Top Catamaran Choices for Your 2024 catamaran charter from Split, Croatia

Croatia's coast of Split is a perfect destination for an outstanding sailing adventure in the coming 2024 season. Four exceptional models of catamarans, for example Lagoon 46, Lagoon 77, Lagoon 51 and Bali Cat Space, occupy the spotlight among a wide range of options. We shall examine the distinctive features of each, highlight their uniqueness and give a view on low or high season prices for chartering both bareboats and skipper's vessels under this Complete Guide.

Lagoon 46 charter Split Croatia: The Epitome of Elegance and Performance

In Split area there is excellent selection of Lagoon 46 models and Lagoon 46 Aquarius is one of best equipped with air-condition, generator, watermaker, tender with 20HP outborder among many other things.

Yacht Charter Split Croatia Recommendations for the 2024 Season

Lagoon 46 - available for booking in 2024 in Croatia

It's a masterpiece, and the Lagoon 46 perfectly combines subtle design with exceptional performance. This catamaran provides an unparalleled sailing experience because of its spacious cabin, panoramic windows and a well designed cockpit. With the possibility to charter a bareboat or skippered boat. Lagoon 46 is ideal for a maximum of 8 passengers, or eight guests and crew. Lagoon 46 is typically equipped with air conditioning and generators as well as some more advanced equipment, such as a watermaker & ice maker. Lots of boats can be rented with catamarans, and you've got a pretty good selection of the various tenders for water sports; SUP kayaks stand up paddle boards Kayaking sets Sea scotters and Snorkel Sets Sea bobs etc.

Model Elements:

  • Panoramic windows with spectacular views
  • Spacious interior with comfortable sleeping quarters
  • Efficient and easy to use navigation system
  • The cockpit offers a wide range of seating options


The Lagoon 46 is the epitome of elegance and functionality which can serve as an ideal vessel for a wide range of sailors. It enables each guest to select his or her experience in a way that matches their preferences, thanks to its flexibility as well as the possibility of both bareboat and monohulled chartering.


  • Low Season (April, May, October): 2.500,00 € - 9.000,00 €
  • High Season (June to September): 7.000,00 € - 15.000,00 €

Lagoon 77 charter Split, Croatia: Unparalleled Luxury on the Adriatic and Beyond

In Split area there is only one Lagoon 77 called Adriatic Tiger and it is probably best catamaran on Adriatic Sea. Adriatic Tiger comes with 4 crew members a captain, stewardess, chef, and deckhand.

Yacht Charter Split Croatia Recommendations for the 2024 Season

Lagoon 77 - luxury catamaran available for booking in 2024 in Croatia

The Lagoon 77 “Adriatic Dragon” comes with a lot of water toys like tender Highfield OM Deluxe 500 with a 100 hp Honda motor, water-ski, wakeboard, water tube, towing ring, floating mats, 2 SUPs (stan up paddleboards), snorkelling, fishing set, SEABOB F5, GoPro & action camera, karaoke & disco ball.

The Lagoon 77 is the highest level of luxury available. A level of service and sophistication that is truly exceptional is offered by this catamaran, which is available only with a professional crew. It is one of the most distinctive Mediterranean destinations, thanks to its wide deck space, plush rooms and premium amenities. Lagoon 77, which can charter not only the Adriatic Sea but also throughout Mediterranean waters, is probably amongst the finest catamarans in the world.

Model Elements:

  • Large and luxurious cabins with a bathroom in the cabin
  • The crew of professionals, who include the captain, waitress and cook
  • The state of the art entertainment and navigation systems
  • There's plenty of room for relaxation and social interaction on the deck


The Lagoon 77 is the epitome of luxury and with an experienced crew, offers a truly memorable voyage. This catamaran offers a seamless and indulgent journey, perfect for people who want to have the finest of luxury.


  • Low Season (April, May, October): 51.900,00 € - 65.000,00 €
  • High Season (June to September): 65.000,00 € - 72.000,00 €

Bali Cat Space & Catsmart charter Split, Croatia: Innovation and Comfort in a Compact Package

In the 40ft category, Bali Cat Space stands out with innovative features that distinguish it. This facility provides an extraordinary and fun sailing experience, thanks to the flybridge and forward lounge area. The Bali Cat's Space, despite its small size, offers four double cabins which make it an excellent choice for a more intimate group.

Yacht Charter Split Croatia Recommendations for the 2024 Season

Bali Cat Space - Bali Catamaran in Croatia 2024 - available for booking with Silver Sail

Model Elements:

  • Flybridge for panoramic views
  • For relaxation in the forward lounge area
  • Small size for four double cabins
  • The new and efficient navigation system


The Bali Cat Space is the ideal choice for those who are accustomed to innovation and comfort in a compact package. This vessel is an excellent choice for both bareboat and captained charters, with its special features and flexibility in terms of charter options. Probably one of the best catamarans with a range of 40 feet or so, is "Bali Catspace".


  • Low Season (April, May, October): 1.400,00 € - 6.000,00 €
  • High Season (June to September): 5.000,00 € - 10.500,00 €

Lagoon 51 charter Split, Croatia: The Ideal Blend of Performance and Comfort

Lagoon 51 offers a perfect balance of performance and comfort, which makes it an attractive option for sailing enthusiasts. This catamaran gives a perfect sailing experience with its sizeable cabin, modern facilities and an open design that is fun to use. Whether chartered bareboat or with a skipper, the Lagoon 51 caters to a variety of preferences.

Yacht Charter Split Croatia Recommendations for the 2024 Season

Lagoon 51 - Catamaran with a perfect balance of performance and comfort available for booking with Silver Sail

Model Elements:

  • Large cabins with plenty of room
  • Navigation and entertainment systems that are modern and user friendly
  • It's convenient to sit in the cockpit
  • Adequate and reliable performance at sea


Lagoon 51 offers a perfect choice for sailors seeking flexibility and enjoyment in their cruise experience, thanks to its combination of performance and comfort. It can satisfy a wide range of preferences, both for bareboat or chartering skippers.


  • Low Season (April, May, October): 7.000,00 € - 12.000,00 €
  • High Season (June to September): [Insert Price] 12.000,00 € - 20.000,00 €

Nautical Excellence: Sailing Boat Charter Recommendations for Split, Croatia in 2024

As the pristine waters of Split, Croatia beckon sailing enthusiasts for the 2024 season, we will unveil top recommendations for sailing boats, focusing on the Hanse 418, Sun Odyssey 440, Bavaria 46, Oceanis 51.1, and the performance-driven First 53. Explore the attraction of each model and why we recommend them, as well as explore the enticing low and high season rates offered by chartering an experience in a bareboat or skippered vessel.

Hanse 418 charter Split, Croatia: Elegance in Motion

The Hanse 418 proves to be the perfect blend of performance and comfort, which makes it a great choice for those who love sailing. In the 38 feet range it is distinguished by its sleek form, spacious interior and ingenious features.

Yacht Charter Split Croatia Recommendations for the 2024 Season

Hanse 418 - sailing yacht available for booking in 2024 with Silver Sail

Model Elements:

  • Sleek and modern design
  • Spacious and well-appointed cabins
  • Innovative sail handling systems
  • Under the sea, responsive and agile


In order to ensure the perfect sailing experience, Hanse 418 has been selected for its graceful design and outstanding performance. This sailing ship can accommodate a number of preferences, whether it is chartered bareboat for experienced sailors or skippers who wish to make more relaxed journeys.


Low Season (April, May, October): 1.100,00 € - 2.500,00 €

High Season (June to September): 2.100,00 € - 3.700,00 €

Sun Odyssey 440 charter Split, Croatia: Exceptional Value in the 44ft Range

The Sun Odyssey 440 is among the best at a 44 feet range for those who want to compete on price, but don't sacrifice quality. The perfect balance of affordability and performance can be found in this sailing boat.

Yacht Charter Split Croatia Recommendations for the 2024 Season

Sun Odyssey 440 - sailing yacht available for booking in 2024 from Split with Silver Sail

Model Elements:

  • In the range of 44 feet, competitive prices
  • Spacious and comfortable interior
  • Efficient sail plan to achieve the best performance
  • Versatile choices for bare boat or skippered charter


The Sun Odyssey 440 is one of the best buys in this category with excellent value at 44 feet. With an attractive price per voyage, this sailing vessel is especially suited to budgetless sailors and offers a remarkable sail experience for both bareboaters and skippers' charters.


  • Low Season (April, May, October): 1.000,00 € - 4.000,00 €
  • High Season (June to September): 3.100,00 € - 6.000,00 €

New Bavaria C46 charter Split Croatia : Classic Charm with a Competitive Edge

Bavaria C46 is a classic boat of sea craft known for its timeless design and competitive prices, making her an essential part of the Adriatic.

Yacht Charter Split Croatia Recommendations for the 2024 Season

Book Bavaria C46 from Split Croatia with Silver Sail

Model Elements:

  • It is a classic design with proven performance
  • Spacious and comfortable interior
  • In the Adriatic Sea, they are readily available
  • Competitive charter pricing


The Bavaria C46 is recommended for its traditional charm and competitive pricing, making it an excellent choice for sailing in the Adriatic. This ship combines tradition with modern comforts, and is available on bareboat or captained charter.


  • Low Season (April, May, October): 1.000,00 € - 3.700,00 €
  • High Season (June to September): 2.500,00 € - 5.500,00 €

Oceanis 51.1 charter Split, Croatia: Sailing in Luxury and Style

The Oceanis 51.1 has been chosen as a highly desirable choice for those who enjoy luxury. The boat's elegant design is complemented with top quality facilities, so that it creates a pure indulgence atmosphere.

Yacht Charter Split Croatia Recommendations for the 2024 Season

Book Oceanis 51.1 from Split Croatia with Silver Sail in 2024

Model Elements:

  • Luxurious and well-appointed cabins
  • Innovative design to ensure optimum comfort
  • Impressive sailing performance
  • Suitable for both small craft and skipper's charter


For passengers who wish to experience the luxury of a sailing trip on Split, Oceanis 51.1 can be considered. Whether chartered bareboat or with a skipper, this sailing boat offers the epitome of style and comfort on the water.


  • Low Season (April, May, October): 1.300,00 € - 5.300,00 €
  • High Season (June to September): 3.700,00 € - 7.800,00 €

First 53 charter Split, Croatia: Performance Redefined in Split

For sailors who crave exhilarating performance, the First 53 is the pinnacle of speed and agility. Renowned as one of the best performance sailing boats in the Split area, it promises an unmatched sailing adventure.

Yacht Charter Split Croatia Recommendations for the 2024 Season

First 53 from Split Croatia available for booking in 2024 with Silver Sail

Model Elements:

  • Exceptional speed and agility
  • Sleek and modern design
  • Spacious and comfortable interior
  • Ideal for both bare craft and skippers' charters


For those who pay attention to performance, the first 53 is our top choice. Get the thrill of cruising by this high speed marvel, available on bareboating and skipper's charters.


  • Low Season (April, May, October): 4.000,00 € - 6.000,00 €
  • High Season (June to September): 7.500,00 € - 12.200,00 €

Unveiling the Flagship: Sailing Charter Excellence with Hanse 588 in Split, Croatia - Season 2024

The Hanse 588 has emerged as a flagship vessel, promising an unparalleled experience at sea, making it the jewel of Croatia's charter fleet for the 2024 season in Split. The Hanse 588 is an epitome of nautical excellence, thanks to its magnificent design, cutting edges technologies and luxury features. We're going to look at the special features of that flagship sailing vessel in this Guide and tell you why it has been chosen as an ideal choice by all those who are looking for a luxurious, elegant experience on the Adriatic Sea.

Yacht Charter Split Croatia Recommendations for the 2024 Season

Book Hanse 588 from Split Croatia with Silver Sail

Hanse 588: A Symphony of Elegance and Performance

Model Elements:

  • Contemporary design: The Hanse 588 claims to be one of the most elegant and contemporary designs in its class, making it unique from an aesthetics standpoint on the water. This boat draws attention and admiration from all angles with a clean line, large windows as well as an aerodynamic profile.
  • And you'll find a comfortable and well appointed cabin when you step aboard. The Hanse 588 is designed to provide a comfortable environment, with good light throughout the rooms, contemporary furnishings and large amount of storage space that create an inviting and elegant atmosphere for guests.
  • Cutting Edge Technologies: The Hanse 588 has been equipped with state of the art navigation and entertainment systems, ensuring the seamless experience of a technologically advanced voyage. This sailing boat is an emblem of modern maritime technology, from the ease of user control to novel safety features.
  • Impressive Performance: Beyond its stunning appearance and luxurious interior, the Hanse 588 is engineered for exceptional performance. The flagship ship offers an exciting and dynamic sailing experience, thanks to its strong sail plan, a comfortable handling system as well as advanced rigging systems.

Why Choose the Hanse 588:

  • This Hanse 588 is more than just a sail ship; it's an example of luxury, technology and performance. That way, it's recommended as the most important choice for sailing charters in Split, Croatia
  • Unmatched Opulence: The Hanse 588 redefines luxury on the Adriatic Sea, providing guests with an opulent and comfortable retreat while exploring the stunning coastline of Split.
  • Cutting edge features: The Hanse 588 will ensure an enjoyable and seamless experience for all voyage, thanks to its cutting edge technology and innovative design elements.
  • Flagship Performance: Hanse 588 is the highest performing vessel in its class, exceeding expectations. For experienced sailors and for amateurs alike, it is an exhilarating voyage from swift sailing to responsive handling.

Charter Options:

The Hanse 588 offers flexible charter options to cater to diverse preferences:

  • The Hanse 588 bareboat charter is available to experienced sailors who desire ultimate freedom, allowing navigation on the Adriatic at their leisure.
  • Skippers Charter: If you like a more relaxed experience or if you don't have the sailing skills, go for skippers charter. You will be guided to the water by a professional captain, who ensures that your journey is stress free and enjoyable.


With the Hanse 588, at this competitive low and maximum season price, you'll find an epitome of sailing luxury:

  • Low Season (April, May, October): 3.000,00 € - 7.000,00 €
  • High Season (June to September): 6.000,00 € - 11.000,00 €

Luxury Gullet Charter in Split, Croatia - MY Aurum and MY Andjeo recommendations for season 2024

A luxury yacht charter from Split, Croatia, with the magnificent vessels MY Aurum and MY Andjeo, will take you on a voyage of luxury along the Adriatic coast. These distinctive gullets offer an exceptional combination of extravagance, comfort and personal cruising experience that redefines marine luxury.

Yacht Charter Split Croatia Recommendations for the 2024 Season

Book MY Aurum in 2024 from Split Croatia with Silver Sail

MY Aurum: A Glimpse of Opulence

Design and Layout:

The MY Aurum has been presented as a beautiful masterpiece of maritime beauty. The luxury gullet radiates timeless sophistication thanks to her classic wooden hull, spacious deck areas and carefully designed interior. Aurum's design perfectly complements traditional craftsmanship and modern conveniences, creating an atmosphere of luxury that is inviting to the discriminating traveller.


You'll find luxurious, appointed cabins offering a retreat in comfort and style upon your arrival on MY Aurum. A small number of guests will be accommodated in the gullet, thus guaranteeing a personal and personalised experience. Every moment on board MY Aurum is a celebration of sea opulence, whether you are relaxing at the elegant salon or unwinding in an open deck.


MY Aurum 6 Double rooms with queen size beds and private bathroom for 12 guests, providing an exclusive and private setting to a group of friends, family or romantic getaway. That ensures that each guest receives personalised attention, which will give them the highest degree of comfort and luxury.

Watersports: Tender boat: 5,2 meters, 80 HP outboard Yamaha engine, Water skis (for adults and children),Donut/Ringo ride (for adults and children), Kneeboard, Wakeboard, 2 Paddleboards, 2 Kayaks/Canoes, Rafting, Big game fishing, Fishing equipment, Snorkeling equipment, Diving equipment

Charter Pricing:

Low Season (April, May, October): 22.000,00 € - 24.000,00 €

High Season (June to September): 26.000,00 € - 28.000,00 €

MY Andjeo: Sailing in Tranquil Splendor

Yacht Charter Split Croatia Recommendations for the 2024 Season

MY Andjeo available for booking in 2024 from Split Croatia with Silver Sail

Traditional Craftsmanship:

MY Andjeo, another gem in the luxury gullet fleet, captivates with its traditional wooden design and attention to detail. The gullet is paying homage to the region's maritime heritage and incorporating modern comforts in order to create a perfect harmony of authenticity and comfort.

Comfortable Cabins:

Visit the elegant and serene cabins aboard MY Andjeo, each of which has been carefully constructed in order to present a balanced balance between beauty and relaxation. The gullet's interior is warm and inviting, ensuring that guests feel at home as they cruise in the Adriatic Sea.

Guest Capacity:

MY Andjeo 10 guests in 5 cabins The Master cabin with a kingsize bed and the Private bathroom, combined with 4 Double Cabins, Queen size beds and spacious bathrooms offers an exclusive personal sailing experience. This will ensure the gullet continues to be an oasis of peace and pleasure for guests, providing them with relaxation and enjoyment of magnificent Dalmatian coast views in a private setting.

Water sports: Tender boat: 4,80 meters, 100 HP, Wakeboard, Water skis, Donut/Ringo ride, Kayak, 2 Paddleboards, Snorkeling equipment

Charter Pricing:

Low Season (April, May, October): 19.800,00 €

High Season (June to September): 22.000,00 € - 24.200,00 €

Navigating Luxury: Motor Boat Charter Recommendations in Split, Croatia for the 2024 Season

We're taking a look at the top recommendations for motor boat charter, focusing on Sealine F430, Jeanneau Prestige 520 and Ferretti 500 as blue Adriatic waters begin to come into view. Explore the appeal of each model, why we recommend it, and explore the attractive low and high season charter prices for bareboat and skippered experiences.

Yacht Charter Split Croatia Recommendations for the 2024 Season

Book Sealine F430 from Split Croatia with Silver Sail

Sealine F 430 charter Split Croatia: Innovation and Elegance in Motion

Model Elements:

  • Contemporary design: The Sealine F 430 is a sleek and modern design, which sets it apart as a symbol of innovation and beauty. It is a luxury motorcruiser which blends visual appeal and functionality by means of large windows, spacious sailbridge as well as an elegant profile.
  • comfortable cabin: When you enter Sealine F 430, you will be treated to a beautifully appointed cabin. This motor yacht is a desirable choice for people looking for style and comfort, thanks to comfortable cabins, good designs of the saloon as well as ample storage space.
  • Versatile Flybridge: A flexible flybridge that offers panorama views and serves as an additional social area, is available on the Sealine F 430. This is an improvement in the overall charter experience, whether navigating or at anchor.

Why Choose the Sealine F 430:

In view of its consistent blend of innovation and beauty, Sealine's F 430 is the ideal choice for discriminating motor yacht lovers who seek a modern and comfortable charter experience.


  • Low Season (April, May, October): 7.500,00 € - 9.800,00 €
  • High Season (June to September): 11.900,00 €13.100,00 €

Jeanneau Prestige 520 charter Split Croatia: Luxury Redefined on the Adriatic

Yacht Charter Split Croatia Recommendations for the 2024 Season

Prestige 520 - available in 2024 from Split Croatia with Silver Sail

Model Elements:

  • Luxurious Design: the Jeanneau Prestige 520 exudes a luxury with elegant lines, generous deck and carefully constructed interior. This motor boat has a new standard of luxury and makes it an ideal choice for passengers who wish to get the best charter experience.
  • Spacious Cabins: There are 520 spacious cabins with en suite bathrooms at the Jeanneau Prestige that offer guests a private and comfortable retreat. An overall sense of luxury is enhanced by an emphasis on detail in the interior design.
  • Flybridge with Panoramic Views: Elevated panoramic views from the flybridge add an extra dimension to the charter experience, making the Jeanneau Prestige 520 an excellent choice for those who appreciate breathtaking vistas.

Why Choose the Jeanneau Prestige 520:

The Jeanneau Prestige 520 is an excellent recommendation to anyone who seeks the very highest standards of luxury in the Adriatic. The ship is an excellent choice for the memorable experience of chartering a motor yacht, with its spectacular design and thoughtful features.


  • Low Season (April, May, October): 11.200,00 € - 14.400,00 €
  • High Season (June to September): 16.400,00 € - 17.200,00 €

Ferretti 500 charter Split Croatia: Timeless Elegance and Performance

Yacht Charter Split Croatia Recommendations for the 2024 Season

Book with Silver Sail Ferretti 500 from Split Croatia

Model Elements:

  • This Ferretti 500 is a masterpiece of timeless elegance, composed of a classic design that offers an expression of sophistication. With attention to detail in every aspect, this motor boat offers a charming and refined charter experience.
  • High performance features: Beyond its elegant appearance, the Ferretti 500 is designed with high performance in mind. This motor boat provides a smooth and exciting ride on the Adriatic Sea with strong motors and state of the art navigation systems.
  • Spacious decks: The Ferretti 500 offers a large deck area for relaxation and social interaction. Visitors can take full advantage of the spectacular Croatian coast, either enjoying a sun bath on deck or dining al fresco in the cockpit.

Why Choose the Ferretti 500:

The Ferretti 500 is the perfect motor boat to suit those who appreciate timeless elegance in addition to high performance capabilities. It is a great choice for an excellent charter experience in combination with its traditional design and modern facilities.


  • Low Season (April, May, October): 15.800,00 €
  • High Season (June to September): 17.300,00 € - 18.600,00 €

Charter Options:

In order to meet the various preferences, each of the 3 motor vessels Sealine F 430, Jeanneau Prestige 520 and Ferretti 500 also offers flexible charter options:

  • Bareboat charter: Unrestricted navigation of the Adriatic can be enjoyed by experienced vessel owners on a bareboat charter.
  • Skippering Charter: A captained charter with professional captains provides a stressless and fun trip for those who would rather enjoy more relaxed experience or have no boat knowledge at all.

Luxury Power Yacht Charter in Split, Croatia

M/Y Noor SAN LORENZO 102 Asymmetric charter from Split, Croatia

In the magical waters of Split, Croatia, embark on a luxury power yacht charter with MLR Noor SAN LORENZO 102 Asymmetric for an epitome of sea opulence. With its innovative design, luxurious interior space and the ability to cruise in all conditions, this magnificent ship redefines elegance.

Yacht Charter Split Croatia Recommendations for the 2024 Season

M/Y Noor - available from Split Croatia with Silver Sail

Asymmetric Marvel:

With its revolutionary Asymmetric design by San Lorenzo, M Y Noor distinguishes itself as a yacht that not only turns heads with its unique shape but also maximises space and comfort on board. This innovative configuration provides a glorious view of the Adriatic, and seamless connections with its stunning landscape.

Luxury Features:

Experience M Y Noor's detailed interiors for yourself, and you will be taken to a world of sophisticated luxury. A large salon, state of the art furniture and luxury cabins create an atmosphere of sophisticatedness and comfort in this yacht. In addition, the Noor offers a special beach club at the stern to provide guests with close access to crystal clear waters for an exceptional aquatic experience.

Dynamic Performance:

With advanced propulsion systems that ensure a smooth and powerful sail experience, M Y Noor is designed for dynamic performance. Noor makes a seamless journey through the Adriatic, as long as she cruises along the Dalmatian Coast or sets up in isolated coves.

Amenities: Air conditioning, Deck Jacuzzi, Stabilisers at anchor, Stabilisers underway, Wi-Fi connection, Movie theatre, Satellite television, Shading on the sundeck area

Watertoys: Wake board, Knee board, Tender, 9.95 m, Brig Eagle 10 – 2 x 350 PK, Seabob, Snorkeling equipment, Fishing gear, Tender 1: Brig Eagle, 10 – 2 x 350 PK, Tender 2: Williams, Dieseljet 445

Charter Pricing:

Experience the allure of M/Y Noor SAN LORENZO 102 Asymmetric with flexible charter options:

  • Low Season (April, May, October): 105.000,00 €
  • High Season (June to September): 105.000,00 € - 115.000,00 €

M/Y DAWO - AZIMUT GRANDE 27 M charter Split Croatia

Yacht Charter Split Croatia recommendations for the season 2024

M/Y Dawo - available for booking in 2024 from Split Croatia with Silver Sail

Italian Grandeur:

Embark on a journey of Italian craftsmanship aboard M/Y DAWO, an Azimut Grande 27 M. This sleek and stylish yacht is a testament to Azimut's commitment to luxury design, offering guests an experience that seamlessly blends sophistication and functionality.

Deck Splendor:

Get your feet wet in the beautiful decks of MY DAWO and enjoy comfortable spaces for sunbathing, al fresco dining or entertainment. Each of the two decks is thoughtfully decorated in order to maximise comfort and pleasure as it navigates beautiful Adriatic waters.

Technological Marvel:

With the aim of creating a charter experience combining luxury and innovation, M YELLOW DAWO is integrating cutting edge technology. Every aspect of DAWO is designed to facilitate a smooth and comfortable journey, with advanced navigation systems complemented by an excellent galley.

Amenities: Stabilizers underway and zero speed, generator, watermaker 180 l/h, electricaly operated hardtop on the sundeck. Icemaker, Wine cooler, BBQ, Sun tents, lounge sunbathing area, Hi-End Sonos/Bose Hi-End Sound system, TV in Salon and all cabins connected Apple TV, high speed Internet network, Internet 3G/4G

Watertoys: Tender: Pirelli T45 110 hp diesel, jetski-Radinn wakejet G2X, SeaBob, water skis, SUP, fun tube & snorkeling equipment.

Charter Pricing:

  • Low Season (April, May, October): 84.700,00 €
  • High Season (June to September): 84.700,00 € - 97.000,00 €

M/Y HAPPY ME - BENETTI CLASSIC SUPREME 132 charter from Split Croatia

Yacht Charter Split Croatia Recommendations for the 2024 Season

Book M/Y Happy Me in 2024 from Split Croatia with Silver Sail

Supreme Grandeur:

Step aboard M/Y HAPPY ME, a Benetti Classic Supreme 132, and immerse yourself in supreme grandeur. This larger than life yacht offers a wide range of spaces, various decks and timeless elegance which makes for an entertaining charter experience.

Classic Elegance:

Happy Me's interior is a celebration of traditional elegance. An atmosphere of timeless luxury makes a journey as glamorous and comfortable as possible, thanks to outstanding craftsmanship, luxurious materials and tasteful furniture.

Exclusive Amenities:

HAPPY ME features its own unique services such as a luxury jacuzzi on the sundeck, fully furnished gym. The rooms have been specially designed to give their guests the highest comfort, including bedding and luxury en suite bathrooms.

Amenities: Stabilizers zero and underway, Generators 2 x Kohler 80 kW, TVs in saloon and alll cabins, Jacuzzi (6 persons) on the foredeck, Swim platform with 2 x umbrellas and shower, Massage room, BBQ on sundeck, Onyx bar with 2 x beer taps in sky lounge, Ice makers, Lighting, TV, music, temperature and curtains in all guest areas are all controlled by iPad. Internet with Wi-Fi (3G/4G where available) GYM Equipment: 2 x Technogym treadmills 2 x Technogym exercise bikes, Selection of free weights Exercise bench, Yoga mats, Satellite TV, On-demand movie and music servers, Apple TV, Karaoke system in the sky lounge, Disco with laser lights inside and out and outside smoke machine on the upper deck Self-levelling pool/billiards table on the upper deck aft, Football table on the upper deck aft. Lighting, TV, music, temperature and curtains in all guest areas are all controlled by iPad. Internet with WiFi 3G/4G

Watertoys: Technohull Explorer 40 tow tender (12.1 m / 40 ft) with 2 x Yamaha 425 hp engines, Seadoo RXP-X 300 sit down jetski (2 person), Seadoo RXT-X 300 sit down jetski (3 person) with module for waterskiing, 2 x Seabob F5, Inflatable docking pontoon, 2 x e-foil, 2 x kayaks, 2 x windsurfers, 2 x standup paddleboards (SUP's), Waterskis (selection for adults and children), Wakeboard, Kneeboard, 2 x donuts 3-person armchair, Drone, Snorkelling equipment, Fishing equipment, 4 x hybrid bikes (Specialized Diverge Sport), 4 x hybrid e-bikes (Specialized Turbo Creo SL Comp Carbon EVO).

Charter Pricing:

  • Low Season (April, May, October): 190.000,00 €
  • High Season (June to September): 190.000,00 € - 210.000,00 €

Sailing Splendor: Luxury Yacht Charter in Split, Croatia - M/Y Lady Gita

You will be in the charming waters of Split, Croatia for a luxury cruise yacht charter on board an extraordinary MY Lady Gita which is characterised by nautical elegance. This impressive ship, which can be sailed on the unspoiled Dalmatian coast, offers a seamless mix of sophistication, high quality products and an exciting sailing experience. Six spacious rooms each equipped with their own private bathroom are capable of accommodating up to 12 guests. Her exterior is as impressive as her interior. A super comfortable sunbed, a lounge area and jacuzzi are located in the large sun deck.

Yacht Charter Split Croatia Recommendation for 2024 season

M/Y Lady Gita - available in 2024 from Split Croatia with Silver Sail

Elegant Sailing Experience:

M.Y Lady Gita's on the Adriatic as an emblem of elegance. The yacht's sleek lines and sophisticated architecture creates an atmosphere of refinement, positioning it to offer the most extraordinary sailing experience.

Sumptuous Interiors:

You'll be greeted by a luxurious interior reflecting the highest standards of luxury when you step aboard Ms. Gita Y. Each guest will find himself in an elegant and comfortable retreat on the yacht, equipped with luxurious quarters, a large saloon full of beautiful furniture that meets his needs.

Watersports: WaveRunner, Water ski for adults and children, Wakeboard, Kneeboard, SUP board x 3, kayak for 1 pax x 2, donut, snorkeling equipment

Charter Pricing:

Low Season (April, May, October): 85.000,00 €

High Season (June to September): 90.000,00 € - 100.000,00 €

Sailing in Extravagance: Luxury Ship Charter in Split, Croatia - MY Custom Line 49m "Black Swan" and MY Custom Line 52m "Anthea"

MY Custom Line 49m "Black Swan"

Yacht Charter Split Croatia Recommendations for the 2024 Season

M/Y Black Swan in 2024 available from Split Croatia with Silver Sail

Innovative Design:

The Black Swan, with its avantgarde style, stands out as a beacon of innovation. The 49 meter luxury yacht displays elegant lines, modern architecture and the distinguishing black hull that distinguishes it from other vessels on this part of the Indian Ocean. The complexity and modernity of "Black Swan" is apparent in every detail.

Luxurious Interiors:

Take a look at the richly decorated interior of "Black Swan," where an atmosphere of refined luxury is created by custom craftsmanship and highend materials. The yacht offers more than ample cabin space, a luxurious salon and state of the art facilities that provide the perfect place to relax for every guest while they are pampered.

Onboard Entertainment:

"Black Swan" can offer passengers a range of entertainment options, from the sundeck equipped with jacuzzis to comfortable outdoor areas and water toys for aquatic adventures. This luxury yacht is tailored to each and every desire, whether you're looking for relaxation or excitement.

Guest Capacity:

The luxury yacht, positioned on the spectacular Dalmatian coast, offers twenty guests 10 cabins a privileged and private environment in which they will be pampered with utmost luxury while making lifetime memories.


  • Sundeck area; large lounge area, wet bar, sunpads, jacuzzi, Gym and finnish sauna on the main deck Upper deck cigar lounge/whiskey bar with piano corner, Upper deck outside dining area with 2 dining tables with BBQ for show cooking
  • Main deck inside saloon and dinning area (2 dining tables are convertible into informal casino tables)
  • Lower deck indoor cinema
  • Lower deck massage room
  • Lower deck Flexi cabin: multimedia room/playing room for kids,

Water toys: Tender I - 7 m with OB Yamaha 150 hp (Operative boat for the crew), Tender II RIS Marine 6.80 m 150 hp, Floating beach, Water slide, Jet ski Seadoo GTI 130 hp x 2, Sea Bob F5 x 2, Waters skis adult and junior, 6 SUPs (stand up paddleboard), Fishing equipment x 6, Snorkeling equipment, doughnuts x 2, wakeboard x 2, floating mattress x 6, 2 x E foil, 4 x El bikes.

Equipment: 4 generators; Yanmar - 2 x 64 kW and 2 x 180 kW, Aircondition, Watermaker 180 L/h, Sun awnings on all decks, bathing platform with shower, Jacuzzi for 6 pax, Icemakers, Wet bars, Ambinetal lights, Underwater lights, Outdoor projector on the sundeck for movie nights under the stars.

Charter Pricing:

  • Low Season (April, May, October): 110.000,00 €
  • High Season (June to September): 125.000,00 € - 135.000,00 €

MY Custom Line 52m "Anthea":

Yacht Charter Split Croatia Recommendations for the 2024 Season

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Timeless Elegance:

With its classic style and attention to detail, "Thea" is a perfect example of timeless elegance. The 52-meter luxury yacht boasts a white exterior, expansive decks, and a traditional charm that harmonizes with the scenic beauty of the Adriatic. "Anthea" is a symbol of refinement and grace.

Spacious Cabins:

Experience the luxurious, comfortable rooms of "Anthea" in which luxury coexists with comfort. The yacht's interior is decorated with the best craftsmanship, high quality furniture and an atmosphere that enhances a sense of calm. Every cabin is an oasis of relaxation, guaranteeing that guests have a comfortable stay throughout their journey.

Outdoor Oasis:

"Anthea" is a large outdoor oasis with sundecks, which guests can use to relax in the Mediterranean sun. The yacht offers an ideal setting for a spectacular view of the Adriatic on board, while at the same time being in complete comfort from its outdoor dining areas to relaxing spaces.

Guest Capacity:

We've got 20 guests in 10 rooms. In this luxury yacht, guests are privileged to enjoy personalised service and attention to detail which make each moment on board a celebration of nautical beauty.

Watertoys: Tender 6.8 m with OB, Yamaha 150 hp, Jet ski Sea Doo (two-seaters) x 2, Sea Bob F5 x 2, Floating beach, Waters skis adult and junior, 6 x SUP (stand up paddleboard), Fishing equipment x 4, Snorkeling equipment x 20, Inflatable canoes, doughnuts x 2, wakeboard x 2, floating mattress x 6. Waterslide for 2024, Audi e foil.More water toys are available on request as extras.

Equipment: Air condition in saloon and all cabins, Watermaker 180 L/h, bathing platform with shower, icemakers, 4 generators; Cummins 130 kW, Yanmar x 34 kW, Iveco common rail 160 kW, BBQ on the sundeck, jacuzzi with large sunbathing area, gym, sauna, mini office with library, dinning table on the sundeck for up to 20 pax, bar on the sundeck, ambiental lights, underwater lights, safe in each cabin, bar on the sundeck and bar in saloon with a selection of wine and champagne.

Charter Pricing:

  • Low Season (April, May, October): 130.000,00 €
  • High Season (June to September): 145.000,00 € - 155.000,00 €