The Croatian island Hvar, renowned for its beautiful beaches, crystal blue water and historic cities, is a preferred tourist destination. It's part of the Dalmatian Islands, which are located in the Adriatic Sea. It is well known for its wonderful weather, with at least 2,700 hours of sunshine each year, making it an ideal place to spend your summer vacation.

The town of Hvar, situated on the south western side of the island, is one of the highlights of the island. It is known for the beautiful old city, filled with Renaissance and Gothic buildings as well as numerous historic churches and monasteries. The main square, St. Stephen's Square, is a popular destination for tourists and locals; there are various bars, cafés, restaurants to choose from. In addition, visitors can take a walking tour along the town's old walls to enjoy breathtaking views of the sea and nearby islands.

The Pakleni Archipelago, a group of 21 islands located right along the coast of Hvar is another destination that must be seen on Hvar. The archipelago's beaches are beautiful, the turquoise sea is pure and its vegetation is magnificent. Palmiana, Stipansky and Jerolim are the most preferred islands in the archipelago because of their fantastic swimming, sunbathing or snorkeling facilities.

Palmižana island is known for its natural beauty, with its pine forest and crystal-clear waters. Sv. A wide range of activities, for example country walks, cycling and kayaking, are also available on Clement Island. There are many restaurants and bars on the island, offering traditional Croatian cuisine and local wines, for visitors to enjoy.

For its beautiful beaches and crystal waters, Stipanska Island is another amazing destination. There are also several hiking routes on the island to offer visitors and locals an opportunity for a look at nature's beauty and wildlife.