Imagine that you sail through crystal clear turquoise waters, enjoying the warm Caribbean sunshine and immersing yourself in a rich cultural tapestry of the French Caribbean. Martinique is a charming island paradise, where sailors from around the globe are encouraged to participate in an unrivalled yachting experience. Martinique offers a bounty of charming destinations, an amazing combination of glorious scenery, vivid history and delicious cuisine. You embark on your voyage of a lifetime, and we'll discover the most beautiful places for you to visit in Martinique during our yacht charter adventure.

Discover the Enchanting Charms of Yacht Chartering in Martinique

Martinique - Yacht Charter Martinique Carribean

Discover the Allure of Martinique: An Island of Natural Beauty, Cultural Splendor, and Rich History

Martinique, located in the heart of the Caribbean Ocean, is an enchanted island which attracts visitors with its superb landscape, lively culture and fascinating history. The tropical gem, an overseas region of France, has been renowned for its lush rainforests, untouched beaches and warm hospitality. We're going to take a deep look at Martinique's special features, which include the island size, population and interesting historical journey.

Martinique, which stands at about 1,128 square miles or 436 square kilometers in area, may be small but there are many wonders of the natural world within its borders. A testament to its volcanic roots, the island is characterized by a diverse topography in which stunning mountains dominate the northern region and make way for rolling hills, fertile plains or spectacular coastal cliffs. Martinique's landscapes provide adventure seekers and nature lovers alike with a refuge from the rising peaks of Mount Pelée to cascading waterfalls in the Carbet Mountains.

Martinique has a population of approximately 375,000 people according to the most recent available data. The island's inhabitants are a colorful mix of culture, and most who identify themselves as being from an AfroCaribbean background have been referred to as Martiniquais. The French language is the official language of the island and it reflects its status as part of France's international territory. However, Martiniquais Creole, a rich and melodic Creole language, is widely spoken and is an integral part of the island's cultural fabric.

Discover the Enchanting Charms of Yacht Chartering in Martinique

Beach in Martinique - Yacht Charter Martinique Carribean

Martinique's history is a tapestry filled with indigenous Carribean influences, Eastern colonization and the indomitable spirit of its people. The Arawak and Carib Amerindian tribes were the first people known to have lived on this island. During Christopher Columbus' fourth voyage of the New World, 1502, Martinique was discovered. But the French settled permanently on Martinique only in 1635, and they left it to be a colony of France.

Martinique has seen great historical events shaping its identity in the past centuries. The 1902 eruption of Mount Pelée, which destroyed the town of Saint Pierre and claimed thousands' lives, was one of the most notorious events in its history. This tragedy set the island on a new path and led to years of regeneration and resilience.

Martinique's dynamic mix of France and Caribbean culture is today the best in the world. Visitors will be able to see some of the island's historical sites such as Saint Pierre's ruin, which is offering a terrifying overview of the volcanic disaster. Fort-de-France, the capital city, showcases the influence of French architecture, with notable landmarks like the Schoelcher Library and the Fort Saint Louis, a testament to the island's strategic importance.

Martinique is well known for its cultural celebrations, in addition to its history. During the carnival season there are lively parades, colourful costumes and exciting music on the streets of this island. Visitors will be immersed in an exciting atmosphere, enjoying authentic Caribbean cuisine and dancing to the contagious beats of classic music genres such as zouk and reggae.

Finally, Martinique is a fascinating island where there are endless natural beauty, culture and an amazing story of history. Its compact size is a testament to the immense wonders awaiting exploration, from magnificent peaks to sunkissed beaches. Martinique invites visitors to experience a harmonious convergence of culture and create indelible memories, thanks to its unique combination of French and Caribbean influences. Martinique promises an adventure filled with discovery and enchantment, whether you've been drawn to the beauty of its landscapes, fascinating history or lively festivals.


As the capital city and main port of Martinique, Fort-de-France serves as the ideal starting point for your yacht charter. Come on down the busy streets, where French and Creole cultures mix to create a unique atmosphere. Be sure to take a tour of the historic Schoelcher Library, an architectural masterpiece which is packed with books and exhibits that celebrate Martinique's history. Stroll through the lively markets, sampling local delicacies such as the accras fritters, deep fried codfish, spicy boudin sausages.

Discover the Enchanting Charms of Yacht Chartering in Martinique

Fort de France - Yacht Charter Martinique Carribean

Les Trois-Îlets:

Les Troislets, located only a short boat ride from Fort d'Andres France, is one of the most popular tourist towns with its outstanding beaches and interesting historical sites. At the La Pagerie Museum, history lovers can visit the birthplace of Empress Josephine, the wife of Napoleon Bonaparte. Sit back and enjoy a relaxing day on the sandy beaches at Anses Mitan or Anse l'Ane, where you can take advantage of fantastic water sports such as Snorkeling And Skydiving. If you're craving authentic Creole cuisine in one of the waterfront restaurants, do not miss this opportunity.

Discover the Enchanting Charms of Yacht Chartering in Martinique

Les Trois-Îlets - Yacht Charter Martinique Carribean

Diamond Rock:

You are going to be hypnotized by the imposing shape of Diamond Rock, an uninhabited island situated on Martinique's southern coast. The formation of this volcanic field is rising sharply out of the sea, making it a haven for diverse aquatic life. While you're snorkelling or scuba diving at colorful coral reefs, drop your anchor close to the rock and dive into a fascinating undersea world. Look at the abundant tropical fish, sea turtles and maybe even see a magnificent manta ray flying by.

Discover the Enchanting Charms of Yacht Chartering in Martinique

Diamond Rock - Yacht Charter Martinique Carribean


The city of Saint Pierre is a town, once called "Paris on the Caribbean," filled with history and tragedy. The city was crushed by Mount Pelée's eruption in 1902, but now it has been transformed into an impressive historic site from the ashes. Take a look at the ruins of the old theatre and the prison cell of Cyparis, the only survivor of the volcanic eruption. If you are interested in exploring the submerged ruins of Saint Pierre, where sunken ships and relics provide a haunting overview of their city's past, dive fanatics will be pleased to do so.

Discover the Enchanting Charms of Yacht Chartering in Martinique

Saint Pierre - Yacht Charter Martinique Carribean

Anse Dufour and Anse Noire:

Get away from it all and visit two beautiful coves, Anse Dufour and Anse Noire, with its crystal clear beaches and lively marine life. A true paradise awaits snorkelers and divers in these isolated bays, with clear waters filled with brightly coloured corals and tropical fish. You'll find serenity on the palm beaches, where you may even spot sea turtles gracefully swimming across the waters if you are lucky.

Les Anses d'Arlet:

The charming fishing village of Les Anses d'Arlet is situated on the west coast of Martinique, which seems to be filled with authentic Guadeloupen charm. Take in the lovely streets lined with pastel painted homes, take a trip to Saint Henry's church that provides magnificent views of the bay beyond. Relax for a short walk on the shores of Anse Dufour and Anse Noire, or you can dine with delicious shellfish in one of the nearby restaurants. It promises a relaxed atmosphere, and you can see traditional Martinian life in this charming destination.

Discover the Enchanting Charms of Yacht Chartering in Martinique

Anse d'Arlet - Yacht Charter Martinique Carribean


GrandRivire, a hidden gem of the northern tip of Martinique, is for those seeking an adventurous experience that can be found nowhere else on earth. This fishing village is located in the midst of mountains and a white Caribbean Sea, offering quiet refuge from crowds. You can visit the charming streets lined with traditional Creole houses, and you will see how local fishermen are able to gather their daily catch. You'll be immersed in the beauty of this surrounding rainforest, where hiking trails provide stunning views and encounters with unfamiliar wildlife.

A unique combination of nature, vibrant history and Caribbean hospitality awaits you in every destination when embarking on a yacht charter trip to Martinique. Martinique offers sailors the possibility of discovering its charming treasures, from a thriving capital city to secluded coves and picturesque fishing villages. Set sail and travel through this Caribbean paradise, creating memories that last for a lifetime by letting the rhythmic winds and azure waters guide you.

Embark on a Yacht Charter in Martinique: Sail Through a Tropical Paradise with Ideal Climate and Seasons

Martinique, situated in the heart of the Caribbean Sea, is an ideal location for charter boat owners who wish to be immersed in paradise. This enchanting island offers an outstanding year round sailing experience due to its beautiful landscape and the various high and low seasons. Let's take a look at Martinique's climate and discover the highlights of the high and low season for chartering a yacht.

The climate in Martinique is very hot, with fresh trade winds that provide a perfect sailing environment. It enjoys a tropical climate in which temperatures are relatively stable all year round. The average temperature can range from 75F (24C) to 85F (29C, which is the ideal destination for those seeking warm sunny weather.

Discover the Enchanting Charms of Yacht Chartering in Martinique

Martinique - Yacht Charter Martinique Carribean

It is common in Martinique to have a high season between December and April. This is a very good time for yacht chartering on the island, as it has dry and cool weather during this period. The breeze is stable and provides good sailing conditions, making it easy to explore the spectacular coasts and islands around you. The skies are clear most of the time, offering plenty of opportunities to enjoy sunbathing in the Caribbean sun and take part in water sports such as snorkeling, diving, swimming with crystal clear waters.

Festive celebrations are also part of the High Period on Martinique, which is marked by favourable weather. The island's vibrant cultural events, such as the carnival which displays colorful processions, lively music and traditional dances, bring it to life. Experience Martinique's rich cultural heritage during this period of time, and be immersed in a vibrant atmosphere, enjoy the flavour of local cuisine.

In Martinique, the low season, which coincides with the Caribbean hurricane season, occurs from May to November. The low season also has its own unique advantages for yacht charter as it experiences occasional rains and may be prone to tropical storms. This period is characterised by a generally low price for yacht rentals and apartments, which makes it an appealing option for budget conscious travellers. Moreover, the islands are less crowded and therefore offer a more intimate and tranquil sailing experience.

Discover the Enchanting Charms of Yacht Chartering in Martinique

Black bay Anse - Yacht Charter Martinique Carribean

The weather in Martinique during the lower season provides a lot of sunshine and good sailing conditions, although there is an increased risk of rain. It should be noted that Martinique's topography helps to avoid the effects of hurricanes, and its infrastructure is robust in order to provide a level playing field for citizens and visitors when it comes to hurricane events.

A yacht charter in Martinique offers the most memorable experience, whether you choose to sail during a period of high or low season. Relax in the humid climate on an island, where you'll be tempted to explore its perfect beaches and unpopulated coves by glorious sun, soft trade winds as well as turquoise waters. Martinique provides yacht charter operators with a wide variety of experience in the course of each year, such as lively festivities and quiet anchorages.

Finally, Martinique is an excellent destination for yacht charter due to its good climate and the fact that it has a variety of seasons. Martinique invites you to set sail into its tropical paradise, whether you prefer the drier and cooler climate of high season or a more affordable and peaceful atmosphere at low season. As you explore Martinique's natural beauty on a yacht charter adventure, you will experience the thrill of sailing the Caribbean Sea, discovering isolated beaches, and creating lasting memories.

Sail Away on a Yacht Charter in Martinique: Experience the Adventurous Sailing Winds of the Caribbean

Martinique, situated in the heart of the Caribbean Sea, offers an irresistible attraction for those who love to sail. Thanks in great part to the magnificent breeze that blows up its shores, this island becomes a popular destination for yacht charterers because of its advantageous position within the Cayman Islands archipelago. In order to increase the experience of getting a look at Martinique's white sea, we will be taking in the wind that gives Martinique an air of sailor paradise.

The prevailing winds that keep Martinique at bay all year are called the "Alizés" trade winds. A perfect sailing experience has been achieved because of these consistently east winds blowing from the northeast. The Alizés are a result of the fact that it is warmer within the Atlantic Ocean than in the Caribbean Sea, thus creating an easily breezy breeze for sailors to travel smoothly through its calm waters.

The trade winds in Martinique are consistently and reliably high throughout the winter season, which runs from December to April. The winds, which are commonly 10 to 20 knots and allow for excellent conditions of sailing, blow in a steady manner. In the embrace of those gently but stimulating winds, sailors are capable of confidently navigating coastal waters, exploring neighbouring islands and undertaking thrilling adventures.

Discover the Enchanting Charms of Yacht Chartering in Martinique

Diamond Rock - Yacht Charter Martinique Carribean

One of the remarkable features of Martinique's sailing winds is their effect on the island's topography. A phenomenon known as "wind shadow" occurs on the island's mountainous terrain, where the land distorts the wind patterns. As a result, while navigating the waters of the coastal area passing through areas with different wind speeds and orientations, sailors will find that they are experiencing various challenging and exciting sailing conditions. This enhances sailing with a certain excitement and skill, as well as making it perfect for those who seek an adventurous voyage at sea.

Beyond the trade winds, Martinique's geography is also contributing to its renown as a sailing paradise. A wide variety of sail routes is available to the island, ranging from sheltered bays and coves along the coast up to open waters between neighbouring islands. In order to experience untouched natural beauty, sailors can opt for exploring the waters off of Anse Mitan or Anse l'Ane, seek a calming thrill on open sea sails between St. Lucia and Dominica, or anchor at secluded bays like Anse du Fouri as well as Anse Noire.

Martinique has many sailing opportunities suited to all levels of skill, whether you've sailed or are a first time sailor. Local yacht charter services offer a range of options, from bareboat rentals for experienced sailors to crewed cruises which are suitable for more relaxed and pampered guests. In order to ensure safety, comfort and flexibility for your journey, you will have access to expert crew and yacht rental services.

Finally, the perfect conditions for yacht chartering and a memorable sailing experience are created by Martinique's favourable sea winds. A perfectly mixed mix of adventure, leisure and exploration is provided by a steady flow of trade winds in the island's varied sail routes as well as remarkable scenery. Martinique promises a journey which will leave you with lasting memories, as long as you sail along the coastline, venture into neighbouring islands or immersed yourself in the calm beauty of hidden coves. So, lift the sails, feel the breeze on your face, and set sail for a remarkable yacht charter adventure in Martinique.

Discover the Perfect Sailing Boats & catamarans for Your Yacht Charter in Martinique: A Selection of Elegance, Comfort, and Performance

As regards yacht chartering in Martinique, it is essential to select a boat which will give you the best and most memorable experience. Luckily, there are an ample number of sail boats suitable for all tastes and needs on the island. We will take a look at the various kinds of ships that are available for hire in Martinique, Dufour 412 and Dufour 460 monohulls as well as Sun Loft 47 catamaran, Bali 4.0, Lagoon 400 and Lucia 40 catamaran.

Dufour 412:

The Dufour 412 has been an innovative and beautiful monohull combining performance with comfort. This spacious sailing boat offers ample room for relaxation and socializing, with a well-designed interior featuring comfortable cabins, a modern galley, and a welcoming saloon. The Dufour 412 has a reputation for good sail performance, which makes it an ideal choice for those who love the thrill of cruising in Caribbean waters.

Discover the Enchanting Charms of Yacht Chartering in Martinique

Dufour 412 for charter - Yacht Charter Martinique Carribean

Dufour 460:

The Dufour 460 is a larger monohull that is luxurious and refined. This yacht has the perfect blend of comfort and performance due to its smooth lines and spacious deck. There are generous living spaces on the Dufour 460 such as spacious suites, a comfortable galley and an elegant saloon. The smooth and thrilling sailing experience is made possible by the advanced hull design, as well as effective rigging.

Discover the Enchanting Charms of Yacht Chartering in Martinique

Dufour 460 for rent - Yacht Charter Martinique Carribean

Sun Loft 47:

The SunLoft 47 is a good option for those who want to experience the world of catamarans. This revolutionary yacht brings together the best of both worlds, and allows for larger accommodation as well as open layout. With a number of lounging areas, an equipped galley and wide living quarters, the Sun Loft 47 is ideal for maximising comfort and socializing. It has a large deck to soak in the Caribbean sun or enjoy an alfresco meal.

Discover the Enchanting Charms of Yacht Chartering in Martinique

Bali 4.0:

Its focus on comfort and relaxation is what has made the Bali 4.0 catamaran famous. The stunning and modern vessel has a full view from its exterior living quarters, including a comfortable saloon as well as an enormous cockpit. In addition to the privacy and comfort of every guest, Bali 4.0 provides luxury cabins with en suite bathrooms. It offers the ideal choice for those who prefer comfort and leisure due to its innovative design and large layout.

Discover the Enchanting Charms of Yacht Chartering in Martinique

Bali 4.0 for charter - Yacht Charter Martinique Carribean

Lagoon 400:

Lagoon 400 is an established and popular choice for sailors interested in catamarans. The spacious and stable catamaran offers a comfortable and welcoming interior, well appointed cabins, a fully equipped galley, and a comfortable saloon. There is also a huge cockpit area on Lagoon 400, perfect for dining and relaxing in the open air. Its ability to move effectively and efficiently makes it a good candidate for exploring the beauty of Martinique's waters.

Discover the Enchanting Charms of Yacht Chartering in Martinique

Lagoon 400 for charter - Yacht Charter Martinique Carribean

Lucia 40:

An elegant design and excellent performance are characteristic of the Lucia 40 catamaran. There are comfortable living spaces, including well designed cabins, a functional galley and a spacious cabin, in this compact and sleek catamaran. The Lucia 40's emphasis on performance and maneuverability, which makes it a very suitable choice for those who are fond of both comfort and adventure, promises an exciting sailing experience.

Finally, Martinique offers a wide range of sailboats for yacht chartering in accordance with the client's preferences and requirements. Whether you choose a monohull like the Dufour 412 or Dufour 460, or opt for the spacious comfort of a catamaran like the Sun Loft 47, Bali 4.0, Lagoon 400, or Lucia 40, each vessel promises a unique blend of elegance, comfort, and performance. Experience the charming beauty of the Caribbean Sea in Martinique on a memorable yacht charter, and let your chosen ship lead you to discover it.

Discover the Enchanting Charms of Yacht Chartering in Martinique

Fountain Pajot 40 for charter - Yacht Charter Martinique Carribean

Unleash Your Adventurous Spirit with a Yacht Charter in Martinique: A Perfect Blend of Tropical Beauty and Sailing Splendor

A yacht voyage to Martinique offers you the opportunity to enjoy a taste of Caribbean luxury and pure beauty. Martinique is the perfect destination for yacht charter lovers seeking a remarkable voyage, thanks to its beautiful climate, picturesque scenery and multitude of sailing options. The island is an excellent mix of adventure and relaxation, ranging from the excitement of navigating trade winds to serene anchorages as well as spectacular views.

You'll come across a mesmerizing patchwork of immaculate beaches, bright coral reefs, and lush rainforests as you set sail from Martinique's coasts. Discover the isolated coves of Anse Dufour and Anse Noire, where the pristine waters beckon you to snorkel and take in the vibrant marine life. Visit Saint-Pierre, a historic city that was destroyed by the Mount Pelée eruption, and see the underwater ruins of its terrible history.

Discover the Enchanting Charms of Yacht Chartering in Martinique

Beach in Martinique - Yacht Charter Martinique Carribean

Your experience in yacht charter will be enhanced by the lively culture of this island as well as an extensive history. You'll be immersed in the bustling markets of Fort de France, filled with an aroma of spice and a sound of traditional music. Experience the aroma of Creole cooking, or savor a dish like accras and boudin sausages which are marked by an infusion of both French and regional influences.

Martinique promises a voyage that transcends ordinary travel whether you choose to sail during the high season, enjoying consistent winds of commerce and joining in festive celebrations or opts for peace and simplicity at low seasons. The island's charms lie in its ability to provide a variety of entertainment for all, from the thrilling adventures that sailors are engaged in as well as relaxing days spent on unconcealed beaches.

Lastly, a yacht charter on Martinique is the gateway into an amazing landscape of tropical beauty, exhilarating sea breezes and fascinating experiences. Let your rhythm of trade winds guide you along the fascinating coastlines and hidden treasures of Martinique, by setting sail on a Dufour monohull or luxuriate in a spacious catamaran. Immerse yourself in the island's lively culture, enjoy the warmth of its people, and create lasting memories that will last a lifetime. Martinique invites you to embark on a yacht charter adventure that will leave you breathless and longing to return to its azure waters time and time again.