General info about sailing in Croatia

I would recommend sailing in the morning as usually weather in Croatia in morning is calmer although Croatia is known for not having big waves or too strong winds. I would definitely recommend to have or set up budget for mooring and harbour fees as you will definitely need it. Maybe from 500.00-1000.00eur euro depending on boat size and type although can be more or less depending on your route and preferences. If you plan to spend night in marina and port you will defiantly need reservation so make sure that you have one and majority of them is possible to get online. If you plan to anchor or dock on buoys for night try to be in new destination and islands as early as possible to find spot and enjoy the rest of day.

First day moorings and anchorages

Finding first day mooring and anchorage would be probably most difficult task and challenging. If you plan to dock on first night 45-60 minutes sail from Trogir and 1 hour and 20 minutes from Split you have small fishing village on island Solta called Maslenica with very fancy & modern marina. Area around Maslenica is nice with couple small islands infront, but village is very small. Usually on Saturdays they have some events for sailors going on and place will be packed with sailors and can be cosy and noisy. For docking in marina in Maslenica you will for sure need reservation and might be good to do it couple months in advance as marina is usually fully booked many days before for Saturday evenings.

Just behind Maslenica you have nice and secluded bay called Sesula and you can anchor or dock on buoys. However, this bay will be packed with boats so might not be ideal option as you might not find spot if you sail from marina late.

First day options for starting sailing voyage from Split Croatia

Moring close to Split, Croatia

On island Solta you have bay Necujam approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes sail and you have two coves there where you can anchor. If you sail here try to come as early as possible. Necujam is open to some northern winds.

As option you have nearby bay called Stomorska where you can dock on buoys or take mooring.

If you plan to dock you have option in Supetar that is largest settlement on island Brac and ferry port or Milna. Milna has two marinas private one and ACI and for both you will need reservation. Supetar is open to northern winds and Milna is secluded. They are approximately 2 hours sail from Solta and around 1 hour and 10 minutes from Split.

On island Brac on western side just before Milna you have very nice bay called Bobovisce and you can dock on buoy there. Before Boboviste you have nice and romantic bay Stipanska for anchoring. Back in 80s this was my father first anchorage spot for many years if weather is favourable.

On southern side of island Solta you have nice bay Livka where you can anchor only till you come there all good anchor spots might be taken and it takes around 2. Livka is open to southern winds.

On southern island Solta you also have couple bays where you can also anchor only they are all open to southern winds.

First day options for starting sailing voyage from Split Croatia

Golden Horn - Brač

On southern side of island Brac you have numerous small coves and bays and majority of them are open to southern and western winds.

If you will already be in Split might be good to invest in early boarding and sail out around 13:0h-14:00h as you will be able to come to anchorages before many others. Also, by starting earlier you can sail to island Hvar or even to island Vis and that way avoid majority of fleet as majority of them will be looking anchorages and moorings on islands Brac or Solta.