorini's sunset to the lively night life on Mykonos and Paros' pure beaches, each destination has its unique charm. Prepare to embark on this special adventure in the heart of Cyclades, and create lifelong memories.

Sailing the Serene Sporades: Discovering Skiathos and Volos

It is a calm and memorable experience to sail in Greece when traveling through the Sporades Archipelago, which includes beautiful islands Skiathos and its mainland port city of Volos. Hidden treasures await you in Skiathos and Volos, which are characterised by beautiful landscapes, crystal clear waters as well as a wealth of culture. We'll show you the highlights of sailing in the Sporades in this article, so that you can discover the beauty and charm of these unique destinations.

Yacht Charter in Greece: Exploring the Seas of Ancient Splendor

Skiathos: The Emerald Isle of the Sporades

You're going to see a lively island on Skiathos when you start your sailing adventure in Sporades. Skiathos, known as the "Emerald Island," is full of striking beaches, lush vegetation and a lively atmosphere. Take a walk on the small town of Skiathos, see the historical monastery of Evangelistia or get some sun at Lalaria beach and Koukounaries Beach. Skiathos is a lively nightlife area, with many bars and clubs in proximity to the harbour.

Skopelos: Idyllic Landscapes and Mamma Mia Vibes

On your way, you will come to the magical island of Skopelos, famous for its wonderful scenery and role as a filming location in "Mamma Mia!" Look at the charming town of Skopelos, which is surrounded by its traditional white houses and narrow streets, visit the historical Agios Ioannis church situated high above the ground, then go for a break to one of the isolated beaches such as Panormos or Kastani. Skopelos is a sanctuary for nature lovers that offers hiking paths and spectacular panoramas.

Alonissos: Marine Park and Tranquil Beauty

On your way to the Sporades, you will discover an unspoiled island of Alonissos. As part of the National Marine Park, Alonissos offers a unique opportunity to observe marine life and explore pristine underwater ecosystems. Visit the charming city of Patitiri, explore the island's splendid woods and swim amidst crystal waters in beautiful sandy beaches at Khrithi Milia. Alonissos is a peaceful sanctuary, perfect to those who seek peace and nature's beauty.

Volos: The Gateway to the Sporades

Stop in a lively port city of Volos while you're on your way back to the mainland. Serving as the gateway to the Sporades, Volos is a vibrant city with a rich history and a lively waterfront promenade. Take a trip through the beautiful town of Makrinitsa, visiting the Dimini Archaeological site and sampling local delicacies like "tsipouro" or fresh fish. Volos is a lively place, with many cafés, bars and restaurants where you can enjoy the authentic hospitality of Greece.

You will find hidden treasures in Skiathos, Skopolos, Alonissos and the lively city of Volos by sailing Sporades. There is a unique charm in each place, from the lively nightlife on Skiathos to the peaceful beauty of Alonissos and Volos' cultural heritage. In the heart of the Sporades archipelago, embark on this extraordinary adventure and create memories that last a lifetime.

Yacht Charter in Greece: Exploring the Seas of Ancient Splendor

Sailing the Alluring Dodecanese: Discovering a Greek Island Paradise

There is no better way to see a wide variety and interesting island paradise in Greece by sailing through the Dodecanese archipelago. The Dodecanese islands are a real haven for those who love to sail, thanks to their generous history, turquoise waters and beautiful landscapes. Let's take a look at some of the highlights of our voyages in Dodecanese, so you can see how beautiful and charming these remarkable destinations are.

Rhodes: The Historical Gem of the Dodecanese

You'll meet the charming island of Rhodes at the beginning of your sailing adventure in Dodacanese. Known for its medieval Old Town, magnificent castles, and pristine beaches, Rhodes offers a perfect blend of history and natural beauty. Take a tour of the ancient ruins of Rhodes's Acropolis and go into the magnificent palace of the master, or walk through the cobblestoned streets in the old town. There are plenty of beach resorts on Rhodes including Faliraki and Lindos, which can be enjoyed by those who want to enjoy the sun.

Kos: A Blend of Ancient Ruins and Idyllic Beaches

You will arrive on a spectacular island of Kos in the course of your journey. Famous for its ancient ruins, including the Asclepeion healing temple and the Castle of the Knights, Kos offers a rich historical experience. Take a voyage to the lively city of Kos, visiting the ancient Hippocrates tree and relaxing at one of the sandy beaches such as Tigaki or Paradise Beach. With a wide range of bars and clubs to enjoy, Kos is also known for its energetic nightlife.

Symi: Charming Harbor Town and Colorful Architecture

You're going to find a beautiful island in Symi on your way into the Dodecanese. The Symi is one of the true gems, known for its charming harbour town with neoclassical architecture and vivid colors. Visit a magical Greek city of Symi, visit Panormitis monastery and get some quiet at the beaches like Nos or Agia Marina. Symi's a peaceful and romantic place to stay, ideal for escape seekers.

Yacht Charter in Greece: Exploring the Seas of Ancient Splendor

Patmos: Spiritual Retreat and Serene Beauty

You'll be reaching the sacred island of Patmos when you cross Dodecanese. The impressive monastery of Saint John the Theologian, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is located in Patmos, known as the "Jerusalem of the Aegean". You can explore the ancient city of Chora, see the Apocalypse Cave and enjoy some magnificent beaches like Psili Ammos or Agrivadooli. Patmos provides an ideal setting for reflection or relaxation, with its quiet and peaceful atmosphere.

You can take advantage of the fascinating beauty, rich history and hospitable hospitality of Greek islands on board a Dodecanese. There is something unique about each of these destinations, such as the magnificent charm of Rhodes or Patmos's spiritual retreat. Set sail on this extraordinary adventure and create lifelong memories in the heart of the Dodecanese archipelago.

The Best Time to Set Sail in Greece: Understanding the Greek Winds for an Unforgettable Sailing Experience

Understanding Greece's weather and choosing the correct time to embark on a boat trip can make your experience even more pleasant when it comes to organising sailing adventures in Greece. Greece's varied winds can be a significant influence on your sailing journey, from moderate breezes to windstorms of maximum strength. Let's see what time of the year is best for sailing into Greece, and give you a guide on Greek winds to help make your voyage an amazing one.

In Greece, the summer months of June to September are generally considered to be the most popular time of the year to sail. The weather is pleasant, the sea's calm and winds are favourable for sails in this period. This is a perfect place for swimming, snorkelling and relaxing on beautiful beaches because of its warm temperatures between 25 to 35 degrees Celsius (77 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

Yacht Charter in Greece: Exploring the Seas of Ancient Splendor

The Meltemi, the fierce and dry Northern wind that is blowing mostly in the Aegean Sea during summer months, has been one of Greece's best known winds. The Meltemi is generally starting at the end of June, and will be continuing up to early September. It is essential to take care and respect the power of this wind, even if it may provide thrilling sailing conditions for inexperienced sailors. The Meltemi is capable of reaching speeds of up to seven to eight Beaufort, creating rough seas and challenging sailing conditions. But it's also a way to get rid of the heat, and there are plenty of opportunities for wind surfing and kiteboarding.

The spring and autumn months are also a good time of year to sail in Greece, if you prefer calmer winds. During these transitional periods the temperature is mild, between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius,59 to 77 degrees F. The crowds are low compared with peak summer months. The winds are usually more gentle, and the conditions for sailors of both experience and new skills offer a pleasant sailing environment. It is an excellent time to explore the most popular Greek islands, such as the Ionians or Dodecanese and take advantage of a more relaxed and authentic tourist experience.

The fact that weather or wind conditions may differ year by year is of particular relevance, so it can be a good idea to keep an eye on the forecasts and consult with locally experienced experts or charter firms for uptdate information. They're a good way to get an idea of the prevailing winds, which can be useful for planning your travels accordingly.

Yacht Charter in Greece: Exploring the Seas of Ancient Splendor

It is recommended that you have a certain degree of flexibility about the dates for your sailing adventure in Greece. This way you'll be able to adapt to changes in weather patterns and make the best of your experience. Experience in sailing, or the hiring of a captain who knows local water and wind conditions should also be considered.

The journey to Greece is a fascinating experience that enables you to discover the beautiful Greek coastlines and picturesque islands, as well as this wonderful country's great culture. Whether you choose to sail during the summer months for the exhilarating Meltemi winds or opt for the milder winds of spring or autumn, Greece promises an unforgettable sailing adventure that will leave you with cherished memories for a lifetime.