Croatia is imbued with many sailing havens and one of those is a beautiful city lying in the Northern Dalmatian region called Zadar. Read on to find out what you need to know before yachting in Zadar as well as the ideal itinerary for the perfect trip among other important information.

The ideal time to yacht in Zadar is between May and September which is usually the high season. The month of May averages highs of 19˚C with September bettering that by about 3˚C. It is also important to note that August is the best time for yachting if you are particularly keen on swimming and taking in the sun as the month experiences the longest period of daylight (about 13 hours!) and average temperatures of about 25˚C.

Mooring Options
Zadar has a nice blend of free-swing anchorage and marina selections so you should be spoilt for choice. In Skradin and Kornati, ACI proves a great option.You can book your slot online via the ACI website with prices changing from time to time and by berth. In Vrgada, there are plenty of buoys for nightlong stays while Sali has a well-endowed marina boasting upwards of 80 berths.

Yachting Itinerary-North
1) Premuda
If peace and quiet are what you desire, then the small yet charming island of Premuda is the place to be. This picture-perfect land mass is a nice gateway to the north-west that has much to explore and is especially appealing to those looking for great diving spots.

2) Ugljan and Pašman
Nature lovers will find delight in this pair of alluring islands to the south of Zadar that are known for their historical heritage as well as their topnotch cuisine. If you like the exhilarating experience of catching your own meal, then you’ll be especially pleased to know that Ugljan and Pašman are necklaced by some of the most fertile waters in the country that are home to many edible fish varieties.

3) Dugi Otok
Loosely translated to mean the “Long Island”, Dugi Otok is one of the largest and densest islands among those in North Dalmatia and its vast size is filled by an assortment of beautiful cliffs and winsome coves to discover. The sandy beach Sakarun in the south-east part of the island is a noteworthy attraction with the island also boasting a number of cycling and trekking trails. Nature park Telašćica is also worth checking out and so too is the famed Kornati National Park on the opposite side that also affords plenty of Mother Nature’s treasures.

4) Silba and Olib
Rounding off our yachting itinerary for Zadar are the small green islands of Silba and Olib that complete an enticing northern trio with Premuda. Silba proves the most vibrant of all three and it is usually the go-to destination for artists so the nightlife there is quite lively, to say the least. It has no cars however it is blessed with endearing gravelly beaches and a number of archaeological marvels to take note of. Olib, on the other hand, is a little more reserved though it is known for its playful hunting of rabbits and pheasants with pop guns. Moreover, just like Silba, Olib is also a considerable historical attraction.