"From Ancient Ruins to Pristine Beaches: The Ultimate One-Way Sailing Route from Dubrovnik to Split"

A voyage that encapsulates the essence of Croatia's charming beauty starts in Dubrovnik, and then goes on to a spectacular boat journey along the colorful coast of Split. This adventurous voyage leads to a treasure collection of beauty, culture and extraordinary experiences situated in the Adriatic Sea. A world of azure waters, rugged cliffs, and ancient cities awaits you from the moment you set sail, enticing your senses and inspiring your wanderlust. This voyage promises to be a vast journey of discovery, whether you are an enthusiastic sailor looking for adventure in the open sea or a leisurely adventurer who is eager to experience history and natural beauty. Let's get in on the adventure, a voyage which will forever make an indelible mark on your soul. As we journey the waves and discover the mystery of the Dalmatian coast one nautical mile at a time, prepare yourself to be overwhelmed by the charm of the Adriatic.

Day 1 - Dubrovnik - Elaphit islands (Island Sipan)

Depending on the weather conditions and speed of your sail craft or Catamaran, this journey is estimated to take approximately 2 hours 15 nautical miles.

One way Croatia

Elaphiti Islands

An impressive archipelago close to Dubrovnik is the Elaphiti Islands, which are composed of a series of small islands, including Sipan, Kolocep and Lopud. The islands have been known for their untouched natural beauty, green vegetation and azure waters. A magical experience awaits you on a boat trip to the Elaphiti islands, with hidden coves, isolated beaches and coastal fishing villages that await your exploration.

Island Sipan

Sipan's got a reputation of being the real jewel in the Elaphiti Islands. You are going to be fascinated by its intact beauty and serenity as you approach the island. Sipan's air of calm and authenticity is evident in its olive orchards, vineyards or charming stone villages. You will be immersed in local culture, enjoy delicious sea food and witness spectacular sunset over the Adriatic Sea when you spend a night on Sipan.

Day 2 - Island Sipan - Island Mljet Polace bay

An extraordinary voyage that reveals the pure beauty of the Adriatic Sea is carried out from Sipan to Mljet, and in particular on Polace Bay. The journey is approximately 25 nautical miles, 84,5 hours long. It takes you to the green oasis of Mljet, in which Polace Bay is a peaceful anchorage. The island is famous for its untouched landscape and cultural heritage, as well as the legendary Mljet lakes which are located in a national park. Let us get on a boat and explore the wonderlands of Mljet, creating memories that will last our lifetimes.

One way Croatia

Island of Mljet and Polace Bay

The beautiful island of Mljet, which has long been called the Greenest Island in Croatia, is a true oasis of nature. The bay of Polace, situated in the northwest tip of the island, welcomes sailors with its calm charms. The bay is surrounded by thick forests of pine, making it an ideal place to anchor your ship. The perfect place for relaxation and rest, where you can soak up the peaceful atmosphere around you.

Mljet's Uniqueness and Fame

The unspoiled landscapes, pure beaches and rich cultural heritage of the Mljet region make it a popular destination. The Mljet National Park, which is situated on a large part of the island, adds to its uniqueness. The park's famous for the two salty lakes, Veliko and Malojezero, that are connected by a narrow channel. It's an experience unlike anything else to explore this lake, whether by boat or on foot through the beautiful trails surrounding it. Mljet is a must have destination for nature lovers and adventure seekers thanks to its beautiful forest, abundance of wildlife and magnificent lake beauty.

Day 3 - Island Mljet-Island Lastovo- Lastovnjaci, Mali& Veli Lago, Pasadur, Skrivena luka, Zakapatica

Lastovo is a striking Croatian island, located in the waters of the Adriatic Sea and surrounded by an abundance of natural beauty and cultural treasures. The tiny islands of Lastovnjaci, a cluster that makes up an impressive archipelago, are one of the most popular tourist destinations in this region. Visitors will be able to see the untouched beaches, which are surrounded by a rich biodiversity of sea life that bathes in clear waters. To those who seek peace and quiet, the beaches of Mali and Veli Lago offer their own private areas for relaxation and sunbathing. . Pasadur enchants with its charming village atmosphere, while Skrivena luka (Hidden Harbor) beckons with its idyllic cove and stunning vistas. Zakapatica, a charming fishing village, where you can enjoy delicious seafood delicacies while enjoying the sunset, is worth a visit. It is a real paradise waiting to be discovered, Lastovo and its hidden gems.

One way Croatia

Day 4 - Island Lastovo - town Korcula

It's a thrilling voyage in the Adriatic Sea, sailing out of Lastovo to an impressive town Korcula. The journey takes around 20 nautical miles and gives the passengers a view of the Mediterranean Sea, giving them an opportunity to explore the charming town of Korcula. If you want to swim on the beautiful Badija islands, don't miss this opportunity while sailing through Korcula; be careful with shallow water. You must sail with caution, immerse yourself in the cultural riches of Korcula and create a lasting memory for this amazing adventure.

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Town of Korcula

The city of Korcula, situated on the island of Korcula, is a medieval gem, attracting visitors with its charm and history. The beautiful fortified walls and the impressive view from St Mark's Church will greet you upon your arrival in town. Visit the narrow streets, decorated with traditional stone houses, and explore the historical sites, including the birthplace of the famous explorer Marco Polo. Experience a lively atmosphere of locals shops, restaurants and cafés that gives an impression of genuine Croatian culture.

Day 5 - Town Korcula - town Hvar

The voyage is full of spectacular views and nautical wonders as it sails from the charming village of Korcula to an idyllic resort town in Hvar. This trip promises to be an amazing experience for those who are passionate about sailing, situated on the beautiful Dalmatian Islands of Croatia. You'll be immersed in an azure sea, gentle winds and the charming charms of these Croatian gems when you set sail.

Depending on weather conditions and the route chosen, it will take about six hours to sail from Korcula to Hvar covering a distance of approximately 35 nautical miles.

One way Croatia

Town of Hvar

Hvar, the crown jewel of the Dalmatian Coast, welcomes sailors with its historic charm and vibrant atmosphere. Hvar has been attracting travelers for centuries, and it's very famous for its vivid nightlife, great culture heritage, as well as stunning landscapes. Take a stroll in the narrow alleys of old city, visit the imposing fortress, and experience local cuisine that is renowned for its fresh fish.

Port Challenges and Alternative Anchorages

Finding a spot in the Hvar port can be difficult because of its vast popularity, particularly when it is high season. But for those sailors who seek a peaceful sanctuary, alternative anchorages provide an escape. Excellent facilities and quiet surroundings are available at the ACI Marina Palmiana which is located in the vicinity of the Paklana Islands. There are several interesting sites to explore in the Vanzagradisce bay, Zdrilac and Borca Bay, each offering its own unique charm such as secluded islands or spectacular landscapes.

Day 6 - Town Hvar - island Vis Komiza (Blue cave island Bisevo)

Depending on the weather conditions and the choice of route, a sailing trip between Hvar and Komiza would normally take three hours to cover an approximate distance of approximately 16 to 20 miles. You will experience the stunning island landscape and magnificent coastal views as you cruise out into the water, leaving an aweful impression.

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Komiza: A Tranquil Coastal Haven

Komiza is a charming fishing village well known for its authenticity and untouched beauty, located on the island of Vis. The village brags that it has narrow cobblestone streets, typical stone houses and a quiet atmosphere which helps its visitors to feel like they're back in the day. Visit a local tavern, enjoy some fresh fish and immerse yourself in the area's rich maritime history.

Exploring the Blue Cave and Porat Bay

During your visit to Komiza, don't miss the opportunity to explore the nearby island of Bisevo, home to the world-famous Blue Cave (Modra špilja). The cave is transformed into a magical blue oasis, thanks to this aweful display of sunlight. Moreover, the Porat Bay is a perfect place to enjoy refreshing swimming in its crystal clear waters and surrounded by dazzling cliffs and an aura of peace on Bisevo Island.

Evening Delights in Komiza:

Securing a buoy in the port of Komiza and enjoying an extraordinary meal offered by restaurants from the fishing communities, are excellent ways to have a wonderful evening at Komiza. Enjoy freshly caught seafood dishes while savoring the picturesque sunset views, creating a perfect ending to a day of sailing and exploration.

Day 7 - Sailing to Split or Trogir depending on boat home base.

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Day 8 - Saturday morning disembarkation

Alternative anchorages along the route

Lopud - Elaphit islands

The Lopud Islands are a secret treasure that must be explored. Sunj's sandy beach is a paradise for those who love the beaches, among other treasures. Sunj's serenity comes from its crystal clear turquoise waters and gentle golden sand, which offer a silent escape from the busy world. Relax under a warm sun, take a refreshing sea bath or try your hand at water sports. The Lopud Island, and in particular the outstanding beach at Sunj, make an extraordinary combination of beauty and calm that is unforgettable to those looking for a serene coast holiday.

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Island Mljet-Saplunara bay & beach

Saplunara Bay is a secret oasis that awaits its discovery, located on the charming island of Mljet. For those who seek the calm and nature beauty, this quiet bay is a peaceful escape. Saplunara Bay is inviting visitors to relax and refresh in the calm atmosphere as they are scattered with rich, green vegetation and untouched turquoise waters. The Saplunara Bay offers an incredible experience, whether you prefer to relax at the sandy beach and take a couple of cool swims or try your hand at exploring this magical underwater world. Let the beauty of Mljet Island astound you as you become immersed in its untouched charm.

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Island Korcula - Vela luka

The town of Vela Luka, located in the west coast of Croatia's Korcula Island, offers an impressive mix of natural beauty, traditional history and a warmth of hospitality. The city of Luka Vela has become the paradise for sun seekers and water sports fanatics, as it is surrounded by crystal clear waters and beautiful beaches. Take a look at charming streets within the city, where ancient stone houses and small coffee shops are making an inviting atmosphere. Proizd Island, known for its undisturbed beaches and turquoise bays, is just a minute's boat ride from here. Escape to the hidden oasis, relax on its undisturbed beaches and take in a rare glimpse into the beauty of Vela Luka and Proizd.

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Island Scedro

Get away to Scedro Island, a hidden gem in the Adriatic Sea. Scedro is a paradise for nature lovers and adventure seekers with its untouched landscape, hidden coves of crystallized waters. For those who seek quiet and an unforgettable island vacation, Scedro Island is the place to be.

Pakleni archipelago

The Archipelago of the Pakleni is a hidden paradise that invites adventurers as well as nature lovers to visit it, situated just offshore from Hvar Island in Croatia. The stunning Zdrilica Passage, a narrow waterway between the islands and offering aweful views of the Adriatic Sea, is one of its highlights.

Palmiana is a beautiful, thriving island in the archipelago which attracts visitors with its idyllic beaches, glorious vegetation and cafés that serve delicious sea food. It is a heaven for relaxation and indulgence, where you can sun bathe at the beach or swim to enjoy wonderful local cuisine.

The Carpe Diem, one of the most famous beach clubs on Stipansk Island, will be alive when the sun sets. Come dancing under the stars, sipping refreshing cocktails and enjoying a vibrant night life to be found in this archipelago.

The Pakleni Archipelago is a true paradise that offers an ideal combination of the natural beauty, cultural heritage and unique experiences to be discovered.

One way Croatia

Town Vis

The city of Vis lies in the gorgeous island of Croatia, and it's a beautiful gem that should be explored. The coastal town offers a fascinating blend of culture and relaxation, thanks to its historical diversity, charmed streets as well as lively atmosphere.

Stonica's sandy beach is just a stone throw away, an unspoiled stretch of shoreline that tempts sun seekers with the golden sands and crystal clear waters. The beach is a true coast paradise, whether you're going for sunbathing or bathing in fresh water.

Budikovac Lagoon is a must see destination for those looking for an oasis of calm. It serves as an amazing alternative anchorage, which is known for its stunning turquoise waters and quiet atmosphere. Take a drop of anchor, and you'll be immersed in the serenity of this pleasant lagoon.

Vis has it all, whether you are a history lover, an avid beach user or someone who is looking for peace. Embark on an unforgettable journey to this charming town and experience the coastal wonders of Stončica sandy beach and Budikovac lagoon. A perfect vacation at the sea awaits you.

One way Croatia

Island Brac - Golden Horn Beach: Nature's Masterpiece

The Golden Horn beach is a natural beauty that has become one of Croatia's most popular and beautiful beaches, also known as Zlatni Rat. This beach, situated on the island of Brac, is characterised by an unusual shape that resembles a gold horn going out into the sea. It is a paradise for beach lovers, and water sports fans alike, due to its crystal waters, perfectly pebbled shores with lovely surrounding areas.

Its position is influenced by currents and winds, making this beach a constantly changing formation that makes it an interesting sight to look at. Visitors may have the opportunity for sunbathing, swimming in clear water or engage in a variety of water sports like windsurfing, paddleboarding and snorkeling.

Observation: The golden Horn beach is nearly open to the wind, so it's not a good place to stay in the night. Alternatively, you can drop anchor in the nearby little port of Bol or lay down at one of the natural bays on the northern side of island Brac. Tiha bay on island Hvar, or Starigrad and Jelsa in the immediate vicinity of island Hvar offers a pretty good isolated beach.

One way Croatia

Island Brac Lucice, Boboviste, Milna, Supetar.

Brac Island is a Croatian island with an abundance of natural beauty and charming towns, situated in the fascinating Adriatic Sea. Lucice, Bobovasse, Milna and Supetar are the four most distinctive sites on the island. Each of them has its own charm.

Lucice is famous for the beautiful bay, and stunning pebble beaches. It's located in the calm cove, offering a peaceful retreat where visitors could relax and enjoy the serenity of crystal clear waters.

The ancient stone dwellings and pleasant green surroundings of Boboviste make it a charming village. Take a stroll in its charming streets, explore the area's cuisine and let yourself be immersed in island culture.

Milna is a charming seaside city, famous for the beauty of its harbor and lively atmosphere. And lovely cafes on the beach. You can go along the Promenade, soak in the wonderful views, and be amazed at the warm hospitality of local people.

One way Croatia

Supetar, the most important city in the islands, has a mixture of historical and modern history. Experience its charming Old City, explore ancient ruins and enjoy the lively nightlife and bustling markets.

Brac Island, with its captivating destinations like Lucice, Boboviste, Milna, and Supetar, promises an unforgettable Mediterranean getaway filled with natural beauty, cultural experiences, and warm island vibes.

Island Solta Maslenica, Sesula, Stomorska, Necujam

The Solta Island, a Croatian paradise with many natural beauties and captivating towns, lies within the azure waters of the Adriatic Sea. Maslnica, Sesula, Stomorska and Necujam are the four beautiful destinations of this island which can be admired for their unique charms.

Maslenica is a little village that's known for olives and ancient stone houses. Relax in a peaceful environment and sample local olive oil, then marvel at the magnificent panoramas of this region's landscape.

Sesula is a hidden gem in the area, attracting nature lovers with its pure beaches and scenic walking paths. You can explore the untouched wilderness, dive into crystal clear waters and make a point of staying in this quiet place.

Stomorsk is a charming fishing village along the coast which radiates an aura of beauty. Take a stroll around the charming harbor and dine on fresh fish delicacies, taking advantage of this sleepy seaside spot's lively atmosphere.

One way Croatia

The coastal resort town of Necujam has an excellent sandy beach with a variety of water activities. Relax in the sun and take a swim beneath the turquoise waters. Experience the laid back island vibe.

An idyllic Mediterranean holiday filled with natural wonder, cultural experiences and a true taste of life on an island will be offered in Solta Island, where stunning destinations such as Maslanica, Sesula, Stomorska or Necuj are located.

One-way fee rule: Guest who books first needs to pay one way fee and guest who is on return sail gets one way free of charge. On this link you can check list of boats that are on return sail and have one way free of charge.

Sailing from Dubrovnik to Split: Navigating the Winds of the Adriatic

Experience an adventure with breathtaking views and exhilarating experiences as you embark on a boat trip from Dubrovnik to Split, along the stunning Adriatic coast of Croatia. However, sailors must be ready to cope with the different winds which may influence sailing conditions as they travel along this path offering attractive landscapes and fascinating destinations. We'll take a look at the winds which you can expect to encounter while on board this voyage and provide insight that will improve your sailing experience.

One way Croatia

Bura (Bora) Winds

The Buravar Bora a strong, cool and dry Northeasterly wind can be one of the winds encountered by our sailors during their journey from Dubrovnik to Split. The Bura is a wind known to be erratic and strong in the Adriatic, capable of producing high waves. Weather forecasts and the arrangements for sailing in case of Bura wind should be taken into account. To navigate these challenging winds, it may be useful to seek shelter in marinas or protected anchorages.

Jugo (Sirocco) Winds

The Jugo Sirocco, a warm and dry southeasterly wind, is another important factor to keep an eye on as you sail along the coast of Croatia. It is known that the Jugo has a long life span and can give off heavy rainfalls. Even though this isn't as strong as the Bura, it can lead to challenging sailing conditions. In view of the prevailing Jugo winds it is recommended that you adjust your plans for sailing and take shelter. Look out for the weather forecast, and consult local experts to get advice.

One way Croatia

Maestral Winds

The Adriatic Sea's typical feature is the maestral wind, a light and strong northwesterly wind. It's the one that comes out in summer, and is preferred by sailors because of its reliability. The Maestral winds are known for their moderate strength, making them ideal for leisurely sailing and providing a comfortable journey from Dubrovnik to Split. Clear skies often accompany these winds, helping to enhance the overall sailing experience.

The Tramontana

In the Adriatic Sea, the wind of Tramontana is a force to be reckoned with. Originating from the north or northeast, they spread out across the region to create cool and invigorating winds. The ability to navigate and harness the power of the Tramontana wind must be a prerequisite for sailors who wish to embark on Adriatic voyages. It creates a thrilling atmosphere for sailors because of its strength and direction, giving them exhilarating experience on the water. In order to make your sailing trip along the Adriatic coast as pleasant and satisfying as possible, you need to know the characteristics of Tramontana's wind and stay up to date with weather forecasts.

Sailing the Adriatic Jewel: Exploring the Magnificent Dubrovnik to Split Route

In conclusion, Croatia's stunning coastline and its rich maritime heritage offer an unforgettable adventure when you embark on a one way cruise from Dubrovnik to Split. It is an ideal choice for the first seafarers and experienced explorers, who will be offered a breathtaking view of the Adriatic Sea's crystal waters as you travel along these clear waters that are rich in charming islands, historic towns and cities.

One way Croatia

For those who want to experience the beauty of the Dalmatian sea, it is a popular route between Dubrovnik and Split. You will encounter a wide variety of landscapes, from rough cliffs and hidden bays to lively ports and charming villages along the way. You'll find something new and exciting every time you go a mile, creating lasting memories that last the rest of your life.

There is a feeling of freedom and flexibility in taking the ferry from Dubrovnik to , which enables you to explore at your own pace. This cruise is suited to all tastes, whether you choose to anchor in a hidden bay or enjoy the finest local cuisine or spend an afternoon sunbathing on fine beaches.

It is to be noted that some maritime experience or help from a professional skipper would be required for this journey. But this route is still suitable for inexperienced sailors to enjoy, as long as they hire a skipper capable of navigating the sea and providing local knowledge which ensures safety and pleasure.

Finally, an incredible opportunity to find the treasures of the Adriatic is offered by sailing from Dubrovnik to Split on one single route. This sailing adventure promises memorable experiences and lifelong memories, from the beautiful Elaphiti Islands to the lively city of Split and the charming islands of the surrounding area. Now, sail to Croatia's coastline and be immersed in its beauty as an azure sea meets a rich heritage and natural beauties of the Dalmatian region.