Sat) Maslenica island Solta

It's a wonderful voyage for sea lovers to sail from the beautiful coastal towns of Split or Trogir on Solta, an enchanted island. You will sail out of those lively Croatian ports the first day for your journey, embark in a sea voyage filled with stunning views and maritime wonders.

Depending on the speed and weather conditions of your ship, it is normally around 2 hours at sea to Maslenica Island in Solta. The short journey gives you the chance to start on a soft note, soaking up the magnificent Mediterranean scenery.

Sun, Sea, and Serenity: A 7-Day Yacht Charter Escape from Split

Maslenica on Šolta island

If you want to have a fresh swim while cruising up the coast of Maslenica, then stop at Drvenik Island, one of the Islands known for its clean waters and secret coves. Another mustsee is the azure glow of the blue lagoon, situated just a few miles from here, which has crystal clear waters and vibrant marine life.

A vital point to note for those coming from Maslenica: reservations at the marina should be made in advance, since it is possible that there will be a great deal of activity over the peak season. If Maslenica is full, Solta offers alternative destinations such as the natural bays of Sestiula, Jorja and Stomorska where you'll find yourselves able to anchor or enjoy a peaceful island. In addition to Solta's intriguing landscapes, these beautiful spots offer an isolated refuge for those who seek peace of mind.

Sun) Komiza island Vis

On the second day of your sailing expedition, departing from the tranquil harbor of Maslenica on the island of Solta, you're in for a remarkable voyage towards the enchanting Komiza on the island of Vis. Depending on the weather conditions and your cruising speed, this route normally takes approximately 4 to 6 hours.

Just take the opportunity to anchor at a neighbouring island of Bisevo, which is situated in Porat's beauty bay as you sail toward Komiza. There you will be met with a pure, wild beach that is an ideal spot to relax and enjoy the sun in undisturbed nature.

Sun, Sea, and Serenity: A 7-Day Yacht Charter Escape from Split

Komiža on Vis island

It is recommended that reservations be made in the marina well ahead of time, particularly at this period of peak tourist season, for those intending to leave Komiza. However, a more authentic and recommended experience is to secure one of the buoys before 16:00, offering a unique, close to nature atmosphere.

We recommend that you try a local fishing restaurant in Komiza, which is where fresh fish are to be tasted while enjoying the calm sea surroundings for your gastronomic experience. In this charming Adriatic oasis, it is an ideal ending to a day's sailing and exploration.

Mon) Budikovac lagoon or Stoncica cove island Vis

Prepare to search the islands of Vis and Bisevo early for hidden treasures on your third day's voyage. Begin with a voyage to the nearby Bisevo, where the famous Blue Cave awaits. The earliest you can come is in the morning when sunlight illuminates the cavern's interior to get a picture of its fascinating azure glow.

Sun, Sea, and Serenity: A 7-Day Yacht Charter Escape from Split

Budikovac lagoon on Vis island

Be sure to explore Vis's south shore, weather permitting. Experience the spectacular Stiniva's Cove, positioned in front of an imposing cliff wall and a striking green cave that allows you to view emerald waters as well as its undersea world.

Consider taking a boat in Budikovac Lagoon while the sun is setting, where buoys offer an undisturbed overnight stay. In addition, it is a great option to visit the sandy beach of Stonica's natural bay. If you're looking for a little more action, the vibrant city of Vis is an attractive option which promises to mix history, culture and nightlife in this remarkable island.

Tue) Pakleni archipelago: Soline bay anchor, Marinkova island anchorages, Vinogradisce buoy or ACI marina Palmizana mooring

On the fourth day of your sailing odyssey, prepare for an exciting voyage from the serene island of Vis to the enchanting Pakleni archipelago. The best way to maximise your day is to set sail as soon as possible, or arrange a reservation in advance.

Sun, Sea, and Serenity: A 7-Day Yacht Charter Escape from Split

Pakleni islands

An array of pleasant options awaits you during an overnight stay on the Paklenis islands. You're free to anchor in quiet Soline Bay, find isolated anchorages on Marinkovich Island or secure a docking station at the peaceful Vinogradisce Sea. On the other hand, a comfortable anchorage is provided by ACI Marina Palmizana.

From the Pakleni archipelago, it's convenient to arrange water taxis to transport you to the lively town of Hvar. Hvar, known for its lively nightlife, offers an abundance of entertainment options to end the day in style.

Wen) Tiha bay buoys or Starigrad buoys or mooring (Island Hvar)

On the fifth day of your sailing adventure, depart from the bustling town of Hvar on the eponymous island and set your course for serenity. For your next destination, you have two excellent options: Tiha Nature Bay and the ancient Starigrad.

You must arrive in the morning, so you can obtain an available buoy to those who seek tranquility on Tiha. A sanctuary of calm, ideal for swimming and enjoying nature's embrace, this untouched bay is the place to be.

Sun, Sea, and Serenity: A 7-Day Yacht Charter Escape from Split

Starigrad on Hvar island

It's also advisable to reserve your place before you go, if you appreciate the charm of Starigrad. This ancient city, with its beautiful streets and UNESCO designated sites, is home to a proud history and culture.

On the island of Hvar both options offer a wonderful experience in which each offers its own special blend of beauty and charm.

Thu) Golden horn beach island Brac- town Bol docking for night or ACI marina Vrbovska or Milna

You'll farewell the city of Starigrad, in an enchanted island called Hvar, and map out a route for one of the most famous Golden Horn Beaches at neighboring Island Brac during your 6th day sailing adventure. This stunning, ever-shifting strip of land is renowned for its breathtaking beauty and offers a playground for water sports enthusiasts, with opportunities for windsurfing, paragliding, and more.

Sun, Sea, and Serenity: A 7-Day Yacht Charter Escape from Split

Golden Horn beach on Brač island

Consider booking a reservation at the nearby port of Bol on Brac or ACI Marina Vrbovska or Jelsa in Hvar when the sun begins to set below the horizon. This beautiful destination offers an ideal end to a day full of adventure and beauty in the Adriatic Sea.

Fri) Return in Trogir or Split

It's time to get back to your home port, Split or Trogir, depending on the base of your ship, as the seventh day of your magnificent sailing expedition dawns. Consider going for a refreshing stop at one of the idyllic natural coves along your route, which will be an excellent opportunity to swim in Adriatic crystal clear waters before reaching the marina.

Sun, Sea, and Serenity: A 7-Day Yacht Charter Escape from Split


You should be prepared for possible crowds and delays before entering the port, bearing in mind that you must refuel at one of the stations. After you've safely moored, the evening will be an excellent end to your voyage with a magnificent dinner and some authentic nightlife experience in either Split or Trogir, so that you can look back at this amazing week of exploration on Croatian seas.

Sat) Disembarkation

On the day of disembarkation, you leave with a heart full of cherished memories and renewed sense of vitality as you look back on your nautical adventure. Your voyage, aboard a yacht charter from Split or Trogir on the beautiful Croatian coast, has refreshed your senses and is etched in our memory.

When you get back to your apartment, the sound of crystalclear waters, fascinating bays and delightful towns reminds you of what an amazing journey you'd been on. The desire to sail again with Silver Sail, a trusted partner in crafting unforgettable experiences, lingers in your thoughts.

It was not only this adventure that stimulated your soul, but it also gave rise to an interest in the open seas. With memories in your heart and the promise of future voyages, you can't help but yearn for the next sailing expedition.