It promises to be an exceptional experience of luxury, comfort and innovation when you embark on your charter adventure aboard the Lagoon 40 catamaran. This sailing vessel offers an incredible journey on water with its exceptional design, superior features and generously furnished living quarters. We will look at the many benefits of leasing 40 Lagoon, which include innovations, great size, unprecedented comfort and amazing space available to us.

Advantages of the Lagoon 40 sailing catamaran

The Lagoon 40 catamaran offers a series of advantages that make it an attractive choice for sailors. First of all, it provides excellent stability and sailing performance which enables a smooth and secure ride in difficult sea conditions. The design of the catamaran, comprising two hulls to ensure an optimum balance and reduced heeling, ensures a stable and satisfying sailing experience.

The spacious and well appointed interior of the Lagoon 40 is one of the main advantages. The yacht features a modern and stylish saloon area, a fully equipped galley, and comfortable cabins with en-suite bathrooms, offering privacy and convenience for all guests. An elegant, welcoming atmosphere is made up of high quality finishes and thoughtful design.

Chartering the Lagoon 40 Sailing Catamaran- Most chartered catamaran in world

Size, Comfort, and Space

The Lagoon 40 catamaran is very impressive in size, with a length of about forty feet. The generous dimension is capable of giving rise to a wide variety of living spaces, as well as pleasant accommodation. An extensive area with panoramic saloon windows provides spectacular views and ample natural light is included in the interior of the catamaran. The room is connected smoothly to the galley and dining area, which creates a very inviting living space.

A yacht typically offers four well furnished cabins with an accommodation of up to eight guests. With a view to comfort, each cabin features comfortable seats and ample space for storage. The en suite bathrooms are equipped with modern comforts, so that you have a comfortable and pleasant onboard experience.

It is equally amazing to see the open spaces in Lagoon 40. In the cockpit you'll find a spacious, comfortable seating area perfect for alfresco eating or relaxation while enjoying the scenery. The catamaran also features an enormous trampoline on the bow, making it possible to spend more time relaxing and enjoying a sunbath. For swimming, snorkeling and a variety of water sports the narrow transom shall make it possible to access the water easily.

Chartering the Lagoon 40 Sailing Catamaran- Most chartered catamaran in world

Innovations and Cutting-Edge Technology

Several innovations and innovative technology, which enhances performance as well as comfort, are integrated into Lagoon 40 catamaran. The use of advanced sail control systems, so as to ensure efficient and simple sailing, is an important feature. The yacht was designed for ease of handling and maneuverability, even for less skilled sailors, thanks to features like the self tacking axes and electric jangle winches.

Modern navigation and control systems are also integrated into the catamaran, making it safer and more comfortable to sail. Advanced electronics and displays are providing the crew with real time information, making navigation and monitoring easy.

In addition, Lagoon 40 is made up of eco friendly solutions that minimise the impact on the environment. Energy efficiency contributes to a reduction in energy consumption, for example by means of LED lighting and optimised power management. The eco conscious yacht's design will be further supported by the use of environmentally sound materials in construction.

Chartering the Lagoon 40 Sailing Catamaran- Most chartered catamaran in world

Charter Destinations for the Lagoon 40

Here, a gateway to some of the most stunning locations in the world is provided by Lagoon 40 catamaran. The Lagoon 40 can take you there, whether you're looking for the azure waters of the Mediterranean or the vibrant beauty of the Caribbean. Where you are able to take an amazing journey on board Lagoon 40, here are some of our favorite charter destinations:

Catamaran charter Croatia: Explore the charming islands of Hvar, Korcula, and Vis by boat along the spectacular Adriatic coast. Visit a heritage city like Dubrovnik or Split, which is alive with culture and beautiful scenery.

Catamaran charter Greece: From the idyllic Cyclades to the irresistible Ionian Islands, you'll be immersed in Greece's charm. Take a look at the classic whitewashed villages of Santorini, ancient ruins of Delos and lively Mykonos nightlife.

Catamaran charter Sardinia and Sicily: You will find hidden coves and old ruins as you cruise the fascinating coastlines of Sardinia and Sicily. Visit the east coast, see the Maddalena Archipelago and have lunch in Sicily's cuisine.

Chartering the Lagoon 40 Sailing Catamaran- Most chartered catamaran in world

Catamaran charter Turkey: You can discover ancient ruins, isolated coasts and lively markets by sailing on the fascinating Turkish Riviera. Relax and enjoy the beauty of the Turquoise Coast by looking at ancient sites in Bodrum and Ephesus.

Catamaran charter Caribbean: Experience the spectacular beauty of Britain's Virgin islands, Bahamas and other fascinating destinations on board a Caribbean cruise. Relax on white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and warm hospitality of the islands.

Approximate Charter Costs for Lagoon 40

Depending on the seasons, locations, charter durations, catamaran ages and additional services, the price of a Lagoon 40 Catamaran charter can vary. In particular, it should be noted that the price shown below is approximate and can vary according to individual charter companies as well as their specific requirements.

Chartering the Lagoon 40 Sailing Catamaran- Most chartered catamaran in world

Low Season: The average weekly charter price of Lagoon 40 catamarans is between $1,500 and $4,500 in low season, which generally does not coincide with peak travel times. The basic charter fee shall be included in this estimate, but excludes additional costs such as fuel, provisioning, mooring fees and crew gratuity.

High Season: The average weekly charter price for a Lagoon 40 catamaran can be between $5,000 and $8,000 or more in high season, when it typically coincides with the typical vacation period. During this period, demand for chartering has increased and as a consequence the prices of these services have risen.

Remember, the cost of a charter can vary according to where you are from and what type of amenities and services your charter company offers. The age of this catamaran and its condition, the inclusion of crew members or complementary water toys and equipment may also have a bearing on the price.

It is best if you contact the respective professional charterers or charter companies directly for a reliable pricing estimate on your desired charter.

Chartering the Lagoon 40 Sailing Catamaran- Most chartered catamaran in world


An exclusive opportunity to embark on an amazing voyage combining luxury, comfort and innovation is offered by chartering a Lagoon 40 catamaran. This ship offers a unique platform to explore the seas with confidence and style, whether you are an experienced or inexperienced sailor. The Lagoon 40 catamaran offers a remarkable level of stability, generous accommodation space and modern technology which will make the entire charter an enjoyable experience.