Dubrovnik was christened a “UNESCO World Heritage Site” almost four decades ago and this city is one that thrives as a popular yachting destination rife with invigorating culture and punctuated by heavenly locations. Here’s what you need to know before you charter a yacht in Dubrovnik:

Perfect yachting weather avails itself during the high season with average temperatures of 17°C during the start of the peak period in April before progressively increasing to highs of 28°C in the month of August which sees out the high season. While the latter month is perfect for swimming, September proves the most ideal period as Dubrovnik is less crowded at this time and still has plenty of sunshine left to offer.

Mooring options
ACI marina Dubrovnik is the pick of the bunch when it comes to world-class marinas in the region as it has quality infrastructure and amenities to offer.

ACI marina Slano

The Elaphite islands are only a stone’s throw away from Slano. Jakljan with its bays in which the forest reaches the sea, Luka and Sudurad on Šipan, places full of traces of a glorious past, especially summer houses and churches from the golden age of the Republic of Ragusa. Lopud, a small town situated along the bay and island of the same name, surrounded by lush vegetation, and his bay Šunj are only around 10 nautical miles away from Slano. Lopud is the birthplace of Dubrovnik’s navigation. Kolocep, the last inhabited island of the South Adriatic.

Yachting Itinerary for Dubrovnik
1) Šipan
The island of Šipan makes a great starting point as it is home to a pair of laid-back villages that are hidden away from the wind by deeply seated bays. It is the most inhabited of the Elafiti islands thanks to its azure water that are perfect not only for swimming but also for fishing since it’s an extremely fertile breeding ground.

2) Polace
Polace is located on the southern Dalmatian coast on the beautiful backdrop of Mljet Island. Aside from its similarly named popular park, Polace also harbors a number of architectural wonders that can be traced back to the Roman Empire. Just like Šipan, it is also known for its prime Mediterranean fishing grounds as well as its pleasing sandy beaches.

3) Zaklopatica on Lastovo Island
Crowned as Croatian’s 11th nature park by the government a dozen years ago, Lastovo is a large archipelago featuring a collection of numerous reefs, rocks and islets as wells as lovely stone chapels and churches. The traditional Lastovo carnival is a popular native celebration that is a notable highlight.

4) Korcula
No yachting itinerary for Dubrovnik would be complete if it doesn’t mention the island believed to be the birthplace of Marco Polo. Its renaissance and gothic fashioned streets are a hallmark of the vast historical display on show throughout the island via the Greek-esque architecture and the well-preserved customs.

Other interesting stops also deserving of a place on your list include Kobaš bay- which lies in the largest peninsula in Dalmatia and has its own marina- and Lopud island which is a scenic location featuring numerous, excellent swimming spots.