Antigua, a tropical paradise set in the Caribbean's heart, is known for its undisturbed beaches, crystal clear waters, lively and colorful marine life. You'll get immersed in the luxuries of Antigua through a yacht charter, where you will be able to explore this amazing landscape and culture at its best. Antigua offers yacht enthusiasts a wide variety of experience, including isolated anchorages and busy harbours. We'll take a look at the most sought after places and destinations, so you can experience an amazing adventure with your Antigua yacht charter.

Population and Size

There are some 80 000 people in Antigua, which belongs to the twin island country of Antigua and Barbuda. According to its size, this island covers about 108 square miles and is a convenient and easy choice for yacht charterers.

Major Towns and Villages

Antigua: The capital and largest city in Antigua, St.John's is a lively town characterized by an amazing mixture of colonial charm and today's comforts. You can see the lively streets, visit historical sites like St. John's Cathedral and take advantage of duty free shopping at Heritage Quay or Redcliffe Square. A wide range of dining options, including local Caribbean cuisine and international flavours, are available at St John's.

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A story of colonization, conflict and resistance is woven into the history of Antigua. Until Christopher Columbus' arrival in 1493, the island was already inhabited by natives of the Arafaki. Antigua was subsequently colonized by the British, who established sugar plantations and brought African slaves to work on them.

Antigua was a major British naval base in the eighteenth century, and Nelson's dockyard served as HQ for the Royal Navy of the Eastern Caribbean. The island was independent of the United Kingdom in 1981, and since that time it is a member state of the Commonwealth.

English Harbour: Historic Charm and Stunning Scenery

English Harbour, a charming coastal harbor filled with maritime history, is one of the most interesting places in Antigua. As you sail into English Harbour, you'll be greeted by the iconic sight of Nelson's Dockyard, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a testament to the island's rich naval heritage. Take a look at the beautifully restored 18th century buildings, visit the Admiral's House Museum and see some of the most fascinating colonial history stories on this island. And there are stunning anchorages in the vicinity of English Harbour such as Falmouth harbour or Rendezvous Bay, offering tranquil waters and wonderful sunset views.

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Jolly Harbour: Beaches and Recreation

Jolly Harbor is a vibrant marina situated on Antigua's western coast, which provides the centre for yacht chartering. There are many things to do in this busy area, including restaurants, shops and even a golf course. You can drop anchor at Jolly Harbor and use the cleanest beaches in your vicinity. Jolly Harbour provides an ideal base for relaxation and adventure, whether you wish to take a vacation on the sandy beaches, enjoy water sports or wander through mangroves and lagoons.

Dickenson Bay: Sun, Sand, and Serenity

Dickenson Bay is a perfect destination for those who wish to escape silently. It's an idyllic stretch of coastline, and it's a postcard perfect spot for beach lovers, with white sandy beaches and turquoise waters. Bring the boat down to Dickenson Bay, soak up the sun, take a swim in crystal clear waters or enjoy ocean cuisine at one of hundreds of beach restaurants. You'll also get a taste of water sports like snorkeling, paddleboarding or jet skiing by trying your hand at them.

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Dickens Bay - Yacht Charter Antigua - Carribean

Great Bird Island: Pristine Nature and Snorkeling

Great Bird Island, a nature lover's paradise, is located off the northeastern coast of Antigua. A sanctuary for foreign bird species such as the beautiful frigatebird and Redbilled tropicbirds is located on this uninhabited island. Take a walk on the island's paths and climb to its summit, where you can view this endless beauty of nature from all angles. Bright coral reefs are also present in the Great Bird Islands, making them a great source of snorkeling. Let yourself be swept away in crystal clear water, where you can discover a dazzling kaleidoscope of fish and sea life, from brightly coloured tropicals to brilliant formations of corals.

Climate, high season and low season months

The Caribbean island of Antigua has a warm and humid climate year round, which makes it an ideal holiday destination for boat charterers and beach lovers. There are two distinct periods of the year on this island: High and Low.

It is typical for Antigua to have a peak season between December and April, when the weather is at its best. During this time, visitors can expect sunny days, gentle breezes, and comfortably warm temperatures ranging from the mid-70s to the mid-80s Fahrenheit (mid-20s to low 30s Celsius). These months are also a favourite time for yacht charters as well as to see festivals and events in your own town.

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The low season is characterised by slightly higher temperatures and increased rainfall chances in Antigua from May to November. While showers are likely to take place occasionally, they tend to last only a short period and give us enough time to enjoy the beauty of the beaches and crystal clear waters. The low season also gives passengers the possibility to avail themselves of reduced rates for yacht charter and accommodation, which is an attractive option for those who seek more affordable holidays.

Antigua's climate is rather mild and warm all year round, regardless of the season. Antigua promises a wonderful tropical escape with its clean beaches, azure waters, and warm Caribbean atmosphere, whether you choose to visit during the high season for optimal weather or during the low season for cost savings.


Antigua, the perfect place for yacht chartering and sailing adventures, is renowned as a paradise to sail lovers because of consistent trade winds. These winds give the island a thrilling atmosphere and help to make it one of the finest sailing destinations in the world.

The main sail winds in Antigua are trade winds which constantly blow out of the Northeast. The temperature difference from the equator to the poles is responsible for these easterly winds, which are sometimes referred to as Easter Trade Winds. The trade winds give us a continuous, steady breeze that makes sailing conditions perfect all year round.

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The trade winds tend to be more powerful in the period November to June, up to 25 knots or between 17 and 29 miles an hour. This time of year is considered to be the high season for sailing in Antigua, which provides a thrilling experience for experienced and inexperienced sailors alike.

The trade winds may be slightly lighter between 10 and 15 knots of 12 to 17 miles per hour, during the low season from July to October. During this time, however, the winds might be weaker and offer a wonderful opportunity for boat tours on Antigua's shores as well as neighbouring islands.

Antigua's strong trade winds allow for a coherent airflow that enables the sailor to arrange his navigation and enjoys long, thrilling sails. It is an excellent destination for sail events and regattas, like Antigua Sailing Week, due to the island's geographical position as well as its reliable trade winds.

The reliable trade winds in Antigua are providing a thrilling and entertaining voyage, whether you're an experienced sailor or someone who wants to try their hand at sailing. The consistent breeze, combined with the island's breathtaking scenery, pristine beaches, and warm Caribbean waters, create an unforgettable setting for yacht charters and sailing enthusiasts.

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Galleon beach - Yacht Charter Antigua - Carribean

So, sail into Antigua, harness the power of the trade winds, and experience the thrill and beauty of sailing in this tropical paradise.

Discover the Perfect Sailing Boats for Charter in Antigua

The island offers a number of sailing vessels for yacht charter services in Antigua, which is suited to every taste and style. Let us look at some of the finest vessels that will offer an exceptional cruise experience in Antigua, ranging from sleek and modern Oceanis 41.1 to spacious and luxurious Dufour 460 and Dufour 520.

Oceanis 41.1: Stylish Elegance and Performance

The Oceanis 41.1 yacht is a sleek, modern craft with both comfort and performance in mind. This boat offers you a comfortable and attractive environment for your Antigua sea adventures, thanks to its sleek lines and large interior. Oceanis 41.1 is equipped with an elegant cockpit and a wide swimming platform that would allow it to soak up the tropical sun while enjoying water sports. The interior features a bright and spacious living area with comfortable cabins, fully equipped galleys as well as ample spaces for relaxing and dining. Whether you're an experienced sailor or a first-time charterer, the Oceanis 41.1 offers a perfect balance of comfort and sailing performance.

Experience Luxury and Adventure: Yacht Charter in Antigua

Oceanis 41.1 - Yacht Charter Antigua - Carribean

Dufour 460: Luxury and Versatility

The Dufour 460 is a luxury yacht that combines elegance, comfort, and performance. The spacious vessel has plenty of space for the cabin, a big deck with two pilot's stations and swimming platform that will allow easy access to white Antiguan waters. The Dufour 460's interior has been carefully planned with emphasis on detail, consisting of comfortable cabins, a well prepared galley and a sleek saloon. Families, groups of friends and couples wishing to experience a magnificent vacation in Antigua will find the ship's wide range of configurations able to accommodate their individual needs.

Experience Luxury and Adventure: Yacht Charter in Antigua

Dufour 460 - Yacht Charter Antigua - Carribean

Dufour 520: Unparalleled Luxury and Space

The Dufour 520 is an amazing choice, if you're looking to have the finest of luxury and space. This elegant luxury yacht offers a combination of comfort and performance, as well as pleasure. The Dufour 520 has a well designed interior with luxurious cabin, fitted galley area and an elegant saloon that reflects its elegance. There is an immense cockpit, with two pilot stations and ample seats as well as a shallow diving platform on the exterior. The Dufour 520 is a remarkable option for an extraordinary cruise in Antigua with its high performance capabilities and lavishly furnished accommodation.

Experience Luxury and Adventure: Yacht Charter in Antigua

Dufour 520 - Yacht Charter Antigua - Carribean

Experience Ultimate Comfort and Freedom on Catamarans in Antigua

Catamarans offer a rare combination of spaciousness, stability and superior comfort when compared to yacht charters in Antigua. With so many possibilities available, let's take a look at some truly exceptional Catamarans that can be taken on board in Antigua such as Lagoon 40, Bali Cat Space, Lagoon 42, Lagoon 450 and Lagoon 52.

Lagoon 40: Comfort and Style Combined

The Lagoon 40 is a sleek and polished catamaran, which blends comfort with style and performance. This catamaran has a large deck area to give you plenty of room for relaxation and entertainment. Lagoon 40's cockpit is spacious and elegant, perfect for dining in the sun or taking a magnificent view of Antigua. The interior offers a bright and airy living space with comfortable cabins, a well-equipped galley, and a cozy saloon area. The Lagoon 40 is one of the most preferred choice for couples, families or groups who want a comfortable and exciting experience with catamarans in Antigua.

Experience Luxury and Adventure: Yacht Charter in Antigua

Lagoon 40 - Yacht Charter Antigua - Carribean

Bali Cat Space: Innovative Design and Versatility

The Bali Cat Space is the world's first and most innovative catamaran, redefining our concept of space and adaptability. This catamaran is fully connected with both the internal and external areas, thanks to its spacious living spaces. The Bali Cat Space is distinguished by its front cockpit with a panoramic galley and large sliding glass windows that open up the limits between indoors and outdoors. The cabin configurations of this catamarans can be configured in such a way as to allow for the adjustment of individual group sizes, while accommodating personalised sleep arrangements. For those of you who appreciate freedom, comfort and an adventurous spirit while sailing in the waters of Antigua, Bali Cat Space is a good place to be.

Experience Luxury and Adventure: Yacht Charter in Antigua

Bali Catspace - Yacht Charter Antigua - Carribean

Lagoon 42: Elegance and Performance

A sleek and graceful catamaran with a perfect sailing performance, Lagoon 42 is known for its luxurious comfort. This small boat provides a comfortable and well designed cockpit with plenty of space for relaxation and entertainment. The Lagoon 42 features a modern interior with comfortable cabins, a fully equipped galley, and a welcoming saloon area. The catamaran is designed to take advantage of daylight and ventilation, in order to create a nice airy atmosphere all around. The Lagoon 42 is an ideal choice for those who want to be comfortable and adventurous in Antigua, because it has a bright performance under sail as well as luxury facilities.

Experience Luxury and Adventure: Yacht Charter in Antigua

Lagoon 42 - Yacht Charter Antigua - Carribean

Lagoon 450: Luxury and Space

The Lagoon 450 is the perfect choice if you're seeking unprecedented luxury and space. The high level of comfort and sophistication is offered by this flagship catamaran. Lagoon 450 offers a spacious flybridge with ample seating, great cockpit for dining on the deck and luxury interior of beautifully designed cabins, fully equipped galleys as well as an elegant saloon. It is a catamaran that offers all the luxuries and facilities required for an incredible voyage in Antigua, combining luxury with space and performance.

Experience Luxury and Adventure: Yacht Charter in Antigua

Lagoon 450 - Yacht Charter Antigua - Carribean

Lagoon 52: Unmatched Elegance and Performance

The Lagoon 52 is a magnificent and elegant catamaran that will deliver the highest level of beauty and performance. The interior of this flagship model is spacious and well appointed, with comfortable cabins, a comfortable galley and a luxurious saloon. Lagoon 52's graceful and modern exterior is filled with open deck spaces including a floating bridge that gives you an extended view of the ocean, several dining areas as well as a huge swimming platform. It is the epitome of luxury and an exceptional experience to those who have been looking for a yacht charter on Antigua in which they will be pampered with maximum comfort and style.

Experience Luxury and Adventure: Yacht Charter in Antigua

Lagoon 52 - Yacht Charter Antigua - Carribean


The world of luxury, adventure, and natural beauty is opened up by a yacht charter in Antigua. Antigua has something for everyone, from the historic charm of English Harbour to the lively marina complex of Jolly Harbour, to the pristine beaches of Dickenson Bay, to the untouched nature of Great Bird Island. Go sailing on your private yacht and explore stunning coastlines, anchor in protected bays as you float into the warm Caribbean sea. For the ultimate yachting experience, embark on an adventurous voyage to Antigua that brings together luxury, relaxation and adventure.