A fantastic way of exploring our oceans, and creating indelible memories, is to charter a yacht. But it can be difficult to choose the right yacht charter firm, in particular if you don't know how this industry works. We're going to show you how to choose the best yacht hire company for your next cruise, this article will help you make a choice of the perfect boat.

Check for Experience and Reputation

Check the experience of a yacht charter firm and its reputation before you do anything. You should find a company which has been in this business for some years and whose reputation is high within the industry. To get an idea of what previous clients have to say about their experience with this company, see the online reviews and testimonials.

Look for a Wide Range of Yachts

There are a wide variety of vessels to choose from, including different sizes, styles and equipment offered by the best yacht charter companies. If you are looking for the perfect yacht to meet your needs and budget, look for a company that has an extensive fleet. A good charter service should offer something for everyone, whether they seek a luxury yacht or one that's budget friendly.

Consider the Crew

The crew are capable of making or breaking your experience with yacht charter, so it's important to hire a company that is experienced, professional and friendly. Look for a firm that is rigorous in its recruitment process and uses only qualified members of staff. The language skills of the crew should also be taken into consideration, because communication is vital to operating a ship on an unnavigable sea.

How to charter yacht in Croatia, Italy, Greece, Mediterranean, Caribbean etc…?

Check the Booking Process

It is necessary to make the booking process simple, easy and painless. You must find a company that has an easy to use booking system, transparent pricing and no hidden charges. Before making reservations for a yacht, you should also make sure that the payment options, cancellation arrangements and refund policies are checked.

Look for Customizable Itineraries

It is important that the yacht charter company offers you a tailor made trip, to be able to select your own travel according to your preferences and interests. Look for a company that's going to let you choose your own routes, destinations and activities. Also, make sure that the company offers other services which include provision of facilities and water sports equipment rental or on board entertainment.

Check the Safety Standards

When taking out a yacht charter, security should be paramount and it's important to select an operator who complies with rigorous safety standards. You will find a company that meets all safety requirements, and its fleet is well maintained. It is also important to check that the crew has the necessary safety training and equipment and that the yacht has safety features such as lifejackets, fire extinguishers and first aid kits.

Consider the Customer Support

A superb customer support should be provided by a good yacht chartering firm from the time of booking to the end of your trip. Look for a company that has a dedicated customer support team that can answer all your questions and concerns promptly. In case of emergency, it is also important to verify whether the company offers round the clock support.

How to charter yacht in Croatia, Italy, Greece, Mediterranean, Caribbean etc…?


In order to ensure a safe, comfortable and memorable yacht charter experience, it is crucial that you choose the best boat hire company. Experience, reputation, a broad range of yachts, professional crew, easy booking process, flexible routes, stringent security standards and excellent customer care are all factors to look for when selecting the company. So, in consideration of these aspects, it is possible to find the best yacht charter firm that can give you a choice as to which boat will be chosen for you.

Part 1: Do It Yourself Yacht Charter

You can search a yacht yourself if you have experience in the craft. Here's how we're going to do it.

Search for Yachts Online

We're going to start by searching on the Internet for a yacht. In Croatia there are many yacht charter companies, some of which have websites so you can see their fleet and make sure it's available. In order to find a website which deals with yacht chartering services in Croatia, you can also use search engines.

Choose Your Yacht

It is time to choose your yacht as soon as you have identified several companies that offer chartering of a yacht. Check out a yacht that's suitable for your needs and budget. Account should be taken of factors such as size, age and facilities. If you travel with a group, make sure the boat has enough cabins for everyone's comfort.

How to charter yacht in Croatia, Italy, Greece, Mediterranean, Caribbean etc…?

Check Availability

When you select your yacht, make sure it's available. There is a booking calendar on the yacht hire website, showing which ships are available to clients based on their dates of arrival. You may need to adjust your schedules if you have a preferred yacht that will not be available on the scheduled dates.

Book Your Yacht

Once you find a yacht that can be booked at your preferred dates, now is the time to book it. There is an online booking system available for yacht charter companies, giving you the ability to reserve your boat and pay a deposit.

Plan Your Itinerary

It's time for a plan of the trip, as your yacht has been reserved. Croatia's coastline runs from coast to coast, and there are a lot of places for exploration. You're going from Dubrovnik to Split in the north and you might stop on islands like Korcula, Hvar or Bracl along the way. Or, you can start a cruise to Dubrovnik out of Split and stop in islands such as Vis, Lastovo or Mljet.

How to charter yacht in Croatia, Italy, Greece, Mediterranean, Caribbean etc…?

Provision Your Yacht

You must supply your yacht before setting out. Stocking up on food, beverages, and other necessities entails doing this. You may pre-order goods and have them delivered to your yacht before you arrive thanks to provisioning services offered by the majority of yacht rental companies.

Part 2: Let charter company do everything for you

A simple process can be used to choose a yacht charter company and find the perfect boat. You only need to fill in a preference form that will provide information on the dates of travel, destination, number of guests and budget. Additional preferences, such as the type of yacht, special features, and any special requirements you may have, may also be included.

The yacht charter firm will send you several proposals that are similar to your preferences when you fill out the preference form. Detailed information about the yacht, such as photographs, specifications and fittings, shall be included in each proposal. You'll be able to review the proposals, look at yacht models and pick which ones are best suited for your needs and budget.

It's the best part of this process that you don't have to spend a lot of time researching and comparing different yacht and yacht charter companies. Instead, you'll be able to hire a yacht charter company to do the work for you, and you'll be able to choose from their recommendations. This way you'll shorten your time and reduce stress, so that you can choose the right yacht to suit your needs.

How to charter yacht in Croatia, Italy, Greece, Mediterranean, Caribbean etc…?

You can also benefit from working with a yacht charter company by having them advise on the way you're going to travel. The charter company may assist you in planning your route, choosing destinations and setting up activities as soon as you have chosen a yacht. The charter company can provide you with a personalised travel plan which is suitable for your interests, from the comfort of an isolated beach to exploring charming seaside towns and participating in water sports.

There are other services that a yacht charter company can provide such as provisioning, airport transfers and on board entertainment not only in addition to its search for the perfect yacht but also planning your trip. These services can improve your yacht charter's experience by making it easier, stress free.

A yacht charter company that has experience, good reputation and a wide range of boats to choose from will be important when selecting one. The safety standards of the company, crew members qualifications and customer support should also be checked. Safety, comfort and satisfaction must be the highest priority in a reliable and professional yacht charter company.

Finally, in particular if you work with a reliable yacht charter company that can send you different proposals on the basis of your preferences, it may also be an enjoyable and stress relieving experience to charter a yacht. You can choose a yacht that will suit your needs and produce incredible memories at sea by completing the preferences form and selecting one of the recommended yachts.