The British Virgin Islands, or BVIs, are an archipelago of more than 60 beautiful islands located in the Caribbean Sea. It is an important destination for yacht lovers, and it attracts visitors from all over the world that are interested in seeing clear waters, beaches with unspoiled shorelines as well as exclusive coves. A luxury yacht charter in British Virgin Islands is a great way of exploring this tropical paradise, no matter how experienced or inexperienced you are. In this article, we are going to look at best time for sailing, sites of interest, types of craft available, and the variety of chartering options you can choose from.

The Best Time to Sail in BVI

From December to April, the best times for travel in the British Virgin Islands are. This is the dry season, and you can expect plenty of sunshine, low humidity, and temperatures in the 80s Fahrenheit (26-28 Celsius). During this period, the Caribbean's trade winds are also picking up and that makes it a good time for sailing.

The shoulder season is May to June and November, which makes it a good time for you to visit the BVI so as not to get caught up in crowds and enjoy more quiet sailing. You'll still be enjoying good weather during this period, although you may sometimes get a little rain.

The Places to Visit in BVI


A sailor's dream destination is the British Virgin Islands, and there are a lot of places he can visit on his yacht charter. Here's a few of the most important places:

The Baths

The Baths are a unique geological formation, where colossal granite rocks form pools, grottoes and tunnels located on the island of Virgin Gorda. You can swim, snorkel or take a stroll along the beach to look at caves and tunnels.


Anegada, located in British Virgin Islands, is said to be the only reef island and well known for its white sand beaches, crystalclear waters as well as beautiful reefs. This is the place to go for snorkeling or diving, because you will be able to see a variety of fish, sea turtles and marine life.

Jost Van Dyke

Jost Van Dyke is a small island known for its laid-back vibe and beach bars, including the famous Foxy's Bar. You'll be able to enjoy relaxing drinks and local cuisine as you take a sunbath on the lovely beaches.

Norman Island

Norman's Island is known as the inspiration for Robert Louis Stevenson's treasure island, where scuba diving and snorkeling are popular. You can discover the spectacular caves, which contain brightly colored fish and beautiful coral formations.

Peter Island

Peter's Island is a private island, where you can experience some of the finest sailing on earth. At the luxury Peter Island resort you will be able to dock in Deadman's Bay, enjoy beautiful beaches or have some spa treatments and a meal of your own.


Cooper Island

Cooper Island's a tiny, isolated place that is ideal for romantic trips. You can stay in Manchioneel Bay, enjoying the calm environment or visit one of Cooper Island's famous beach clubs for delicious meals and drinks.

Salt Island

Salt Island, which is home to the famous wreck of RMS Rhone, is a deserted island. This is a popular spot for snorkelling and diving, as you will be able to see many different kinds of marine life from the shipwreck.

The Dogs

In the area between Virgin Gorda and Tortola, there are a number of small islands called Dogs. It's the best place for snorkeling and diving because you can see a lot of colorful fish, turtles or whatever else is swimming around.

Guana Island

The Guana Island is one of the privately owned islands, offering a peaceful and unrushed sailing experience. You'll find yourself anchored on Monkey Point enjoying the beautiful beaches, or you can just take a walk through the beautifully tended vegetation of this island.


Tortola is the biggest and most populated of the British Virgin Islands, offering a variety of things to see and do. For a little time at the beach, watch live music or learn about Road Town's historical sites and museums, head to Cane Garden Bay.


BVI winds

The trade winds of the BVI originate in the east northeast and are strongest from December till April, with an average speed of 10 knots. The winds are a bit softer in the summer months, with average speeds between 5 and 15 knots. However, the prevailing trade winds continue to offer good sailing conditions during the summer months.

The great thing about trade winds in the British Virgin Islands is that they're very predictable. This means that you are able to plan your voyage in advance and know, on this journey, what the optimal sailing conditions will be. A steady wind also makes it easy to drive on the islands, as you're always capable of being directed in the correct direction.

A comfortable cruising experience can also be obtained with trade winds in the British Virgin Islands. They generate a stable and consistent breeze. This means that even in rough seas, it is easy to maintain a consistent speed and direction. The consistent wind makes it easier for the temperature to be comfortable, thanks to the cooling breeze that replaces the sun's heat.

Apart from the winds of trade, there are also some local wind conditions that can have an impact on sailing at BIV. There's one such passage called the Anegada Passage, which runs between the islands of Tortola and Anegada. The passage is likely to produce strong currents as well as wind, which can make navigation difficult for experienced sailors. But, with proper planning and navigation, it is also possible to travel this route in a safe manner.

In general, ideal sailing conditions are provided by trade winds in the British Virgin Islands during the year. You will appreciate the perfect and predictable wind conditions that make sailing inBVI such a special and pleasant experience, no matter if you are an expert sailor or not. Think about planning a trip to the British Virgin Islands and experiencing the trade winds for yourself if you want a sailing adventure you'll never forget.


Types of Boats Available for Charter

Depending on your preferences and experience level, a variety of vessels can be hired in the British Virgin Islands. Some of the more commonly available options are as follows:

Monohulls - they're traditional sailboats with a single hull. They're ideal for accomplished sailors who would like a taste of Caribbean sailing.

Catamarans - The boats have two hulls, making them more stable in comparison to monohulls. They are suitable for families and groups who would like to have more comfortable and spacious sailing experience.

Motor yachts - These boats can run on engines, making them ideal for those who want to spend their time exploring the islands in a fast and comfortable manner.

Luxury yachts - You can opt for an elegant luxury yacht with all the luxuries you could be looking for if you are going to take part in a fine sailing experience.


Type of charter in BVI

One key decision you will have to make when planning a voyage in the British Virgin Islands is what type of charter it should be. In British Virgin Islands there are three types of charter available: bareboat, skipper and crew. The different types of charter offer their own particular advantages and disadvantages, so it's important to select the one that will best suit your needs.

The most popular type of boat charter in the British Virgin Islands is bareboat. You will be fully in charge of your voyage by chartering a bareboat. You are responsible for navigation of the waters, management of the vessel and supply of food and supplies to yourself. The bareboat charter is a great choice for inexperienced sailors, who are accustomed to handling the craft by themselves.

Skippered charter services are a great option for those who want to take advantage of the freedom of bareboat service, but do not have the sailing experience that allows them to travel on their own. With a skipper's charter, you will be provided with an experienced captain who shall manage navigation and provide expert advice throughout the journey. This will allow you to sit back and relax, while still being able to enjoy the thrill of sailing on British Virgin Islands.

The most luxurious sailing experience is the crewed charter. With a crewed charter, you'll have a full crew on board, including a captain, chef, and deckhand. All your needs will be taken care of by our crew, from fishing the waters to cooking tasty meals and making sure you're always being treated well during this journey. For those who wish to relax and enjoy an absolutely luxurious holiday on the water, crewed charter boats are a perfect option.

You will have the opportunity to access some of the finest and untouched sailing waters in the world, whatever type of charter you chose for your holiday in British Virgin Islands. The British Virgin Islands offer a sailing experience unlike anything else with crystal clear turquoise waters, isolated beaches and stunning landscapes. You can sail and explore the beauty of the British Virgin Islands on your own, even if you're opting for a bareboat, skipper or crew charter.


How many days?

One of the most important decisions you'll have to make if you want to go for a cruise in the British Virgin Islands is how long your ship will be rented. A number of factors, such as your budget, schedule and places you want to visit, may influence the length of a charter. For the duration of your stay in BVI, we have provided a few recommendations.

A week's charter is most frequently chosen for first time sailors or those with a limited number of days. With a week-long charter, you'll have enough time to explore some of the most popular destinations in BVI, such as Tortola, Virgin Gorda, and Jost Van Dyke. You will also have plenty of time for relaxing and having a good time at beautiful beaches and crystal waters along the coast.

A 10 day or two week charter is a great option, if you've got more time. In addition to the islands of Anegada, Pete Island and Norman Island, you can spend this time exploring other parts of British Virgin Islands in an even more secluded way. You'll also have time for activities like snorkeling, diving and kayaking which will give you an opportunity to take advantage of a number of restaurants and bars in the area.

It is recommended to book a three weeks or longer charter for those wishing ultimate adventure sailing. You will explore all that the British Virgin Islands has to offer, as well as nearby destinations like the United States Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico in this period of time. In addition, you will be given the opportunity to have a real taste of local culture and experience all that British Virgin Islands offers.

In conclusion, the duration of this contract depends on your personal preferences and budget. And yet, you will find yourself on an amazing sea voyage in the stunning and undisturbed waters of the British Virgin Islands regardless of how long you wish to rent a boat.


Why BVI?

The experience of chartered a sailboat or Catamaran in the British Virgin Islands is unlike any we've ever had. The British Virgin Islands offer an extraordinary and memorable sailing experience between the crystalclear waters of the Caribbean to the isolated beaches. The benefits and beauty of chartering a sailboat on the British Virgin Islands are listed below.

The freedom that it offers, is one of the greatest advantages offered by chartering a sailboat or catamaran in British Virgin Islands. You can walk around the region at your own pace on a catamaran, stopping in isolated beaches and remote coves as you go. You'll have the opportunity to stay in safe anchorages and coves, so that you can take full advantage of spectacular scenery whilst not being surrounded by crowds.

Moreover, it is an opportunity to experience the culture of British Virgin Island when you charter a boat. The British Virgin Islands are known for their friendly and welcoming people, and sailing offers a unique opportunity to experience the local culture. You'll get a chance to see the market, eat authentic meals and learn about this region's history and traditions.

The beauty of the BVI itself, of course, is one of the principal reasons for chartering a sailing boat in this territory. The British Virgin Islands are a truly paradise for sailors, full of crystal blue waters, sunny beaches and stunning landscapes. From Virgin Gorda's Baths and the remote and isolated Anegada Island you will be able to see some of the most beautiful destinations in the world.

Besides its natural beauty of this region, the British Virgin Islands has an extraordinary marine life as well. In British Virgin Islands there are a number of activities to do, such as snorkelling and diving, which allow you to see many varieties of marine life, including colourful fish, turtles, dolphins and whales.

Last but not least, there is an opportunity to relax from the stresses of life and reconnect with nature in BVI by chartering a sailboat or catamaran. You'll have a chance to truly unplug and appreciate the beauty of our world when you don't have cell or Wifi service in many parts of this region.

Lastly, chartering a motor yacht in British Virgin Islands offers one of the most unique and adventurous experiences you can have. The British Virgin Islands are paradise to sailors and adventurous because of its remarkable natural beauty, rich cultural diversity but also extraordinary sea life.