Croatia is known for many attractions including picturesque beaches, timeless ruins, architectural marvels, exquisite cuisine, and, most importantly, countless all-night summer parties on beautiful islands. If you’re scouring Europe in search of an exuberant nightlife, then this lovely Dalmatian nation has your daily dose of adrenaline. Here’s where you need to be for the unforgettable parties rife with never-ending fun:

1) Novalja, Pag Island
Pag has been touted in some circles as the “new Ibiza” and it is one that never sleeps providing an abundance of fun-filled moments from dusk till dawn. In July, you can look forward to the enthralling Papaya Day & Night Festival which is a cascade of endless days of non-stop partying action complete with customary cocktails in jugs and a mesmerizing background that is truly magical. If you are in the mood for some night sports, you can look to the beach, sports bar Kalypso where you can indulge in a game of volleyball with friends whilst sipping through cocktails during breaks. Alternatively, you could also head on over to Zre Beach where you can get your groove on or just relax with a delicious evening meal or drink.

2) Hvar Island
It might be known as the sunniest spot in all of Croatia, however, its reputation as an all year round party hub far precedes many of the island’s gems that lures visitors to its shores. Veneranda and Carpe Diem especially standout for those who like to get chained to the rhythm and go at it until the sun comes up. Both locations are so famous that they have attracted big names such as actress Eva Longoria who found the combination of cocktails, excitement and partying in Carpe Diem quite enchanting. Veneranda, on the other hand, is a regular stopover for world-class DJs such as David Morales, Tom Novy and the Freemasons among a number of other elite talents.

3) Rab
Though not as popular as its counterparts, Rab is a partying haven that is buzzing with numerous delights for the night owls. Located adjacent to its more famous neighbor Pag island, Rab is littered with discothèques, nightclubs and beaches and it regularly hosts concerts, cultural festivities and live performances so there’s always something to do for those who fancy a late night waltz.

4) Brač
Very few islands in the world can measure up to Brač’s gorgeous sandy beach Zlatni Rat and what other locations will also find hard to beat is a non-stop nightlife that is filled with adventure and wonder. It plays residence to many coastal parties in the summer almost on the daily the highlight of which are the two nights that it hosts the country’s world-renowned Ultra Music Festival. Brač is an affordable island for those looking to get in one some partying action but constricted by a tight budget.

5) Zagreb
If you’ve ever taken a walk across Croatia’s capital after sunset, then you’ll agree that it’s a city that comes alive in the darkness. You can find established DJs in Aquaris who’ll keep the music coming till morning or simply enjoy a quiet evening out at the top-notch Hemingway Lounge that is a luxurious nest for partying and socialization. Lastly, you could also tour the alluringly lighted streets and unwind at various beguiling cafes, clubs and bars whose doors remain open till early morning.

So if partying is what you’re looking for, the Dalmatian coast has all that you need and much more.