A yacht charter could be the perfect solution if you are looking to explore Croatia's breath taking coast and islands in the Adriatic Sea. Croatia is a true yacht paradise with crystal clear seas, idyllic islands, beautiful harbours and rich historical and cultural heritage.

In Croatia, we'll take a closer look at what yacht charter is all about, the types of boat that can be chartered, how different kinds of charters are available, destinations which are very popular for yachting trips and high and low season.

What is Yacht Charter Croatia About?

In yacht charter Croatia, it is all about discovering the incredible coast of Croatia and its neighboring islands in style. With over 1,000 islands, islets and reefs in Croatia, there are a wide range of yacht charter possibilities from historic cities to fishing villages as well as isolated bays or vacant national parks.

Croatia yacht charter is perfect for those who enjoy the thrill of a boat trip combined with an exploration of beautiful beach towns, enjoying good food from their native cuisine and getting to know this rich region's history and culture.

What Kind of Boats Can be Chartered in Croatia?

You'il be able to charter many types of boats in Croatia such as sailboats and motorboats, luxury yachts and catamarans. Budget, size of the group and personal preferences will be taken into account when choosing a boat.

A tiny sailboat would be a great choice if you're looking for an affordable option. These boats can be manoeuvred easily and are an excellent tool for exploring the smaller bays and coves of the coast.

The way to go is luxury yacht and catamarans for those who want a trip that's elegant. This line of ships offers all the comforts you'd want, from spacious rooms to convenient cafeterias and gourmet kitchens.

What Types of Charters are Available in Croatia?

In Croatia, three types of charters are available: bareboats, skippers and crew.

For professional sailors wishing to travel the coastline alone, sailing on a bareboat charter is an excellent option. You will be responsible for steering the boat, anchoring and providing sand as part of a bareboat charter. You will need an approved licence to sail, as well as experience of sailing in the area.

If you do not have any professional experience, a skipper's charter may be the way to go. With a skippered charter, you'll have a professional skipper on board to navigate the boat and help you explore the best spots along the coast.

A crew operated charter is a perfect choice in the case of those who wish to relax and take part in an ultimate luxury experience. With a crewed charter, you'll have a full crew on board, including a captain, chef, and hostess. The crew's going to be taking care of everything from cruising the vessel and making delicious meals or cleaning up after it.

Yacht Charter Croatia: Exploring the Adriatic Sea in Style

Yacht Charter Croatia: Top Brands of Sailing Boats and Catamarans

Croatia is a wonderful country with an abundance of islands, making it the ideal spot for yacht charter. There are a lot of choices when it comes to choosing the right vessel for your journey. In Croatia we are going to have a closer look at several of the most popular sailing boats and catamarans.

Sailing Boats

In Croatia, the most popular choice for yacht rentals is a sailing boat. They offer a classic, real sailing experience in which you can enjoy the beauty of the Adriatic Sea with wind on your sails. In Croatia, you can find many top brands of sailboats:


Beneteau is one of the world's most famous brands of sailing boats. They offer a wide range of vessels, ranging from small craft for beginner sailors to larger yachts suitable for experienced seafarers. Beneteau vessels have a reputation for their quality and performance on the water.


Croatia also has Jeanneau as one of the top brands in sailing boats. They are offered a variety of models, such as cruisers and racing boats. The Jeanneau boats are known for their sleek and modern design, as well as for their excellent handling and performance.


Bavaria's a German sailing boat that's popular with both beginner and first class sailors. A wide range of models, including cruise and performance boats are offered by them. Bavaria ships are known for their large, comfortable interior and a great sailing performance.

Yacht Charter Croatia: Exploring the Adriatic Sea in Style


The Hanse brand, which is gaining popularity in Croatia, represents a new type of sailing boat. They're offering a wide range of yacht models, such as cruising and performance sailing yachts. Hanse vessels have been known for their refined design, superior quality construction and excellent performance.


Dufour is a French brand of boats which are popular with rookies and experienced sailors alike. There are many models to choose from, including cruisers and racing boats. Dufour boats are distinguished by their sleek design, superb performance on the water as well as a great degree of comfort and luxury.


In Croatia, Catamarans have become increasingly popular when it comes to yacht charter. They have a stable and flexible platform for exploration of the Adriatic Sea, as well as an excellent level of comfort and luxury. In Croatia, you can find some of the world's most popular catamaran brands:


Lagoon is one of the most well known brands of catamarans in the world. There are a wide range of models, ranging from little catamarans for couples and families to big yachtes for groups of friends. Lagoon catamarans are known for their spacious interiors, brilliant performance, and luxurious benefits and comfort.

Yacht Charter Croatia: Exploring the Adriatic Sea in Style

Catana / Bali Catamarans

Catana is a France brand of sailboats, which are popular with sailors and luxury yacht charterers. They are available in a variety of models, e.g. highperformance sailing catamarans and luxurious cruising boats. Catana Catamarans are known for their high level of sailing performance, spacious spaces and superior comfort and luxury.

Fountain Pajot

The Fountain Pajot is one of the most popular catamarans with sailors and yacht charterers in France. They've got a range of designs, such as highperformance catamarans and luxury cruising yachts. The fountain Pajot catamaran is known for its superb sailing performance, spacious quarters and a good level of comfort and luxury.


The Sunreef is the Polish brand of sailboats which are becoming more and more popular in Croatia. They've got a range of models, such as luxury catamarans for yacht charter at highend prices.

Yacht Charter Croatia: Exploring the Adriatic Sea in Style

Yacht Charter Croatia: Gullets and Motor Sailors

In addition to sailing boats and catamarans, gullets and motor sailors are also popular choices for yacht chartering in Croatia. These vessels have a different type of voyage experience, with more spacious cabin spaces and the possibility to use propulsion engines. In Croatia, there are some things you need to know about the gullets and motor boats.


Gullet is a traditional wood sailing vessel, originating in the area of fishing and transport on Turkey's coast. They have become a popular destination for luxury yacht charter services in Croatia, but also all over the Mediterranean. Gullets offer a unique blend of traditional charm and modern luxury, with spacious interiors. These are perfect for those who want to see the beauty of the Adriatic Sea in an elegant way.

Motor Sailors

In Croatia, motor boating is also one of the options for chartering a yacht. These ships come together the power of engines with the grace of sails, which makes it possible to have an excellent living in both worlds. With spacious accommodation and modern luxuries, motor sailors provide a comfortable and stable experience on the water. It's ideal for people who want to experience the islands and coastline of Croatia in an unhurried way.

You'll definitely have an exceptional experience when you select your yacht charter in Croatia to be skippered by one of these gullets or motor sailors. These boats, with enough space and facilities for relaxation and entertainment, enable you to see the beauty of the Adriatic Sea in an entirely luxury way. With so many options to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect vessel for your Croatian sailing holidays.

Yacht Charter Croatia: Exploring the Adriatic Sea in Style

Yacht Charter Croatia: Discovering the Most Scenic Destinations

Croatia's varied landscape, rich history and vibrant culture make it a fascinating country. Croatia yacht charter presents an exceptional opportunity to explore a number of the country's breathiest destinations, ranging from historical cities to isolated islands.


The Pear of the Adriatic is one of Croatia's most popular places, famous for its well preserved medieval architecture, narrow streets and spectacular sea views. It's not hard to see why the Old Town of this city is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Dubrovnik is a must see destination in any Croatian yacht charter route with its impressive walls, ancient monuments and charming cafes.


There's another historic town worth visiting in Split. Diocletian's palace, a sprawling building built by the Emperor of Rome in the 4th Century, is located in the Old City. Today, the palace is aUNESCO World Heritage Site and one of Croatia's most sought after tourist destinations. There are plenty of bars and restaurants to choose from in Split as well, so there is a lively nightlife. It is also the headquarters of Croatia's biggest football club, Hajduk Split and if you can get a little time we suggest going to see one of their summer sporting events that have plenty of spectacle and southern atmosphere.


Zadar is a city that has been around for thousands of years. The Old Town is filled with old Roman ruins, churches from the Middle Ages and modern art installations. The Sea Organ, an artistic installation using the motion of the sea to make its haunting sound, has become a favorite attraction in Zadar. We suggest that you take a look at sunset, because it's one of Croatia's only cities where the sea drops out to see over the horizon.

Yacht Charter Croatia: Exploring the Adriatic Sea in Style


Pula's been a historic town in the Istrian peninsula, and is famous for its well preserved Roman amphitheatre. It is the best preserved arena in the world and it doesn't take much to imagine a gladiatorial struggle that took place here thousands of years ago. The old town of Pula is also a charming one, with tiny streets and historical landmarks as well as some excellent restaurants.


The archipelago of Kornati is situated in the northern part of Dalmatia. The islands are known for their rough beauty and clean water as well as the untouched nature. In Croatia, Kornati is a popular destination for yacht charter with an array of isolated coves and beaches to explore. “On the last day of Creation God desired to crown His work, and thus created the Kornati islands out of tears, stars and breath.”- George Bernard Shaw.

Yacht Charter Croatia: Exploring the Adriatic Sea in Style


In the south of Croatia, there is a beautiful island called Mljet. It is home to a National Park, covering about one third of the island's surface. With dense forests, saltwater lakes, and ancient ruins, the park is a magnificent natural oasis. On Mljet is an island with lake in middle of island and in middle of lake you have island with small church.


The small island of Lastovo, known for its rugged beauty and undisturbed nature lies in the southern part of Croatia. The island is home to a nature reserve, covering more than two thirds of its surface. For those who want to escape from all that, Lastovo's the ideal place for peace and quiet.


In the north of Croatia, there's a beautiful island called Rab. The island's beaches, crystal water and charming Old Town have made it a popular destination. Rab is the ideal holiday destination for travellers who want to mix relaxation and adventure with a wide range of beaches, water sports activities and outdoor adventures.

Yacht Charter Croatia: Exploring the Adriatic Sea in Style

Yacht Charter Croatia: High and Low Season Months

In Croatia, the period of high season for yacht charter is usually between July and August when the climate is warm and sunny as well as calm seas. In addition, this period is the busiest for tourism in Croatia and you will be expected to see a higher number of visitors as well as an increase in yacht rental prices and travel expenses.

June and September are the middle months for yacht chartering in Croatia. During those months, the weather's okay and the seas are clear, but there is less tourism. The prices for chartering or rental of a yacht are normally cheaper during this period. This is an ideal time to visit Croatia's beautiful islands without the crowds.

Pre/Post-season months are April, May and October with special packages and deals for those who are interested in sailing during these months.

As long as you select the year for your yacht charter trip to Croatia, you will be able to visit this stunning coastline and some of its islands. In particular, if you are travelling at the peak season, it is recommended that you make a prior booking for your yacht rental and other travel arrangements.

Yacht Charter Croatia: Exploring the Adriatic Sea in Style

Yacht Charter Croatia: Why Silver Sail?

In Croatia the chartering of a yacht is an excellent and entertaining way to visit this wonderful country, coast line as well as Croatian islands. But it's hard to know which one is right for you as there are so many yacht rental companies.

Free Consultation

Contact the company that provides you with a specialist yacht charter expert, who will give you free consultation. It provides you with personalised advice and suggestions for chartering a yacht, on the basis of your budget, preferences or timetable.

Excellent Deals

In order to save money and gain the best value for your budget, a number of yacht rental companies offer great rates and discounts. See companies that provide discounts on early bookings, last minute deals or packages with additional services.

Best Price Guarantee

Some yacht hire companies offer a guarantee of the best price, so that you get the most value for your rent. Check for a company offering transparent pricing policies, which breaks down the costs and charges clearly.

Quality Yachts and Boats

Choose a company that offers high-quality yachts and boats that are well-maintained and regularly serviced. Look for company that has a diverse fleet of vessels, including sailing boats, catamarans, gullets, and motor sailors, luxury power yachts to suit your specific needs and preferences.

Yacht Charter Croatia: Exploring the Adriatic Sea in Style

Variety of Options

You can choose from a selection of yacht charter companies that offer you different sailing routes, as well as other services such as captains and hostesses. This will enable you to customize your charter so as to meet your own particular needs and preferences.

Personals Approach

With a focus on customer service and satisfaction, choose a company offering a personal approach to yacht chartering. Look for companies that take a priority in communication and responsiveness, which are ready to assist you across the duration of your charter.

Tailor Charter

Select a company offering tailor made tours, which will allow you to determine your own route and be able to take account of different needs and preferences. This could include anything from choosing your own way of sailing, to selecting the preferred onboard and outboard activities, special occasions, etc.

Route Recommendations

Search for companies with local expertise and experience to advise you on the route. This way, you'll be able to make use of your yacht charter holiday on the coast of Croatia by discovering rare gems and secret places.

Finally, your overall experience can make a huge difference if you choose the proper Croatian yacht charter company. You can find a company that offers great deals, excellent quality ships, personalised service and is concerned with customer satisfaction by taking into account these factors.