Seated at the heart of Central Dalmatia sandwiched between the eventful cities of Split and Zadar, Šibenik proves an idyllic starting point that places many divine destinations at your fingertips. Read on for a simple guide to yachting in Šibenik.

Summer proves the ideal time to charter a yacht in Šibenik courtesy of the good weather brought about by thermal maestral winds that tend to be quite rampant around midday. Temperatures during this high season can escalate to highs of 30˚C and the region experiences blustery weeks in May and September that can last up to 14 days.

Šibenik’s waterways are nonetheless flawless but you should watch out for narrow points and parts of the surrounding rocky coastlines that can be difficult to get around. A license is a necessity in these waters if you aim to skipper a vessel yourself but there are plenty of manned packages to choose from in the area.

As far as mooring options go, there are countless options at your disposal with there being 3 gorgeous marinas- namely Jezera’s ACI, Murter’s Hramina and another in Betina- in Tinso town alone. Down south, you’ll also find other quality marinas such as Rogoznica, Primosten and Solaris just to name a few. To add to that, you’ll find a local pier and/or dock at most of the nearby towns that are particularly reserved for guests.

Yachting Itinerary for Šibenik
1) Zlarin and Prvić
Just a stone’s throw away is the beguiling pair of islands Prvić and Zlarin that are characterized by secluded rock and pebble beaches as well as a landscape beautified by vineyards and olive groves. Dalmatian fishing villages are in plenty around the shores with Prvić availing more than 20 buoys and 10 moorings.

2) Krka National Park
From Šibenik, a brief sail down the coast will get you to the Skradinksa buk which is home to the much-acclaimed Krka National Park that holds an impressive 800-meter-long waterfall culminating from a multitude of 17 cascades. The 75 km-long river from which the park gets its name provides a nice waterway for yachts to enjoy as well a number of unrivalled, wild swimming spots. Krka also provides an excellent setting for cycling and hiking while the winsome 400-year old monastery i.e. Visovac is also a delightful stopover accessible by boat.

3) Kaprije
Another enchanting member of the Šibenik archipelago is the reserved, car-free island of Kaprije that is a popular tourist haven courtesy of its unrivalled peace and quiet where you can be at one with Mother Nature. The surrounding waters also make excellent fishing grounds while the island also has a number of historical structures worth checking out such as the 16th century Saint Peters Catholic church for example.

4) Krapanj
This island is among the smallest in the chain with just a height of 1.5m above sea level. While it might be small, Krapanj has an enormous history of deepsea diving and olive oil and wine production that spans more than three hundred years. The Krapanj monastery which provides residence to enthralling sea sponges and priceless antiquities is also a worthy hallmark as are the high-octane activities popular in the area such as free diving, spearfishing and scuba diving.

With a collection of 249 reefs, islets and islands, the Šibenik archipelago affords an excellent region to charter a yacht and explore some of the jewels of the Adriatic.